Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-19 01:07:26
ID: 50613
In response to a confession. You call BS? As in I'm bullshitting? Sorry, but I'm not. I don't care if people know I smoke. I'm not embarrassed about it. I, myself don't care for the smell, so I do my best not to smell like it. If I do smell like it, people must assume I picked it up from someone else. People just assume I'm a health fanatic because i'm in excellent shape, and look half my age. I have been a non-smoker for as many years that I have smoked off and on. I like to be considerate of non-smokers, so I don't smoke around them, but it's not because I give a shit if they know I smoke.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 23:41:18
ID: 50607
In response to a confession. OP here. Parents quit smoking when I was in my 40s. Dad first, Mom second. I wasn't around Dad much at the time so am not sure how it affected him moodwise. With Mom, she was much easier to get along with when she wasn't always up and down in mood levels. Much improvement in her disposition. She didn't smell as bad (we kids called it dragon breath behind her back). The house didn't reek anymore, and even if she'd smoke outside, her clothes would make the house stink. Dad quit easily, he never smoked a lot. Mom was maybe a pack a day smoker. She got hypnosis to quit.
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Posted by: hanginin
2017-09-18 20:03:12
ID: 50606
When I get upset, I have a few things I can do that will snap me right out of it. One is snuggling my little dog. He is such a loving little creature- no one has been mean to him his whole life. He's known nothing at all in his whole life but love. And I swear to you- he radiates it. He just radiates love and puppy-joy. When I put my hand on his little puppy body, I can literally feel the love and the happy flowing into my hand. I might sound really hippy-dippy or crunchy granola or downright nuts, but I don't care. It works for me, it makes me feel pretty great, and so I'mma eat it up. :D
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 19:44:07
ID: 50605
In response to a confession. When it comes to texting, everyone is different. Literally everyone. Some people will respond right away. Some people will respond in 15, 20, 60 minutes, or even the next day. If you text the person over a long period of time you'll eventually learn their patterns. Try not to worry about it too much. Don't worry about the 'texting etiquette' bullshit. It's bogus.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 16:19:19
ID: 50599
Oh yes, we non-smokers can definitely smell you. Your nose as a smoker is very weak and use to the odor. If you usually smoke outside with a breeze the smell may not be on your clothes but I can smell it from the hands just when people are talking and moving their hands around. You can wash your hands and the smell will still linger. It comes off of our breath and if you get a little warm it comes out of your pores. Trust me, we all smell you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 16:03:29
ID: 50598
When you go online to review and rate a resort just be realistic people. If you give a low rating because terrible customer service or conditions that is okay. To give a low rating and rant that it was a long drive to the resort and you didn't get to hike or bike because of the rain is just ridiculous. You chose the resort, you knew when you booked how long the drive would be and the resort can't control the weather.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 15:28:50
ID: 50594
How can you go outside in the hot summer and smoke and think no one can smell it when you go back inside? The smoke sticks to your hair and skin. You're fooling yourself if you think no one knows. Maybe not your MIL, but you're not hiding it from everyone. That shit stinks!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 14:33:06
ID: 50587
In response to a confession. You *are* reading too much into it. 10-20 minutes shows a lack of interest? I can go days without even looking at my phone. Checking my phone every 10 minutes would make me feel obsessed and addicted to this technology.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 13:20:35
ID: 50588
I call BS. People know you smoke. People who tell you otherwise are lying or being polite. There may be a few people like your MIL who may really not know, but most people do. I grew up with smokers (everyone smoked back then), and I was a smoker for years. You don't realize how much it affects you until you stop smoking. It's just a disgusting habit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-18 11:03:35
ID: 50584
In response to a confession. Perhaps your parents were just mean people in general if they were as temperamental as you say. You're right. Smokers generally smell bad. As far as smokers affecting the people in their lives, I think you are being a tad dramatic. I posted yesterday about my smoking practices and will add that people I've known for years (many of them non-smokers, my MIL of 17 yrs. for example) are often surprised when they find out I smoke. They have no idea unless I tell them or tell them or they see me with cigarettes. No one is affected by it.(People assume I'm a vegetarian too. I'm not sure why.) Don't worry. I'm not vying to be involved with you, but not everyone is your parents. I'm sorry you had to feel that way as a kid. No kid should have to feel that way. I understand where you're coming from.
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