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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-09 09:36:28
ID: 66947
In response to a confession. You're not lazy. This year has been traumatic. Be gentle with yourself. If no one else is kind, be kind to yourself. Sometimes you have to be your own mother, sister, and best friend. You will be alright. (hug)
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-09 09:32:39
ID: 66946
I just found out that my cousin committed suicide two years and that his mother, who was my mother's first cousin, died a few months later. No one told me. I am so disconnected from my family at this point that I don't feel anything. I guess I feel sad that I don't feel sad if that makes sense. The only thing that is bad about not talking to my family is that when other people talk about their families I have nothing to say. So that's one cousin who killed himself, one who died in a hit and run accident (homeless), one who died in a motorcycle accident right after getting out of jail, one who was murdered after going to the reservation to get sober, and one dead of liver cancer after nearly dying of alcoholism. I'm tired.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-08 23:41:54
ID: 66944
I am just in a bad mood today. Everything is pissing me off. I have a friend that I talk to once a week. We talked at our normal time, but it was obvious they were distracted. I said we should just give it up this week, but they kept insisting they wanted to talk, but then adding nothing to the conversation with all kinds of annoying background noises. I take no joy in listening to myself talk. Just let me go! And then I found out my hiking partner for tomorrow is doing a hard workout today, even though I have told her several times how annoying it is to take her hiking when she is already worn out. And my doctor told me I'm not allowed to run or do yoga for another few days, so I can't even run out my frustrations. Grrrrrrr!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-08 22:42:13
ID: 66942
In response to a confession. I’m in agreement with another response that said corporate America is a sham, that most of us CAN work from home a good majority of the time. Another thing I’ve learned is that the real person shows during a crisis, whether you are kind or not and if you are kind to only those you deem worthy of your generosity. <~~i mainly witnessed the conditional kindness. Third thing I learned is that I really am lazy, being home this year and I still couldn’t keep my house sparkling clean.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 20:33:10
ID: 66935
In response to a confession. All I can say is that at my mother's funeral when she hugged me, a shiver went down my spine. It felt so wrong. I didn't invite her and her mother to the funeral by the way. I don't know who told them about it. They just showed up like we were all good. We were definitely not all good.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 20:28:56
ID: 66934
In response to a confession. Fair question. Just trust me when I say that she is the same as her mom. She was a full-grown and married adult when she INFORMED my parents that her mother would be moving in with them. She just took it for granted that my parents would be there once again. She could have taken her mother in, but she didn't. She has the same spendthrift habits her mother had. Always overspending and then crying poor. She always came to my parents with her hand out, never offering anything in return. Any relationship with her would just be a repeat of her mother's relationship with my mom, and I'm not doing that. The fact is that even though we grew up together, I haven't seen her in 13 years and I don't miss her. When I look back, I remember how many thoughtlessly cruel things she said over the years, and how many times I let it pass. I feel bad that she became a homeless drug addict, but I don't owe her anything. She's not my family.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 20:03:24
ID: 66933
This woman absolutely sounds like she was a shitty friend to your mom. By how is her daughter responsible for that? I don't understand why you cut her out of your life for things her mom did. How did she have control over that?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 17:42:16
ID: 66932
4/ I am like my mom in some ways, but one way that I am not like my mom is that I set boundaries and I do not let people walk all over me. So I might feel guilty, but I am not giving $200 to this Go Fund Me like I was considering doing. This is someone who wouldn't lift a finger for me. I'm done with those kinds of relationships. Thank you for letting me vent.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 17:40:41
ID: 66931
3/ During this time my uncle had cancer and my mom confessed to her "friend" that she was feeling depressed. Her friend patted her hand and said "You're a strong person. You'll be fine." Then she got up and went to bed. This is someone my mom had loaned money to multiple times over the course of 20 years. My dad regularly did repairs on their house for free. She was living FOR FREE in my parents' house, and she couldn't be bothered to be emotionally supportive to my mother for five minutes. After she finally moved out, my mom just stopped calling her. She even hid once when she ran into her at Home Depot! My mom was a strong woman, who never asked anyone for help, who kept her pain to herself and was always there for others. She was patient and forgiving. If someone managed to make my mom sick of them, they were really doing something wrong!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-06 17:35:57
ID: 66930
2/ Now my childhood friend is apparently on meth and homeless. Her teenage daughter has started a Go Fund Me for her. My first impulse was to give as much as I could. Then I remembered a conversation my mom told me about- My childhood friend was on the phone with my mom and told her that her mom was splitting with her boyfriend. My mom asked where she was going, and my childhood friend said, "She's moving in with you. She'll call you." THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENED. Of course my mom let her move in. She stayed for a year. The understanding was that she would be saving to move out, but she was always spending her money on crap. She brought her two little dogs with her, and they barked all the time. When my dad asked her to please try to keep them quiet, because the neighbors were complaining, she dropped the dogs off at her ex's house and stopped speaking to my dad because he "made her get rid of her dogs." SHE STOPPED SPEAKING TO HIM IN HIS OWN HOUSE
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