Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-03 16:10:39
ID: 66554
My friend says goodnight every time I don’t respond to his texts after 8pm, when I ask why he won’t give me a good answer, and won’t stop despite me saying how irritating I find it. I figured it’s a passive aggressive way of getting me to respond. He did it today and even though he’s done it for years he’s now trying to blame something happening currently to him. But at least now I know it’s just his way of trying to get more attention.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-02 19:25:26
ID: 66550
In response to a confession. Update on the sale of my house. The buyer claims he got estimates to fix the 19 items. He wants a $10,000 allowance. My realtor asked for the estimates. His realtor has tried to get the estimates from him, but for some reason, he's not giving it to them. My realtor thinks he just made up a random number. The buyer asked for more time in the due diligence period (it ended today), which is why my realtor thinks he doesn't have any estimates yet. My neighbor said there was someone there today in a work vehicle but didn't catch the name, so he's probably getting it now. We have 7 days til closing, he asked for the DD period to end the day before.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-02 17:41:16
ID: 66549
In response to a confession. The immunotherapies didn't work. They tried several different ones. My friend is entering hospice today. Given her situation, they think maybe a couple of weeks. At the same time, I just got news that my friend who went to the hospital for pulmonary aneurism is getting out today - and a different friend went in late last night for the same thing. And, my dad was admitted to the hospital two days ago, and the doctor told me point blank "it would take a miracle for him to live at home again". I just called in sick at work, I need to hide under the covers with a box of Kleenex for the day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-01 22:05:51
ID: 66544
I know, 1st wold problems, but I'm so sick of the mail here. Every, and I mean EVERY time I'm expecting something important in the mail and Informed Delivery shows that it's coming on a certain day, it either shows up late, not at all, or in my neighbors mailbox. I get an email every morning telling me what is going to be in my mailbox that day. The mailman delivers whenever he feels like it, so it can be here anywhere 930am to 8pm. Every day is different. The non-important mail is always delivered on the right day. Today I'm expecting a money order in the mail, it didn't show up. But I sure got my junk mail.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-01 14:18:28
ID: 66536
It kind of freaks me out when I go on facebook and see that someone is 'online' when I know full well that they passed away some time ago. It's just odd.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-01 10:57:58
ID: 66535
I am so tired. Deeply tired. I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't even enjoy being at home alone. I am tired, anxious, depressed, constantly worried, and the world sucks. And there's nobody here for me. I'm always here for everyone else, but when I need someone they all disappear.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 03:27:47
ID: 66530
My life is trash. I have no friends, I have multiple mental illnesses, a crappy job that barely keeps a roof over my head and I'm in totally unrequited love with someone who barely knows I exist. I cannot be bothered to take care of myself or my home anymore, caring for my dog is about as much as I can manage. At least my meds make me not want to eat much so I'm not obese anymore. Cannabis is literally the only thing that gives me any pleasure in life and with or without it, I dont have the will to change anything even if I could. Which I can't. It's always been shit and it always will be.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 02:35:46
ID: 66529
In response to a confession. Logically, I know this. But Covid has opened up an entire germophobic part of me that I had no idea existed and I am mentally not ok when we have to leave the house. It takes a Herculean effort not to lose my shit every time we have to use a grocery cart or when I think about how many people are involved in the packaging food to putting it on the shelf process. I'm ridiculous, and I know that, but I can't seem to stop it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 00:35:16
ID: 66526
In response to a confession. Tampon user here too.. Tried the cup a couple of years ago.. Never again. It was messy and not worth the hassle, to me anyway. I'd rather pop in a tampon and call it a day lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 00:32:30
ID: 66525
In response to a confession. Take it down a notch.... I'm sure you're fine.
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