Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-27 05:20:54
ID: 3016
I just got off the phone with my so-called friend. My husband and I are going on a trip and I was so excited. My friend just gets quiet and says "That's so great that everything is happening for you but I don't think you deserve it." I got really quiet and asked her why and she said "Well, look at you! You are fat! It seems weird to think that someone like you will be going to Paris."Ow. Ow, really bad.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-27 01:35:55
ID: 3013
I have been trying to get confidence by into myself. It is hard when a relative constantly puts me down or makes me feel weird for not liking the same gaudy but expensive jewelry as her. I work out on my own at home and get bashed on by her for not going to the gym or putting up my weight loss before or after pictures online (why would I do that? People knew I used to be really overweight so what is the point of putting up bad pictures of myself compared to how I look now?). I have been finding my own style but I am sick of her comparing it to hers. I don't wear the things she does because I prefer my own look. Whenever I finally stick up for myself she just says that I am "threatened" by her. I am not, I am just sick and tired of being put down for not fitting her standards. I don't wear as much make up as her because I tend to get skin problems, I don't straighten my hair out because I have wavy hair that I like (when its tamed) and I don't wear expensive clothes because I am trying to save money and I like the outfits to look simple so I can dress it up or down with jewelry or scarves. I am the opposite of her but I am just sick of being put down when she tries to compare us.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 22:56:06
ID: 3012
Felt really good about the hard sweaty workout I did this morning. Then I had to go and ruin it by wolfing down 3 chocolate chip cookies. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 21:54:03
ID: 3010
My husband's old boss's parties were like hunger torture chambers. Even if it was a dinner party you'd still sit around for hours desperately hungry. They'd get 35 people to their house at a certain time for a cookout then wait three hours before even beginning to cook. In the meantime they'd quite literally lay out one cereal bowl half full of nuts for all those people to snack on for hours. Then they'd serve ghastly food. If your food is disappointing to a starving person you need to rethink the menu. It took several of these parties for me to catch on that I needed to eat beforehand.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 21:14:36
ID: 3009
I have a better coincidence story now that I think about it. Travel back to 2005 (four years after HS) when I was traveling during winter break while studying abroad in Southeast Asia. I was in Vietnam leaving a hostel and I notice a young tourist coming in. I look closer and it was a friend from high school! We both squealed with delight and how crazy this was since we lost touch. We even had our HS lockers next to one another and our sisters were friends. I was getting lonely traveling solo and it was an unbelievable relief to see a friend and one from back home thousands of miles away made it even more amazing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 20:47:09
ID: 3008
Listening to a story of coincidences on This American Life and I'm loving hearing all these incredulous stories. I think I kinda had one the other day at the car repair shop. I drop off my car at 7:30 am and wait in the lobby for my friend to pick me up. I'm surprised that the lobby was pretty packed this early with 6-8 other people waiting for their cars. As I'm waiting, I see an older man sitting across from me waiting for shop's shuttle service. Fast forward 5 hours later, my car is ready to be picked up and I ask if I could get a shuttle ride even though I was a few miles outside of their radius. They agreed and picked me up on time. As I get in the van, I see that same man from the morning in the passenger seat (and no he was not the driver).
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 20:13:14
ID: 3007
Uuurerggghhhh.... I don't want to go out tonight. I am in a wedding, and the bridesmaids and bride are going to dinner and a movie tonight. I am introverted and socially awkward, not to mention I'm only barely aquainted with anyone but the bride. I wish I could say no, but I'm told that would be rude. I'm going to be so exhausted when I get home.... Social outings make me tired for DAYS.
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Posted by: myowntwofeet
2014-04-26 18:51:11
ID: 3004
I didn't think I was being unreasobable, but I guess I just ask too much. I agreed to no more babies (we only have 1 child),and I take care of dhs two inside dogs even though I'm allergic. I work, too. When dh asked me what I want for mothers day, I replied an adult cat from the local shelter. We have a few outside cats, but they can't be caught or domesticated, so we just feed them and let them be. He flips out saying my that I can't have an inside cat... It's not like I'm asking for a new car or a baby or something drastic. Ugh. Whatever.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 18:45:06
ID: 3003
Oh, god, sil was like that. Well, her parties would have some food, but we usually stayed all day to help her get ready, and there would be no dinner. Not even a sandwich. I can't live on a couple of appetizers and some sweets. I always ended up with a headache. The next morning we would have to get breakfast on the road. You got the feeling she was waiting for you to leave before she made breakfast. Look- I cleaned your house and helped set up your party. You can't set out some bagels? Everyone thinks she's a great hostess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-26 18:06:03
ID: 2998
I dread going to parties at my FIL's. Not because of personal reasons but because they barely serve any food. They have a lot of money they are just cheapskates. We usually have to eat beforehand and when we get home. And I always ask if I can bring anything and they refuse. I end up having to bring a snack for the kids. I mean you don't have to break the bank but some cheese and crackers would be great. Prisoners get more food than they serve.
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