Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-19 12:31:54
ID: 55857
my dad has been lonely and depressed for a while since my mom left. my sister invited him on a trip with her in Sept to another state to watch a hockey game and see the sights. I thought this was odd since they've never been that close, but whatever. i was talking to my sister last night and she admitted that the only reason she invited him was because she's broke and wants him to pay for the trip. she wouldn't have invited him otherwise. figures. i'm torn. on one hand, he's the happiest i've seen him in a long time and is really looking forward to it but, on the other, i don't want him to be taken advantage of either (she takes advantage of him A LOT). i don't even know when she plans on telling him this. he currently thinks my sister is funding the trip.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-19 05:05:54
ID: 55854
Enrolled in a pottery class at local community center starting next month. Thrilled that I'm finally doing this!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:24:32
ID: 55732
In response to a confession. I agree that there's always been trolls and bullies, but there are also people who say crazy stuff and then lose their minds when they get called out on it. It's one reason the current events board gets heated sometimes. If someone is saying stuff about gender, sexual orientation, or race in a way that demeans those people, I'll call that shit out and I don't care if I hurt someone's feelings. And I would, and have, done it on Facebook. I think that most of the people here are pretty cool and level-headed. To make a post like this, I can't help but wonder who hurt your feelings here. The only thing that really bugs me is when someone is genuinely struggling and they get blamed and demeaned for their troubles. Everything else, well, don't write it if you can't take a little criticism.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:05:27
ID: 55816
Getting tired of FB friends (don't want to unfriend) posting stuff they want me to copy & paste, like, share, etc. No I don't want to wish a 102 yr old a happy birthday, or like. I don't want to raise awareness about a disease you have. I don't want to see a picture of an abused animal and share it. It's my right not to do it. Get off my back!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:04:44
ID: 55814
In response to a confession. I buy a lot of clothes online and have noticed on a few sites, like Amazon, that the smaller sizes will be a couple dollars more than the plus sizes. I always wondered why... maybe because they sell more of that size, so they charge more? I'm also curious if men have to deal with this crap when they shop. Women's clothing is a rip-off, all around. Don't even get me started on fake pockets.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:01:03
ID: 55817
We have 4 vehicles. Mine has been in the shop longer than expected bc they are short staffed and backed up. DH's work truck is still in the shop bc the guy (a friend) couldn't fix a mirror and do the emissions in the 2 wks we gave him. So dh had to take his car on an out-of-town work project. That leaves our old Honda. Well somehow the registration lapsed. Slipped my mind with 4 cars renewing in dif months, but we didn't get the renewal in the mail! I only found out because I was pulled over last night - TWICE. The 2nd was less than three minutes after I drove away the first time. Cops were nice enough not to impound me when I told them the situation and I was so close to home. Apparently they have plate readers now so I can't even risk a trip to the store. Too hot to walk, too close for Uber and friends/neighbors are all away according to FB. Total for store delivery of the milk I need - $15 :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 22:53:53
ID: 55773
Telling women to go get dick, as in they are hysterical and need a man's penis to calm them down, is all kinds of fucked up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 22:53:27
ID: 55774
Every couple of years I have a complete confidence breakdown that includes anxiety attacks, throwing up every morning, paranoia, the works. I always manage to get through it and then I'm fine.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 20:22:35
ID: 55835
I appreciate this. But I'm NOT hungry when I eat like this. Or at least I shouldn't be. I literally eat constantly. If I'm not eating, I'm thinking about eating. I even dream about eating. I wish I just ate when I'm hungry. I know that everyone has eaten when they're not hungry, but I take it to a whole different level. I can eat an entire chicken, 2 sweet potatoes, and a pound of broccoli in one sitting. Then an hour later, I'm eating again. I just feel so out of control.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-16 13:04:35
ID: 55824
You guys that 'can't stop eating'.... so what? Don't beat yourself up about it, seriously. If you're eating real food and not processed poisonous crap, then... yeah, so what? If you're hungry, if your body's telling you to eat- then eat. Everybody's different and there's no reason you should beat yourself up because you eat like YOU, and not what you consider a 'normal person'. So what if you're different. That's what I think.
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