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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-05 15:48:32
ID: 68209
In response to a confession. I'm so sorry! They are not cheap to replace (it was over 2K for mine). This just happened to two friends of mine. One woke up in the middle of the night to strange noises and got outside just as the culprits were driving away. Another got to her car in the employee lot after an overnight shift to find hers gone. For those who don't know, catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium and rhodium, which fetch big bucks at scrap yards. People are also stealing batteries from Jeeps, because the hoods don't lock or have to be released from the inside. The hood is secured only by two clips that anyone can open.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-04 01:09:35
ID: 68206
Had a ‘routine’ endoscopy for an upcoming surgery, and doc wanted to do a liver scan too. I have non-alcoholic cirrhosis! The surgery may be cancelled, and the doc said people live with cirrhosis for up to ten years sometimes! Somebody tell me she’s not right!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-03 17:46:59
ID: 68204
So tired of soliciting phone calls. If I'm on my computer I'll just press #1 for a rep. Then just put on any youtube video and put the phone by the speaker.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-03 05:59:01
ID: 68198
Karma will get back to those scumbag thieves that stole my brother's catalytic converter right before his shift. I read this type of theft is on the rise in most cities. What freakin' low assh*les.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-02 20:42:09
ID: 68196
Can't believe how many people are walking their dog or pushing a stroller and on their phone at the same time. I can see having it with you but jeez put it down for awhile
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-02 14:43:55
ID: 68192
We drove 15 hours Monday night to get home at 5AM yesterday. Obvs, my H and I tried to rest. He had to get up to go run an errand and I went back to bed. My mom showed up out of nowhere, riled up the kids, brought cookies bc "It's the only time I can do it." and left 5 minutes later. So I had hyper kids who were also disappointed bc she just abruptly left and they didn't understand. Now today, she magically has time to come over again for longer and I want to scream at her. She wouldn't get it. She is such a narcissist and so far into her own head. She does this shit on purpose and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. She's just mad bc we went and spent time with my brother and didn't take her with us. I fucking hate her and I don't know how to stop feeling so much hate. I just desperately want to be free of her mentally and physically and I hate myself for feeling that way too. I need a therapist.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-01 17:33:38
ID: 68129
I don't want Christmas cards from people my now adult kids went to school with years ago. You never socialized with us. Never invited us to your house (that one time for a fundraiser), never asked me to do anything 1-on-1. Before you wonder, I did ask this woman to do stuff. We moved out of state, why are you working so hard to get our new address? You didn't really act like you cared about me/us when we freaking lived there and had kids at the same school! Rant over.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-25 19:25:18
ID: 68177
What I found was that I got refused treatment when I had insurance, but without insurance the doctors will treat me. Way back when, I was refused an MRI because my portion was $3600.00 and I had to pay half up front. That was WITH insurance. I never got the MRI, I didn't have $1800.00. Without insurance, they treat me and just bill me. Also without insurance I can apply for discounts and the sliding fee scale. My appendix operation got discounted due to my income. I'll still be sending them money for years, but the discount was 7K. So that's SOMETHING. But yeah we're all fucked. I wish my ancestors had stayed in Europe. Go to America, they said. Things are better there, they said.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-24 20:50:54
ID: 68128
Gal with no's a CRIME that people die in this country due to the costs of medical care. I hear ya loud and clear. I HAVE insurance and guess what? It's still a racket. A series of very necessary dental procedures cost me close to $1,000. That's AFTER the insurance kicked in. A very necessary surgery cost me close to $15,000 and that's AFTER the insurance kicked in. Eye exams and glasses cost close to $850 and that's AFTER the insurance kicked in. So in the past couple of years that's almost $17,000 in medical bills I had for basic medical care and one surgery that I'd put off for years. I had no complications, no extended hospital stays, I never did physical therapy (I have a friend who's a PT who gave me free advice) and I don't take any medications. Our medical system is FUCKED
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-24 20:50:02
ID: 68161
there's that old saying "How is a cooked fish and a houseguest similar? After 3 days, they both start to stink!"
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