Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 16:07:53
ID: 61084
I'm terrified to fly alone from one end of the country to the other because I've never been in an airport or on an airplane by myself, and I hate HATE cities and crowds and I don't even understand how airports work, I hate the fact that it's so fucking expensive, and I want to see the person badly that I'm supposed to go visit, but my confession is that I just fucking don't want to go. I live in a village. Literally, it's a village. I grew up in a different village. I am so scared of being alone in a large city, even just in an airport in a large city, that I don't want to go. There are two stops where I have to get off a plane and on a different one. TWICE- because it's round trip. I'm fucking terrified. What if I miss my plane and wind up stranded in a big ugly dirty nasty terrifying city four states from home? I feel like such a loser. I really do.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 07:21:11
ID: 61070
I think thong bathing suits are hideous. It has NOTHING to do with your body or how fit or not fit or fat you are. Thongs are just gross. Butt floss. Think about that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 05:19:08
ID: 61080
My life is in such a major funk right now. Divorced (not by my choice), empty nester (awesome kid), and recently ended a long-term relationship. I give myself the damn pep talk almost everyday, going down the list of all my blessings and what I'm grateful for, which is a lot. Healthy, good job, close family and friends, sweet little home, car, etc, etc. But deep down inside I find myself bitter and angry for what I lost and what should be. I'm jealous of other people in my life that are living the life I want and thought I'd be living. I wish I could come up with a fucking dream or passion to pursue. But instead, I feel dead inside. I can't even get myself to get back to online dating because I feel so unattractive, inside and out. Not sure how to move forward and either reinvent myself, or just get out of this dark, useless self-pitty hole I'm in.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-23 17:21:49
ID: 61068
I wonder what it would be like to go through life with absolute confidence that you are right, and to know that you possess the ability to invalidate everyone else's experienced solely based on your opinion? What I wouldn't give to be an overprivileged white male.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-22 23:15:45
ID: 61060
OMG, you guys...what a weekend. We lost power during a horrific thunderstorm and we were without power for almost 2 whole days. And since we are in the country, we are on a well/septic so with no power we had no water. We couldn't shower, wash dishes, flush the toilet, or do anything really. We had one generator to power our fridge but it was old and crappy and had a tiny fuel tank so we kept having to refill it. It was only enough power to keep our fridge on and our phones charged, but we had no internet for 3 days and normally I would be super upset. But honestly, I was so excited that the power was back that I didn't care that we had no cable/internet. It's amazing how much you appreciate little things like electricity when you lose them!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-22 23:00:40
ID: 61056
My DH is one of the more useless men when it comes to domestic chores. His mom was a SAHM and got a lot of pleasure out of cooking for her boys and husband and to this day, DH and his brothers and dad are all totally useless in the kitchen. My DH "can" do things for himself, but he doesn't because he thought that was what your mom/wife did for you because they love you. Which yeah, I do love him. But I don't show my love that way because I have a FULL TIME JOB. If my DH wants all the luxuries of a SAH spouse, then he should allow me to either quit or work PT and do all that for him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-21 05:43:54
ID: 61037
In response to a confession. These guys aren't just being annoying. It's purposeful emotional abuse. They get off on taking away your happiness. Run.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-20 23:46:06
ID: 61041
I was raised by a single Dad. My dad was an awesome parent but he had to work a lot just to keep a roof over our head and food on the table. My mom never contributed anything. So I was pretty much forced to take care of myself a lot from an early age. When I went away to college, I was absolutely dumbfounded by how many people in my dorm had no clue how to do laundry. It was pretty pathetic, really. It's one thing to cook for your teenage kids some or even most of the time. But there is no reason they can't make a meal every now and then. And there is sure as hell no reason why they can't do their own laundry.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-20 14:47:38
ID: 61039
My boss contacted me repeatedly while I was on vacation trying to get me to take a position in another dept, and demanding an answer immediately with no written offer. It was a comparable position, not really a promotion. I said I'm not interested if I can't think it over, and please do not bother me because I am on vacation. It was obvious I was very upset at being bothered. DH was upset also. With both of us being upset from calls and texts all day from my job that day was pretty much ruined.I get ONE week of vacation a year.He continued to text me knowing how upset I was, with instructions to think about it, the final text saying I could give them my answer when I come back to work. I am wondering why he disturbed me on vacation to try to get me to make a lateral move that would have me no longer reporting to him. I am thinking maybe he wants to get rid of me and dosent want me on his team anymore.? I am an hourly call center employee not a manager who agreed to be on call..
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-20 07:08:11
ID: 61026
In response to a confession. I don't know... I definitely cooked for my kids well into their teen years. Did their laundry too. I know a lot of moms like me. Not saying it's the best way to teach them life skills but it's not unusual. My lazy angels adjusted to adulthood just fine.
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