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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-24 15:29:01
ID: 59597
My Father: Beloved fourth grade teacher for 35 years, winning many teaching awards. Little league coach. Generally amazing human being. Died suddenly in his early 60s. Funeral attended by over 600 people, which says a lot. My FIL: Miserable alcoholic. Obese, diabetic, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, daily tobacco user. Still going strong in his late 70s. This isn't fair.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-23 23:24:05
ID: 59590
Next year, in the spring, I am hiring a lawn cleanup service. This is the first year in house with a big yard. I finally got all the poop picked up and it took like, 3 weekends. Never again. It's worth the money to have someone else do it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-23 23:16:32
ID: 59587
I wanted to elope for the same reasons...I don't have many friends and the ones I do have live pretty far away and I didn't want them to have to buy dresses and stuff to be bridesmaids. The one friend I did have as my bridesmaid decided to drop out of my wedding two weeks before the big day and now I'm not friends with her. She wonders why I never talked to her again after that. And that's part of why I don't rely on anyone and have trust issues. My sister and my cousins were in my bridal party and it was a really small wedding. I still would have eloped if I had my choice though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-22 22:20:04
ID: 59582
In response to a confession. A lot of men are like that. My ex was angry one time because his car had broken down on a Friday. He said "don't tell your father because I can't stand him!" I didint say anything for a few seconds then I asked him what my father has to do with the car breaking down, and why is he bringing my father up? He said " Your mom is ok, I just can't stand your father, he is an asshole, I am being honest!" Now I was furious. I said " Since we are being honest about each others' families, please do not think I enjoy every minute that your sons are here. They are a couple of spoiled little wimps. I enjoy the weekend a lot more when they are not here." My Dad lived nearby and noticed the car was missing, so he loaned him his car. For a week while a part for his car was ordered. We ended up splitting up over him lying to me about his financial situation. He still drives that car.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-22 19:58:05
ID: 59581
I'm being serious: what is it called when your spouse is allowed to say whatever ugly things they want towards you or your family or whoever, but when you retaliate with equal (but truthful) ugly things you get "in trouble"? Because this is where i am and i want to know if there is a solution.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-22 18:09:48
ID: 59580
I've never been a cheater, but my marriage is awful and I've been fantasizing about reaching out to my first love. He is single and lives across the country. My dh pretty much ignores me, minus small talk about what is for dinner and the kids, etc. Yes, I'm planning on a divorce but I'm looking for a fulltime job now and need to save money, find a place, get a lawyer and all that. So it will take some time. I'm just so lonely now, and have been for awhile. I just want someone to talk to who will listen to me and engage in a decent conversation. I've tried to work it out with dh before. Plus recently my mother died and dh has not been there for me at all. It's awful.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-21 19:57:52
ID: 59575
In response to a confession. i had a small wedding of around 12 guests that consisted of our immediate families and a few very close friends. my DH has a ton of friends and wanted a huge wedding party but since i literally only have one friend that wasn't possible lol. i wanted to just sign the papers at the courthouse and be done with it but we really wanted our immediate families to be there at least so we had a ceremony in a small, private, garden and the reception at our home. we just skipped the whole bridesmaid/groomsmen/flower girl/ring bearer stuff and walked down the aisle. i admit that i sometimes feel sad and a little jealous when i see women with lots of bridesmaids who throw them fun bachelorette parties. i think it would've been fun to experience that but, oh well.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-21 18:14:02
ID: 59573
In response to a confession. I'm the exact same way OP. So I did elope, went to Vegas. Never regretted it for a second. Didn't want the pain or expense of a wedding anyway, and I'm super shy so it worked out pretty well.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-21 03:31:35
ID: 59569
I’m so embarrassed to admit this but the only reason I want to elope is because I have no friends to invite to my wedding. I have acquaintances but none would invite me so I can’t ask them. I just want to die of embarrassment when I think of how I won’t have a maid of honor or bridesmaids or a bachelorette party, and how painfully obvious it will be to everyone that I’m a loser. My “side” of the wedding would just be my immediate family, a handful of cousins (not close with) from my home country.... and that’s it. It’s a dumb thing to cry about everynight but I just don’t know how to plan a wedding without friends...
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-21 03:13:52
ID: 59567
I want to start off by saying my FIL is super awesome. He’s very considerate, when it snows he brushes off my car when he brushes off MIL’s car, he helps me get ds to and from school when I need it, he’s a good guy. But like 99% of the time he tries to do something helpful he screws or up royally. It’s hard to be mad because I know he had the absolute best intentions. He just did it all wrong. But it also makes me not want to let him do anything for ds or I because he messes it up and if/when he realizes it he feels bad... so then I gotta deal with fixing it (if I can) and making him feel less bad about it.
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