Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 11:24:49
ID: 3700
My FIL's nick name for her wife is Midget because she is very petite.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 11:12:55
ID: 3694
My cousin is mentally ill and spends most of her day either on Facebook or internet forums. I had to unfriend her because she would post the craziest rants on Facebook and get into fights with people. I once told her about a weight loss forum I'm on and she joined it and started all kinds of trouble with her nasty trolling. I was so humiliated (she made it known that she knew me) I had to leave. I would NEVER tell her about this site. I ALMOST made the mistake of mentioning Truu but so glad I didn't. She has her good moments but then they always pass and she becomes unstable. I KNOW I never told her about this place, but someone here sounds a lot like her and it freaks me out. I almost feel like it's her and she is purposely trying to ruin it for me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 10:42:30
ID: 3692
My FSIL is making me very angry. I try to like her, but sometimes she can be a self absorbed bitch. My brother is in the Coast Guard, and he surprised my mom by coming home for mother's day. Well, FSIL told my mom that she hasn't seen him in 6 months so he's staying with her and they'll come see mom if they have time. FSIL does not care that nobody else has seen him in 6 mind either!! And bro is just letting her do this. I'm so pissed on my moms behalf that I almost want to write them off altogether. UGH.
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Posted by: TheTeach
2014-05-12 09:53:07
ID: 3691
I had no idea there was a blog linked to this! It makes perfect sense if you want to keep it un-moderated. :-)
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Posted by: TheTeach
2014-05-12 09:35:40
ID: 3690
Wow. The snark and nastiness seems to have taken over every board. Thank you so much for starting this site up, boobooboo. I'm sorry people don't know how to take care of nice things and show basic human dignity. Do you need a volunteer mod to help cut back on this? I'd be more than willing to help out!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 05:36:52
ID: 3689
Nearly one year ago, I spent a month helping my friend and her newborn baby. I even got to meet him at the hospital, so timing worked great. Today she wished me a Happy Mother's Day and sent me pictures of the little guy. I get periodic updates, but loved seeing him growing up before my eyes. I still carry fond memories of hugging and loving this adorable little baby.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 05:09:53
ID: 3687
It's not nice to call anyone a hunchback. Someone who has scoliosis has a real medical condition and you said "you have a hunchback for a reason. wth. I don't think your friend was the problem, I think the problem is you. Just my opinion. You seem like a nasty person.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-12 04:43:25
ID: 3686
I think Archer and Archerr are the same people but he/she switches personalities to suit his/her opinions that day. I find it odd that the same Archer/Archerr logs in on the same exact day as each other. I think he/she used to switch his/her avatar pic to throw us off back on Truu.
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Posted by: flipflops
2014-05-12 02:32:33
ID: 3685
As expected CL guy, wrote back to his email a week after I did not write back. I wrote him back few days later because I missed hearing from him/ was bored. I think we need to chat on the phone or perhaps meet up soon.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-11 23:24:11
ID: 3680
Grateful that I have my mom to be with on this Mother's Day. I am lucky to have them but it is also heartbreaking and they are also annoying. I feel like a bad person sometimes. I have such anxiety about them because they still live in their own home and need more help than they are willing to have. I can't even meet my own needs let alone theirs. They are in their 90's.
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