Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 21:36:59
ID: 4711
Men. They don't get it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 21:35:56
ID: 4710
I am cracking up laughing. I was in a silly mood yesterday and posted about eating basil pesto. Two people 'hugged' me. LOL, you guys
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 21:34:53
ID: 4709
The biggest Drama Queen Snowflake I ever met was in a nursing home. She was a resident there and about 79 years old. .We used to call her "the Princess'.
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Posted by: gabatik
2014-06-03 21:16:02
ID: 4706
I've been thinking about this whole Eliot Rodger thing. Can't help it - it's all over the internet. I hear people who say they feel sorry for him because he couldn't get what most people get. They seem to forget that this guy didn't just want any girl. He wanted a size 4 blonde hot sorority girl. No wonder he was convinced that ALL girls only went after "alpha" males. He only saw the "hot" girls as even existing. If he'd just batted in his own league, he probably would have been able to find a girlfriend who put up with his quirks long before they turned into a homicidal obsession. That's the theme I hear from literally EVERY SINGLE GUY I know that "can't find a girlfriend." It's because have this laser focus on the prettiest girl in the room. None of them are any great lookers. It's pretty sad, until it gets scary.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 20:15:57
ID: 4705
I have two cousins who both got pregnant and are raising their kids on their own. I respect that but what I don't respect is the constant sh** talking about their children's fathers. Its the same "He's not there" and "He doesn't pay for anything" thing but the thing that is funny is one cousin is outright lying because the father IS there and has been working but she uses the baby against him when their relationship is screwed up. The other cousin knew this guy had a child before he got with her and wasn't there in that child's life either. What did she think would happen? I came here to vent but what I really want to do is post for them to shut up and remember that every man that they have sex with without protection is a potential father to their babies. Of course then I would start family drama on facebook.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 20:10:04
ID: 4703
I have an acquaintance that constantly complains she doesn't have any friends. I invited her to a shopping trip where there were 10 people altogether - I was the only one she knew, so I thought she might make some new friends. She looks around, and then announces "I see only one skinny girl, so I guess I'm going to be battling the rest of you for clothes." She made sure to point out the 'skinny girl', so everyone else was quite clear that they were not considered skinny by her. I think I might understand (one of) the reasons she doesn't have a lot of friends... BTW, the skinny girl was probably a size 6 - everyone else was maybe between an 8 and an 18.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 20:05:08
ID: 4702
I should say (doctor post) I'm not checked in for an hour at the receptionist desk. I know doctors take forever. Lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 20:01:33
ID: 4701
I found a new brand of almond butter that I like but I've been out for awhile. The other day I was shopping at a store I don't normally go to in a different part of town. I spied that brand I like and grabbed one of the two jars that were left on the shelf. When I got to the cash register it wouldn't scan so the bagger had to run back and check the price. It was crazy expensive, and the bagger made a big loud scene about how that was the most expensive peanut butter he's ever seen. I was thinking he was an idiot because it wasn't peanut butter, it was ALMOND Butter. I also though he was unprofessional for commenting about it . If I wanted to pay that much for almond butter, then I will! Well today I opened the jar, stirred it up, and took a big spoonful. It tasted different. Not as good as I had remembered. Then I looked at the label. Damn, it WAS peanut butter! I was the idiot. lol!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 19:53:54
ID: 4700
Can someone in a doctors office please tell me if it's OK for me to pitch a fit? This is my 2nd trip to my neurologist 'so new office. They have been here since the middle of April. Both times, I have arrived 30 minutes before my set appointment time. Both times, I have not been seen until at least an hour after my appt time, which would mean 1.5 to 2 hrs waiting time. I like the neurologist but these ladies don't look busy at all. I want tp give them the benefit of he doubt, but this is ridiculous. And the other half of the office (different doctor) is running 6 patients to my doctors 1.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-03 19:52:55
ID: 4699
Thanks boss for calling me on my day off to ask if I could work my next day off and if you could increase my hours for the day I was excited to get off early. Ugh. When I'm off I don't want to think about work. Oh well, at least my paycheck will be a little bigger.
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