Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-18 18:07:48
ID: 65475
Fuck. Sometimes I can be completely fine with the way things are, happy even. And then days like today I want to scream, break something, and file for divorce. I've a mile long list of things that have to be done to get rid of the mice, clean up from the hurricane, get regular maintenance things done and my dh goes "Ill handle mowing the yard, don't worry about that." So... you pick the easiest thing on the list and then don't do it until the grass is a foot tall and then want a medal? You don't even bother weedeating. I had the yard perfect and you said I was making you feel like less of a man. So now the yard looks like shit and the carport is covered in all the shit you "might use" so you don't put it away. I have no words.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-18 14:13:17
ID: 65474
We have mice. Again. But they're never in the food, and I clean every single day. Don't leave food lying around or anything. They're in the bathroom mostly. It isn't like we're nasty or anything. I don't know what to do.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-17 20:13:46
ID: 65467
In response to a confession. I don't get it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-17 08:44:54
ID: 65465
I get my meds delivered. After investigating with Fedex, someone at their sorting place in Jacksonville FL ripped open my bag and stole my pills, and ripped off the tracking #. Someone found the ripped bag on the floor days later, put the bag (with my receipt) in a box, made a new tracking #, and mailed it to me (my address was still on there). The only way I was able to get them replaced was by my pharmacy saying I was needing them for a vacation, it takes up a refill and I have to pay for it again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-17 00:04:07
ID: 65461
My brother just told me he found grandma's wedding ring, and that he'll give it to me next time we see each other. That made me realize I'm the only girl left in my family. I'm not even 50 yet. Both my grandmothers, my mother, my only sister and my only sister-in-law have all passed in the last decade. My father, both brothers and my nephew are still with us, but both grandfathers passed before I was 10 years old. This family is definitely batting below average, especially for the women.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-16 20:14:38
ID: 65444
In response to a confession. Look at the flowers, posts. Look at the flowers.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-15 20:08:26
ID: 65447
I just think it's so ironic that my parents who used to scream that the internet was evil, Facebook was spyware, and being on my phone too much would rot my brain are now the same parents calling multiple times in a row when I don't answer and complaining that I quit Facebook. SMH.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-14 17:49:59
ID: 65443
Weird feedback ask: I have made special bed sized quilts for both of my kids based on their interests and favorite colors. I am currently working on hand embroidering all the autographs we got at Disney a few years ago to work into another bedsized quilt. It's taking me a while, obvs, and I keep feeling mom guilt that I'm not incorporating them into 2 or even 3 quilts so that I can keep one for myself but also pass one to each kid. I likely won't try getting the autographs this way again, even if we ever get to go back to Disney. I'm pretty much the only Disney fanatic in the house as well. What would you do?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-14 14:43:25
ID: 65441
In response to a confession. I meant to say I like this person. I'm actually nothing like this person.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-14 14:40:08
ID: 65440
I'm like this person so much, but somehow every time I talk to him I feel like shit about myself when the conversation is over. Maybe it's just that he's made all these great life choices, and I haven't. And there's just no coming back from that. I want to feel differently, but seriously he's never made a bad choice in his life. And my life is built on bad choices. Just sort of makes me feel pathetic. He doesn't think I'm pathetic (I don't thing), but I sure as hell do.
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