Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-28 00:16:10
ID: 66493
I just led a 30 minute meditation with my sis in Brooklyn. It was so lovely connecting with her during the middle of the week. We already have family calls on Sunday, but this was such a nice treat to meditate with her over Zoom!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 17:17:50
ID: 66488
My dh really called me and said he's ready to lose his belly fat and I need to find him a diet. I told him we already eat healthy and the only thing that would help is to cut the 8 beers a night down to 2 or 3 on the weekend. This man really told me to buy him one of those scammy fat burners instead. I about died laughing when he finally hung up. Smh.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 14:54:17
ID: 66486
Bought my dh a custom thermos so that he would stop taking all my favorite coffee mugs to work and accidentally breaking them. Noticed mugs were still going missing- turns out he's taking his thermos full of coffee and also taking an empty mug. So that he can pour his coffee from the thermos into the mug because "I can't drink hot coffee." I give up. I'm just going to buy him a child's plastic cup and be done with it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 01:55:06
ID: 66480
My dad is in the hospital again. On top of his physical problems, he has been having a lot of confusion and forgetfulness lately. I went through this with mom a decade ago, and I am not looking forward to doing this again. I really hope that his physical issues won't respond to treatment this time, and that he will get to quickly and quietly pass.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 01:49:39
ID: 66413
In response to a confession. This doesn't seem so abnormal. As we become wiser we understand that we need to choose our company more carefully. Sometimes it's best to read a book or watch tv instead of wasting time doing something we don't like or being with people who have nothing to offer. Be true to yourself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 01:49:15
ID: 66412
My brother is suddenly all over facebook, posting conservative republican anti-democrat shit. Out of nowhere. I'm beginning to think he's back from parler. And it just bums me out so bad. My family dynamic sucks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-27 01:48:54
ID: 66428
DH and I went to Menards to get a few things. I had put a bottle of Bio Freeze in the cart. Then we picked up a large bag of seed for the birds and a few other things. When I got to the checkout DH was unloading while I paid. When we got home DH noticed the Bio Freeze was not on the receipt. It must been under the bag of peanuts which I left in the cart but turned it so the cashier could scan it. It was not done intentionally but I feel kind of guilty. What would you do. Go back to the store or just forget about it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-26 15:46:11
ID: 66479
In response to a confession. The buyer is using a VA loan, so some things have to be done for the house to be approved for their loan. My previous tenant didn't tell me about the toilet leaking, so the subflooring in the master is ruined. That I can fix. The realtors contractor H spoke with me about the list. He said "oh the VA won't approve X,Y,Z" which I told him was funny since X,Y,Z was there when I bought the house and I also used a VA loan. They're going to talk with the buyer to see whats most important. I let them know I can swing about $2k in repairs, the bathroom alone is going to be about $1k. I think some of it is they see I bought it for 120 & I'm selling for 160 6yrs later so they think I'm just going to be rolling in it. What they don't see is that I put 65k into the house, so I'm losing $25k already and I'm still paying off the $10k HVAC unit. Stress.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-26 07:07:34
ID: 66478
In response to a confession. They say the step is a trip hazard because it's only 3 inches from the ground (supposed to be 8). We never tripped on it. lol. The inspector listed 80 items. A few were stating manufacture dates. A lot of the list is stuff that was there when I bought it, and my inspector didn't list it. My inspector had 6 things, 2 of which I'm finding out prev seller never fixed (on roof/under house), he signed a paper saying he did & no one checked. Buyer chose 30 of the 80. If I fixed all 30 (including asking for a new roof when the inspector said it has at least 5yrs left), it would cost so much I might as well give them the house. It's basically everything to make the house in like-new condition. Realtor actually sat on this for 2 days before sending it to me. Wouldn't talk to me today about any of it, she's supposed to call tomorrow. There is a couple things I will fix, but the rest is overreaching.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-25 20:30:57
ID: 66473
I'm the person selling my home with the realtor that took forever. I had a buyer quickly. We're on the home inspection part. Is it typical for the buyer to request 30 things to be repaired? A lot of it seems ridiculous. Is it common for them to put a bunch of stuff on there that doesn't matter? When I bought it my realtor said something about putting a lot of stuff on the repair list so owners would feel more obligated to do some of it. I only requested what mattered. To me, only the important stuff should be listed. One is wanting a new door on the garage cuz there's a cat door on it (from prev owner). Another is prev owner installed a pvc pipe in the garage for a workshop sink, it's never been in use. They want it "repaired" (remove or finish). Another is the brick steps that have been on the house 35 years, the bottom one is too short and needs to be lifted? A lot of the list is stuff that was there from prev owner, and my inspector never mentioned any of it on the report.
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