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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-17 01:15:14
ID: 66426
In response to a confession. You're not weird, all I do is cook. Lol. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I love cooking, but my grocery bill is never low enough.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-17 01:10:45
ID: 66422
My DH is one of those people who will NOT fix or replace anything in our house. Stuff will be broken or just really ratty/gross and I suggest replacing, repairing or redoing anything and he gets all huffy and says it's "fine" the way it is. Consequently, I live in a shabby house that needs a LOT of updates. It irritates me that I can't have a nice house because my cheapskate DH won't put in any work to fix it up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-17 01:07:34
ID: 66420
In response to a confession. I realized that I almost never get delivery, take out, or any other restaurant food. I pretty much usually cook at home. People ask me why my food bill is so low...that's probably why. I buy mostly whole foods and just cook a lot from scratch. No WAY would I pay all that money for some food I could make at home for a fraction of the price. Actually, whenever I do go out to eat I am always a bit shocked at prices, even though I realize I'm paying for services to cook it, serve it, etc. I guess....I don't mind cooking much so I do it. Maybe I'm a weirdo.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-16 06:35:30
ID: 66416
Those food delivery apps are crazy. First, they raise the prices on the menu (If a restaurant charges $9, ordering through the delivery app they raise it to $11.50). They charge a delivery fee, plus another surcharges, and then tip. I went to order food for myself from a place that takes maybe 10 minutes to drive. My food order was $19, after all the fees and $6 tip, it was $40. I ended up ordering with the restaurant and picking it up for $16. That's insane. I can afford it, but I can't justify spending more than twice as much for the delivery.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-15 05:21:39
ID: 66388
In response to a confession. For me, I actually was a lot bigger than I am now, but even so. Looking back at pics from high school, I was probably 140-150lbs. That's not so bad. I didn't look anywhere near as fat as I thought I was. ... So, by that logic, WHY on God's green earth do I look at photos of myself now (age 46, weight 120lbs) and think I look fat? There's something wrong with my brain, I tell ya.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-15 05:20:50
ID: 66399
In response to a confession. I was literally thinking the exact same thing today. People are just exhausting. I feel like I've outgrown almost every friend I've had in the last ten years and I don't have the motivation to go get new ones. Maybe that's bad, but I'm okay with it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-15 05:20:15
ID: 66407
In response to a confession. I used a Diva and a Luna cup before my uterine ablation. I loved it. There's a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty awesome.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-14 22:06:34
ID: 66405
In response to a confession. I tried using one before.. I found the whole experience gross and messy. Never again! I finally got an iud put in and haven't had a drop of blood since.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-14 16:11:10
ID: 66403
In response to a confession. I live a few miles from our downtown area and work. I really like my apartment as my neighbors have quieted down. I love living on my own for the first time since March. But I've been getting worried. A few mons ago, there were fatal shootings in nearby neighborhoods. Yesterday, there was one about 1/2 mile away from home. This has been the closest so far. :( :( :( I heard blaring sirens, but didn't imagine a fatal shooting that close during daylight. Reading heartbreaking posts on Nextdoor about a woman who saw the aftermath. She has been traumatized. I'm going to reach out and see if she wants someone to listen. WTF. I have to consider moving out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-14 15:45:26
ID: 66402
TMI, but does anyone here use a menstrual cup? My gyno suggested using one since I have developed an allergy to pads, and I go through a ton of tampons. But she didn't suggest a brand name. There are way too many options and I'm not sure how to narrow it down!
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