Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-22 10:29:11
ID: 63564
I have to say in this current toilet roll crisis I'm really glad I just switched to using a little hand bidet sprayer bottle after living in SE Asia for years and being unable to readjust to toilet paper when I came back. I've had so many jokes levelled at me over the years...but I am going to be kind enough to not return them in the current crisis!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-22 00:43:40
ID: 63563
Check your tax status. Ours was put on a 60 day review due to the EIC and CTC. We just got an update today and it's approved and will be deposited in 4 days. We filed (and accepted) Feb 1st, March 9th we got a 60 day letter.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-22 00:27:39
ID: 63561
Years ago my brother bought a brand new $35k truck. After about 5 months, it broke down. I can't remember if it was the engine or the transmission, but something happened to one of those. There was a loophole in his warranty where the part he needed to have fixed wasn't under warranty. He left the truck with the dealer and stopped making payments. He bought another vehicle fast before it had time to hit his credit...but he ended up filing bankruptcy because of that truck. BTW, it was a Chevy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 22:41:19
ID: 63558
OMG, our Walmart had toilet paper!!!! I have never been so glad to buy my one pack of TP in my life. Sad that that's a highlight of my week, haha.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 22:34:21
ID: 63556
In response to a confession. No, you are not upside down every time you drive off the lot. I have never owed more for a car than it was worth. Yes, they depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot, but being upside down means that you owe more than it's worth. Never done that. Buy a cheaper car and put more money down. So if you want/need to sell it or it gets totaled or stolen, you aren't screwed.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 22:30:36
ID: 63554
In response to a confession. Personally I would sell it. I am guessing, based on the repairs you described, you live in a warm climate? I would look into a Honda, Toyota, or Mazda for a reliable car. Chevys are, well, not great with the reliability track record. Sorry.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 18:53:41
ID: 63551
In response to a confession. Asking out of curiosity.. Why weren't any of your repairs covered under the warranty?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 16:46:40
ID: 63549
In response to a confession. You're upside down as soon as you drive any car off the lot. No car will ever again be worth what you paid for it. But I did purchase an expensive, new vehicle so that I wouldn't have to be fixing an old one all the time, and so that i would be comfortable since I spend the majority of my day driving. The idea was to not have a lot of maintenance, but that kind of backfired.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 14:21:19
ID: 63547
In response to a confession. I stopped at the grocery store the other day. In the beauty aisle I happened to see mini travel packs of sanitizing wipes. I got four, one for each of our cars. I used self-checkout, and the register flagged me when I scanned the third pack - I could only buy two. Later, at Walmart, a stock guy and manager pulled into the cleaning aisle with a pallet of Lysol wipes. I asked how many we could buy, and the manager didn't know! Even though the store wasn't busy at all, the stock guy couldn't even get them on the shelves. As word spread, people came out of the woodwork and emptied the pallet in less than 10 minutes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 14:04:36
ID: 63545
I honestly don't know why anyone would buy a car they are upside down on. I'm sorry, but don't buy such an expensive car.
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