Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-22 15:51:20
ID: 62984
I hate my cankles! And what sucks is that matter what, they will never go away. Maybe I need to move to somewhere cold so at least I can hide them with long pants for part of the year.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-22 02:59:09
ID: 62983
I’m already super behind on work then when I was heading to work and exiting the garage door wouldn’t come down. After a few tries, it was still stuck and then suddenly a few wheels came off and it became really off track. I don’t think I do anything wrong just bad timing old cables, faulty wheel with hardly any maintenance on an old door. I’m just renting a room in the townhouse. Do you think it’s reasonable I ask my housemate (her sister owns the place) to split the bill. Otherwise, I’m 325 poorer in my nonprofit job while they have much higher paid positions. What a way to start the week.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-20 00:00:11
ID: 62968
I don't understand dentists. You have two different types--the ones who only do the necessary work on your teeth and don't do a ton of extra crap and the ones who try to sell you everything and want to rip out all your old fillings and redo everything you've ever had done in your life. How do those greedy ones stay in business? I can't afford to have all my dental work redone every two years, sorry.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-19 15:54:07
ID: 62965
In response to a confession. Then the problem isn't transgender people, the problem is men. So why don't we punish men, you know, the ones who actually victimize people, rather then the transgender folks who are doing absolutely nothing to harm other people?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-19 10:17:57
ID: 62963
In response to a confession. I'm not really referring to the people that are worried about the couple of creepers who will slip through the cracks and the few people who genuinely are just wanting to claim oppression points, I'm talking about the religious right wing. The people who have to do mental jumping jacks to deliberately misgender a trans woman who passes impeccably just for the sake of "biology tho" and "facts don't care about your feelings." There are definitely issues to work out, I myself am worried about some stuff. But I'm not talking about the usual socially liberal person concerns that we're going to have to work out somehow as society progresses. I'm talking about people who literally think this represents the downfall of society. It's basically just an update of the same fears the religious right were having about gay people in the 90s and 2000s.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-19 00:52:44
ID: 62961
I blow up at DH all the time on weekends because he always wants me to have fun with him but I need that time to do all the crap I can't do during the week because I'm at work 12 hours a day. He works long hours and is gone 12 hours a day for work during the week too so he thinks we should both chill on the weekends. I'm thinking if we go that route, I get to hire a maid and a chef and start getting my groceries delivered.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2020-01-18 22:32:40
ID: 62957
In response to a confession. I think the concern is about predatory men using transgender identity to get into women only places such as prisons or shelters. The Jessica Yaniv's of the world, who claim to be transgender so they can victimize women and children.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-18 17:15:47
ID: 62956
I can't for the live of me understand these people who are obsessed with transgender people, acting like we're sliding into "degeneracy," biology and male and femaleness is being turned upside down and the world is going to collapse because there's a handful of trans women in women's bathrooms. I know trans activists are loud, but they literally represent 0.6% of the population. Even if there are 10 times that many people who haven't realised they are trans yet, that's still around a 20th of the entire population. The vast majority of people are fine with the gender they were assigned at birth, it's not a communicable disease, it's not like all of society is going to catch transgender-ness. It's so fucking hilariously ridiculous to me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-17 22:28:23
ID: 62915
Don't hate the makeup, hate the patriarchal bullshit that's been ingrained into women, making them believe they can't leave the house without painting themselves. Christ forbid the menfolk have to look at women with real faces.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-17 22:28:01
ID: 62924
The thing that pisses me off about the Harry/Meghan situation is that it's being viewed as a crises, when a royal being accused of raping little girls is par for the course. Fuck that twisted family and good for them for getting away from them.
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