Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-07 05:16:50
ID: 52555
Yeah, those of you with shitty sick policies are exempt. But I'm in a niche retail. Management frequently tells us not to come in if we're sick and they don't penalize unless you're abusing it (calling out once a week, no call/no show, etc) but a lot of my coworkers still come in after puking or while feverish and mucousy. And spread their germs all over the break room and cash registers. But I'm less anoyed by them than I am our customers that come in and sneeze and cough all over everything. Nothing we sell is essential or warrants coming in when you're sick. I end up washing my hands so often that I'm struggling with mild ocd now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 21:52:49
ID: 52554
I am waist-deep in job searching for when I graduate in May. My professor that I work for currently has offered to let me work for him temporarily to help train the new undergrad student who will help him with research. I talked with one guy who was hiring for one position and he talked to me for over an hour about my skills and experience....and didn't offer me a job, but he did tell me he would give my resume to as many people he knows and suggest to them that they reach out to me. Maybe that's good? I don't know. I am feeling pretty hopeless about the job situation. I always get lots of interviews and interest and no bites for hiring me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 21:44:25
ID: 52552
In response to a confession. Yeah, when I worked at the hospital, I had to come to work pretty much unless I was dead. I actually had a bad accident that caused me to be admitted to the hospital overnight and my boss had to pull some strings so I wouldn't get fired for missing my shift--because I was in the friggin' hospital. All the doctors used to come in sick, too. It drives me insane that hospitals have such asinine absentee policies. I get it's hard to cover shifts, but do we really want to be passing our germs to immunocompromised people in the hospital?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 19:18:35
ID: 52547
In response to a confession. Yup. Unless I'm running a fever or vomiting, I have to be at work. That's per my supervisor. The hospital I work for keeps track of how many times you call in sick. If you max out their set number (I thinks it's eight) of allowed truancies, it's automatic termination. So, yeah. Please pardon me if I'm sniffling and look like death warmed over while I start your IV. My boss will rip me a new one for staying home.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 06:53:46
ID: 52542
I'd love to stay home when I get sick. But I'm a nurse. You get raked over hot coals if you're not able to come in for your shift. They don't care that you're sick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 06:53:15
ID: 52540
I've never brought in a treat to work for my birthday. Where is there a law that says you have to?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-06 06:52:36
ID: 52539
Is there something about nurses and Vera Bradley purses? Most of them @ the hospital where I work (I'm not one) have them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-05 19:54:17
ID: 52533
I've never been asked to be a bridesmaid for anyone. I know it's a pain and honestly I'm introverted and would dread it, but it just kind of hurts my feelings that nobody has ever thought I was important enough to them to be in their wedding.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-05 17:34:37
ID: 52532
In response to a confession. I have a birthday app on my phone to remind me of birthdates of family and friends that I want to send a wish to. My closest family members I already know without a reminder, but there's no way I can remember everyone's birthday by heart. That's ridiculous to expect from people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-05 14:41:45
ID: 52527
In response to a confession. As a teacher, I will add, "Holy shit, people! Stop sending your kids to school when they are sick and have a fever!"
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