Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-21 01:21:26
ID: 50660
In response to a confession. I made the other, harsher reply to your post. I realize I was being insensitive. I'm truly sorry for your losses and what you and your loved ones had to deal with. Most of the posts/replies have been solely to tell me how "gross" I am. Yours wasn't about that and I'm sorry for being a jerk about it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-21 01:18:48
ID: 50659
In response to a confession. He texted me back!!!!-Hes not sure of his work schedule for the weekend but does want to get together....I need to take a huge chill pill lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-21 01:09:29
ID: 50658
I knew a couple whose names were Jocelyn and Chris. Jocelyn was the dude.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-21 00:24:17
ID: 50653
In response to a confession. They don't! These women just want to be part of some pathetic "cool club". Someone made a legit post asking smokers if they'd be offended if they were asked not to smoke in someone's car. I replied that I wouldn't be offended at all, that I didn't like the smell of smoke myself and took measures to avoid smelling like it. Everyone just had to reply to assure me that I am disgusting and that I must be lying that people are surprised to find out I smoke. They couldn't care less if I smoke. They just have some lame ass need for online validation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-21 00:08:38
ID: 50652
In response to a confession. I do not want to seem desperate or needy. He never answered the text I sent him. I just sent him another one asking if we can maybe meet this weekend. I think he might not be interested in me.I might send him one more after this if he does not respond, but no more after that. Three texts several days apart are my limit. If he is totally not interested then we are not right for each other. But I am still sad. We were getting along so well, and he said he could not wait to meet me. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-20 23:51:26
ID: 50651
In response to a confession. Who is bragging about smoking? Honestly, WTH are you even talking about? Not giving a shit if people know is not bragging. I don't even smoke that much. That's what "off and on" means. It's not like I'm polluting my body with meds that are glorified street drugs. For instance, adderall is literally the same chemical compound as meth. Check out some science. Where's the taxpayers' rant about that? I'm not going around saying "smoking is cool!" but if I want to smoke the occasional cigarette on my back porch, that's my business. BTW, I pay taxes too. Oh, and when my 42 yr. old ass is being carded for cigarettes, I'm being heavily taxed on those too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-20 23:40:49
ID: 50646
I've known a man named Bertha and a woman named Robert. They were married to each other. My great aunt was named Gus, not Augusta. Obamas mother had a man's name. I knew a boy named Demi and another named Fran.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-20 23:33:14
ID: 50649
Who cares if people smoke? I mean, I get it. Chain smokers smell. I work with cardiac patients all day and some of them smell like ashtrays. At the end of the day, though, it's their body. Nobody is 100% heathy. Crappy diets and lack of exercise kills people and adds to insurance costs, too. I'm curious about where some of you live. In my state (Bumfuck, Midwest), smoking is outlawed inside businesses and restaurants. The only smokers who piss me off are the ones who do things like smoke in the car with their kids, with the windows up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-20 23:28:13
ID: 50641
I always thought my house didn't smell like dogs, like if I let people come over they wouldn't notice. I always notice the dog smell (not like pee or anything) at other people's houses so figured if my house smelled too, I'd know. But then I went on vacation for a few weeks and when I came home, even though I took my dogs with me, I could smell that dog smell. And that was the day I realized nose blindness is legit, haha.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-20 21:38:30
ID: 50648
In response to a confession. You're not ashamed or embarrassed that you smoke but it sure seems like you go out of your way to hide it.
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