Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 19:06:10
ID: 54498
In response to a confession. My mom bought my niece every Beanie Babie known to man, thinking they'd be worth a fortune when she grew up. Niece never liked them, but kept them at Grandma's insistence. She recently decided to get rid of them and called an 'expert.' She had two that together were worth $1800. The rest? $50 for all 700.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 17:42:43
ID: 54492
I worked for an elderly woman on a fixed income. Her fixed income was over $4k a month between her dead husbands pension and her retirement. My moms fixed income is $1,300 a month, living in rent controlled housing..she pays about $180 for rent, utilities included. She's on medicaid and gets $141 in food stamps. After bills, she has at least $800 a month to spend on herself. Meanwhile, people who work their butts off are living paycheck to paycheck and can't save anything.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 17:18:02
ID: 54490
Yay! Bloodwork came back normal and my cholesterol level is lower than it's been in years. So thankful.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 16:44:17
ID: 54487
My mother did the entire beanie babies thing too. She was always buying them and when our birthday's and Christmas came around she told everyone that is all we wanted so she could hoard more of them. My sister and I hated them but we had plastic totes full of them in our closets and under our beds. We had a house fire and they were smoke filled and she still kept them because according to her, they would still be worth money one day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 04:50:29
ID: 54485
I don't use a debit card either. It's almost never a problem, but when people find out I don't have one they definitely think it's weird.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 04:24:34
ID: 54473
I use cash as much as possible; sometimes credit cards. I always feel like I'm looked down upon by cashiers for it. Tired of the bank giving me attitude about not having a debit card.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 04:13:41
ID: 54472
In response to a confession. Also the Beanie Babies. Everybody who bought them thought they be worth a lot in the future.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-21 04:13:03
ID: 54483
If seniors are on "fixed incomes" why are a lot (not all) of them at casinos? Fixed income my ass!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-20 22:20:58
ID: 54484
The roof on the shed at my inlaw's farm collapsed because of the snow. The insurance doesn't cover any of the loss. The only stuff that was in there was a bunch of old farm equipment that was ready to be scrapped soon. DH is insanely sad about it and I just want him to shut up about it already. It's not his stuff and my inlaws were ready to scrap the stuff anyway.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-20 02:43:09
ID: 54480
In response to a confession. My brother had similar symptoms and it ended up being Transient ischemic attacks (TIA). It's like mini-strokes.
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