Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 20:50:10
ID: 2889
How much can I do for a person? I live in a highly desirable tourist spot and I paid for my mom and brother to come over here to visit. The whole time my brother complained about my mom asking him for money(despite getting a free ticket and a place to stay), did some disrespectful things (mooning the camera at a place sacred to the culture) , never chipped in and then later on expected to be invited again! Recently my DH got a better job offer in another country and while I am happy for this, my brother started to invite himself. I already said no because we don't even have a house yet and he is inviting himself?! Then my mom backs him up even though he was being a jerk to me over the phone. I am angry at him for acting entitled to stay with us again and then giving me attitude when I say no. He says "It's his dream" to come to this country but why am I expected to fund and host it? He spread it around the family that I was selfish but luckily my dad told everyone that I paid for his trip last time. I am just sick of being used and then bashed for when I finally put my foot down. If he was somewhat nice about things I would think about having him over but his attitude and entitled behavior makes me sick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 15:04:13
ID: 2886
Due to a hormone imbalance and my Mediterranean ancestry, I have dark hair on my face. I finally was able to afford laser hair removal and it's getting rid of it- yay! Downside? It's bringing out coarse colorless hairs on my chin. Oh well, it's better than black hair I guess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 14:52:54
ID: 2884
I dress scantily and I see other women dressing just like me, especially in the summer. What I never ever see are their or my private parts. Maybe it's a regional thing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 14:34:52
ID: 2883
I wish you'd drop dead. I can't stand you. I, and my family, would be so much better if you weren't around.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 13:01:30
ID: 2881
How did I go from, "I am not going to eat any of the evil chocolate today!!!" to.... "I am going to try each and every kind of the delicious chocolate today!!!" Man I wish I was better with chocolate. I haven't smoked since Sunday, and I'm feeling pretty freaking great about it, but chocolate? I'm useless to resist. And my elderly CW just keeps bringing it in. I don't understand why she even buys Easter candy! Easter candy is for children, IMO. Even her GRANDSON is too old for Easter chocolate. Or Halloween chocolate. Or any other candy-related holiday. So are both my kids. But she buys the chocolate and brings it here. I swear, this office is the ONLY place I have to seriously contend with my chocolate problem. Just when Christmas is over, it's Valentines. Then it's Easter. Then the next one, and the next one. Never ending freaking chocolate. *headdesk* And NO ONE eats it but me! I'm so pathetic!
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Posted by: HollyDoll
2014-04-23 08:30:47
ID: 2879
I wish that once in a while I could feel beautiful. I would love nice skin all the time though!!!! I've had awful skin since I hit puberty and I now realize that my self esteem is directly related to how bad I am broken out. Here is to L'Bri and a new skin line. Wish me luck!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 05:04:14
ID: 2877
Thanks to the OP that commented on her experience on CL when she was going through a rough period in her life and how met someone online that comforted her. The guy I've been emailing back and forth for about a week now seems like a nice, genuine person. I might be getting somewhat attached because I look forward to his emails. Not sure where to go from here, though.
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Posted by: Cia
2014-04-23 02:46:57
ID: 2874
I dressed EXACTLY like the girls on the cover of this weeks theme.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 01:56:24
ID: 2872
My DH told me he's jealous of men with wives that earn more than they do. Kinda made me feel like shit because I don't make a lot.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-23 00:06:11
ID: 2869
OP who went on the job interview and the interviewer asked awkward/inappropriate questions such as if I have kids, etc. I didn't get the job. I'm contemplating emailing him and telling him I didn't appreciate the questions. BUT I don't wanna come across as bitter and the town isn't that big...only about 15K. Advice? Should I do it? I wouldn't be nasty of course but I wouldn't sugarcoat it either.
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