Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 12:55:47
ID: 3899
I suppose whether a person brags about how MUCH they spent on something as opposed to how LITTLE they spent on something really speaks to their personality.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 12:51:44
ID: 3898
Ignorance is your new best friend.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 12:20:20
ID: 3897
Today is my Friday and Sundays are my Mondays. Awww yess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 11:53:16
ID: 3896
It bugs me when people are off work on a Friday for vacation or a holiday so they say "Today is my Friday!" on Thursday. No, it's still your Thursday! If today is your Friday, that means Sunday is your Monday. Are you going to work on Sunday? No? That's what I though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 11:19:05
ID: 3895
I'm going to a bachelorette party weekend, and we're road-tripping to get there. I was just informed that to save on cost were driving up together and sharing a suite. Apparently, my car was volunteered for this trip, but I don't mind. I mentioned ahead of time, that I wanted the bunk bed so I could sleep alone. Many of the girls in the wedding party are bigger, 300+ pounds. The biggest girl is about 400+ pounds. I am 115 pounds. For that reason, they expect me to ride 4 hours in the middle back seat of MY OWN CAR!!! I was also told that I should share a bed with the 400 pound girl, because I won't take up that much space, and it may hurt her feelings. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so how do I nicely say this shit aint gonna fly? I want to be a good bridesmaid, but damn, its a full...I don't wanna get crushed, and I sure as shit don't wanna sit in the back middle seat.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 08:52:50
ID: 3894
I don't have much to do with my family outside of phone calls. I live in another state and when I can visit, I don't make the 4 hour drive to go there. They have stated I won't have much to do with them and it's true. When I was a child, my mom was on drugs, abusive and had me take care of adult responsibilities. Men came in and out through the house and I grew to be resentful towards everyone. Once that ended when I was a teenager (my aunt got custody) I was still forced to go there on the weekends even though I didn't want to.My mom cleaned up but I was full of anger towards my mom.Once I turned 18, I stopped visiting there so often. I went to school and got busy with my own life. My mom and siblings call me selfish for this but I stopped caring. My brother goes on about how I should never have left,forgetting that at the time I was failing school and my aunt taking me in was the best thing that could have happened in my life. It's like I should have sacrificed again for them just so the parent figure to be there...but I was just his sister. They go on that I am not a part of their lives but still call on me to guilt me for how horrible I was and am. I don't care. I can't live by their standards. The fact that my brother thinks I should have stayed with mom despite my own life coming apart makes me sick. I hate him and the person he became. Not everyone can stick around with family when they have been so damned toxic. I may be selfish but honestly I will be happy and away from people who asked too damn much to begin with. I don't owe them a thing, not my time or money.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 08:42:50
ID: 3893
I love the hug button!! That's probably my favorite part of this site. :-)
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 04:37:39
ID: 3891
Yes!! I scored an interview at the school. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I SO need a job and this would be a great way for me dip my toe into the school system since that's where I'd love to end up!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-15 04:24:10
ID: 3890
Let's play a game! Click "me too" if you've kept your screen name from truu. Click "omg" if you used to post on truu, but have a new screen name. Click "fave" if you've never been on truu. Click "hug" if this is your first time on this site.
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-05-15 03:08:41
ID: 3887
I posted on Truu once about a dream I had where I was dead. It was really shaken by it. Anyway, in the dream (before I was dead or realized I was dead) I was waiting to get into a concert with my family. I saw a guy that I went to school with. (IRL, we were friends in JHS briefly. We used to trade cassette tapes. This guy/kid hadn't crossed my mind in 25 years.) He was with some other people, but I don't remember who. I said to DH "I think I know those people. I'm going to say hi. I'll be right in." Well, I wasn't able to get in & all of the death stuff ensued. So, back to real life, I thought it was weird that of all people, this guy was in my dream. Back in my home town, over the weekend, my friend threw a party. This guy was at the party. Apparently he was talking to my friend and knew all kinds of stuff about me and seemed concerned about my husband being a nice guy. He wanted her to call me. He told her that we used to be friends on FB, but he didn't know what happened. We never were. I tried looking him up, but I couldn't find him on FB at all. I don't really know what to think about this except for that it's kinda weird.
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