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Posted by: NoMoreSecrets
2014-06-02 18:49:32
ID: 4611
There are lots of people who need a good beating, and sexual assaulters are certainly on the list. Doesn't mean we get to start smacking people around. And if my husband engaged in behavior that he knows I consider sexual assault or abuse, I would be out of the marriage, rather than getting physically abusive myself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 18:21:26
ID: 4610
"Men and women show attention and affection in different ways." Ooh, do tell where you learned THAT expert opinion. Pigs and men show attention and affection in different ways. I don't like being felt up like a prize heifer, thanks very much. No man I've been with behaves like that. Sorry you have such limited views of an entire sex.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 18:19:50
ID: 4609
Not everyone enjoys being grabbed and groped, to suggest someone should put up with being touched in a way they don't like is disgusting. You are not everybody else and you shouldn't expect everyone to like what you like. I don't like being randomly groped by my partner and we've never stopped touching each other.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 18:16:08
ID: 4607
Sorry if this is a dumb question. Growing up my family has always been in debt, so fiscal things are not my biggest strength. DH and I have been living from paycheck to paycheck for what feels like forever. Now we've finally got around $200 in excess a month. I could throw it in a savings or throw it at some bills to pay them off faster. Which is better? We've pretty much cut out all of our luxuries except for Netflix. We even switched to a really cheap cell phone service. Now all of our scrimping is paying off.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 18:14:59
ID: 4606
I wish I could bitch about hating a remodeled part of my house (floors, new paint, etc.). Your life must be so awful if that's all you have to worry about. Some people sound so ungrateful.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 18:10:14
ID: 4605
My BF is always grabbing on my boobs and butt, and also always has his hands wandering all over my body. I love it. I'm always grabbing his butt, his junk, and rubbing my hands on his body. He loves it. We do it in private. It's not always about sex and being horny. It's showing physical affection, and interest. I can understand a knee jerk reaction to pain, but so many women complain that their DHs never show them any attention. Men and women show attention and affection in different ways. If you keep telling your DH to stop touching you, then don't complain when
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 17:05:05
ID: 4599
My cat has jumped on me about 20 times since I sat down at my computer 20 minutes ago. I feel awful to put her down every time, but seriously, go the eff away little kitty.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 17:00:46
ID: 4598
All this talk about bodily autonomy reminds me of when I was younger. I worked with this guy who repeatedly grabbed my ass. I yelled at him and told him to stop again and again. Eventually I said to him one day "If you don't stop this I'm going to report this and have you sued for sexual harassment." He then went in a major huff with me, and said that if I'd asked him to stop he would have (I TOLD him to stop every time he did it). He then tried to explain it away by telling me how great my ass was, as if that gave him some sort of right. Honestly I wish I could go back in time and kick him in the balls for thinking he had a right to repeatedly touch me like that, or actually gone ahead and reported him. Or told his girlfriend, who worked in the same building. The things we let people away with when we are young.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 16:24:21
ID: 4594
Just picked up my first roller derby skates. SOOOO excited.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-02 16:09:35
ID: 4593
My body is mine and I have the right to protect it. I felt bad about slapping dh, but it was a total knee jerk reaction on my part. I do not like my breasts, butt or nipples rubbed or pinched when we're not in an intimate setting. I enjoy hugs, kisses, hand holding and cuddling, you know, affection, but nipple pinching or breast grabbing doesn't make me feel loved or wanted. It makes me feel degraded and gross. It's my body, I should be able to protect it without being called abusive. I would never grab or treat my dh's body like that. He knows that I respect his personal space because I've never infringed upon it. Obviously my threat to break his fingers was empty and didn't work. I apologized and he accepted and apologized in turn for his behavior. Yesterday we had a lovely day spending time around the house, making dinner together, we even stole upstairs to our bedroom to have some alone time while ds was engrossed in minecraft. I think so many people faved that OP because they too know the feeling of having your bodily autonomy trampled on by someone who is supposed to respect and love us and it's not a nice feeling.
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