Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-16 01:04:39
ID: 2640
Lately, I've been cheapening my recipes a bit by substituting meats and other ingredients. DH has started to notice and I don't think it's in a good way. I either need to find some new recipes or tell him the grocery budget's got to go up if he wants to keep eating the way he does.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 23:16:51
ID: 2639
My husbands work treats him like crap. He has been working there for two years and has always gotten the same amount of product out. Now they want him to double his product. There is no way for him to do this. First shift gets about 50 products made with 5 to 6 people working on the line. My DH usually makes 25 a night and he works alone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 20:39:48
ID: 2636
One time my family went on vacation and asked my friend to watch our guinea pig. Apparently while we were gone our guinea pig died. Not only did my friend not tell me while I was gone she put his body in the freezer to keep him for me. The day I got home from vacation I found my dead, frozen guinea pig in his cage on my front porch. My friend didn't understand why I was more than a little upset by this. The last thing my kids needed was to see their dead, frozen guinea pig when they came home from what turned out to be a very stressful vacation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 18:22:42
ID: 2635
I have strep throat and feel like shit. However, unlike everyone else when they get sick, I'm not posting every hour how puny and sick I feel, not posting pics of the thermometer, etc. Because guess what? Nobody cares. Nobody cares if you have strep or a fever or another backache/headache. STFU.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 17:17:52
ID: 2634
Oh great, here we go again. We both have the day off and we talked about getting together to do something. He just called and was in a big hurry to get to the dentist, then he complained about having a ton of stuff to get done at home, so I suggested getting together in the evening around dinnertime for a few hours. He became grouchy and said he wanted to see me in the sunshine for once! Well I was just trying to be accommodating and work around his schedule. Mr. Grouch. Walking on, fun.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 16:28:11
ID: 2632
Anyone tried cupping? I have a lot of shoulder and back pain. It kind of scares me so I wondered if anyone could share their experience with it. Thanks!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 15:45:51
ID: 2631
I don't want confessions all on one page. Oh, the horror of it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 15:04:01
ID: 2630
Does anybody else just want to drop the channels and just make them all confessions on one page? Yes, every now and again you will have the extreme inconvenience of looking 10 centimeters passed a confession topic you don't care about, but it's better than having to choose which channel or go back and forth. We wouldn't have to decide which channels should or shouldn't be here, and all the confessions would get better exposure. Just a thought, maybe me too or fav if you like it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-15 15:03:22
ID: 2629
The men who worked for the company my husband worked for provided prostitutes for the entertainment of him and other executives visiting their country. This included 13-14 yr old girls in Asia who had likely been sold into the sex trade. This is a major US company w/branches all over the world. I don't know if the company paid for the hookers. Maybe it was the executives who were supposed to keep visitors 'happy'. It's still being done. H thought it was OK because the little girls supported their whole families on what they made. This is so evil.
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Posted by: hanginin
2014-04-15 14:48:56
ID: 2625
I smoked. *hangs head* But - I only had one and I've decided NOT to beat myself up over it. But I did smoke one cigarette last night watching TV with DH. It's really hard because DH doesn't want to quit and he's made it very clear that he will not alter his behavior to accommodate me trying to quit. He says: "You knew I smoked when we met! You don't get to decide NOW that you don't like it!" And I get that, for him. That wouldn't be fair to him. But for ME I don't like it any more! So today is day TWO of trying to quit and I have not smoked today! Getting through the evenings is going to be a bitch though. I guess maybe DH will have to watch TV without me! Ugh. Not sure what to do about evenings. I did really well again this morning though.
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