Stream Of Consciousness
Posted by: RubberCity
2018-11-14 19:29:16
ID: 57731
Anyone who is " triggered " by anything like a work of literature, a movie or play or TV show, random people or random conversation need to realize they are the ones who need to control their emotions. Restrictions on what can be said or taught are not the answer. The term " snowflake " comes to mind. Adversity and hardship are part of life.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-17 23:26:44
ID: 57768
We can't ever go on vacation without guilt and drama from dh's family. We go anyway, but it's super annoying. A few years ago, DH mentioned to his mom that we were planning a trip to New Orleans. Next thing we know, the whole fam damnily, 15+ people, have planned a trip at the same time to the New Orleans time share and we're being guilted because we're not staying there with them. So, the next time, we went to Savannah and didn't tell a soul until afterwards, and OMG, the guilt trips we were sent on for not visiting his family in Atalanta. I have so many more examples, it's not even funny. Is it so bad that, when I'm on vacation, I want to stay in a hotel where I can screw my husband and visit new places, just the two of us, with no family involved? We can't even post gratuitous vacation photos on Facebook like normal people without 12 family members asking why we didn't invite them/visit them. Does anyone else's family do this? There's just no boundaries.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-17 01:09:38
ID: 57757
Really sad that my younger cousin just got diagnosed with chronic HepB. Could’ve gotten it from sexual activity, or from the emergency blood transfusion she received in a third world country. I’m nervous for her future and if she’ll be able to successfully find someone to marry her as we are from a very conservative traditional Asian country. She’s very rich so that should help. Would any of you honestly consider marrying someone with a transmittable sexual disease? I confess I personally would struggle to be able to accept that and I feel so horrible about that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-14 20:46:07
ID: 57733
I am so sick and tired of this spicy food fad thing. Spicy does not equal tasty! In fact, if you it too much hot stuff you can’t even taste the food! I am so tired of things that aren’t supposed to be spicy having way too much heat in them. I shouldn’t have to ask if everything I order is spicy... I ordered Pad Thai from somewhere today and it was so hot it made me cry, I was not given an option to choose my heat level, so I expected it not to be hot, like it’s supposed to be! The other day i bought a snickers bar and apparently they make one with habanero mixed into it now, and the wrapper is way too similar to the original. As someone who doesn’t like heat, and whose stomach cannot handle it I am so sick and tired of the foods that should be “safe” for me being ruined and not getting any warning about it until I bite into it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-14 15:56:44
ID: 57728
In response to a confession. Of course its my fault, I am white. Upper management does nothing about this manager, who regularly bullies white women, up to and including physical aggression such as getting right in someones face, arm grabbing, shoving, poking.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-13 13:14:57
ID: 57710
In response to a confession. I am a white woman with blonde hair and I just got bullied out of a job by my black boss. I was there for years, no performance issues, and the boss just turned on me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-08 00:37:15
ID: 57652
Do you guys have any YouTube channels that you watch religiously? I'm kind of obsessed I've cooking channels, like Simply Sara Kitchen and Cooking with (a) Dog. My dh makes fun of me because I really don't like to cook, but those channels are so relaxing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-06 18:58:55
ID: 57624
I'm a guilty Hallmark xmas movie watcher. I do know how super cheesy they are, but I find them relaxing. I only watch them in my bed, under my electric blanket, alone, before falling asleep. Sometimes I will smoke a little weed and I just like the lightheartedness before I drift off. And I like the way they portray xmas, all snowy with everywhere decorated. But yeah, they are waaaay chintzy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-18 23:49:52
ID: 57309
Has your jealousy ever been so severe it’s gotten you depressed? One of my distant family members got super rich super fast and now won’t stop rubbing it in my face how he’s a dropout making 12k in profits a month while I have two bachelors and barely make 70k a year. He’s always been a druggie drunk partier and opened up a head shop on a whim and suddenly got so successful he’s opening up multiple businesses and it’s making me so depressed how easy it was for him but I’m struggling so much. I feel guilty for feeling this way and comparing ourselves but damn when I tried opening my own business it failed and for him it was just so damn easy. I guess at the end of the day it’s all just luck. /rant
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-06 18:53:33
ID: 57623
In response to a confession. OP here, I felt bad so I did go vote. I'm off work today, the polling place is 5 min away with no lines, I was feeling guilty and had no reason not to. Thanks ladies, for helping me see the light!
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