Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: Stormyweather
2019-07-18 01:10:39
ID: 61009
I think I will add "...Identifies as...." to my list of buzz words that are in complete overkill. Every thing I read mention how someone "identifies" Recently I have seen semi-vegan Midwesterner along with the normal usage that portrays particular groups or ideologies that one may feel apart of. It is starting to sound really stupid.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-15 22:13:48
ID: 60984
I teach preschool. It's not just the teeth, it's speech. I had a girl in my class last year that absolutely could not be understood. She was 4 years old and new to our school. I had a meeting with the parents about it. That's when they informed me that she basically used a pacifier every waking moment she wasn't in school (we don't allow them for that age group). They seriously did not see the correlation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-15 18:14:00
ID: 60980
Your child is two years old. You constantly post pictures of her, which is fine in itself, but I have never seen that's kid's teeth because she has a pacifier in it in every single pic and video. She's active, she's happy, she loves you guys, but please, she doesn't need the pacifier 24/7. I can't imagine her teeth are doing well.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-15 01:40:45
ID: 60971
In response to a confession. I know someone just like this. It drives me crazy. And it drives me crazy that people will always give them money, buy them stuff, etc. They both have jobs, but they are pretty irresponsible with money.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-14 22:18:26
ID: 60968
Some bitch at the grocery store was pissed at me for buying "all the lettuce" because she saw some in my cart. The regular lettuce was almost gone so I picked up organic. I told her I had picked up organic and that there was more of that than the conventional stuff. She said "Oh SURE it is. You probably took the last of the regular lettuce!" I told her to go ask the stockpeople if they could put more out if she was so upset about it. Seriously. What IS IT with people??
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-14 17:57:27
ID: 60900
I never ever hear from a certain person unless...she wants to brag about something. I hadn't heard from her in probably 10 months and then she was all up on me about getting together. In 3,2,1...big news! I am happy for other people but not when I feel like I am only being used as an audience and not a real friend.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-14 17:46:17
ID: 60930
I know a guy who will post "who wants to take me, the wife, and the kids out for Chinese food?" And several people will respond that they will meet him there to take them out. It's the same guy who posted that he and his wife got behind on their bills, and their wages are being garnished, but they REALLY want to go on vacation, so donate to our GoFundMe! And people did. And they went on vacation. And then he still posts about needing money and people still give him money and it's fucking BAFFLING. I've known him since childhood. He's very nice, but really manipulative, and lazy as hell. He is a total loser. But people love him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-14 17:44:27
ID: 60914
I love where we go camping because there's NO WIFI for miles ! So you're forced to focus on the here and now. The kids aren't tempted to stick their noses in their phones, they're busy hiking or building things from sticks or hanging by the campfire.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-14 13:41:13
ID: 60959
3 martinis and a horrible hangover coupled with a migraine. I am a disgusting person. Im throwing out all the alcohol today.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-13 21:40:33
ID: 60954
The city had to replace a culvert in front of our yard the other day and I came home from work to eat lunch. While I was inside eating, one of the construction guys knocked on my door and asked if he could use my restroom. Um, NO??? WTAF. I said "I'd really rather prefer you didn't if it's possible. Our septic system is due to be pumped this week". What a set of balls. They are literally 5 minutes from a gas station or the city garage where I'm sure there's a bathroom. Of course I'm sure I'll get all sorts of hate about this saying how I'm a huge bitch for not letting the guy use my bathroom. But when I was in college, I rented a house near the football stadium and on game days, we let people use our bathroom and it got trashed every time.
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