Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-14 14:17:46
ID: 58084
My co-workers think I'm a freak for not socializing with them, but I don't want to go out all the time, just to have something to do. I like my home. I like my pets. I like my husband. And, most importantly, I like me and my own company. All of them constantly complain about their spouses and kids. They aren't happy at home. I am. I don't have the need to run away from my personal life. It's almost borderline bullying from my boss, though, to socialize with "the team." I'm so over it. The only reason they want me there is because misery loves company.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-13 19:52:57
ID: 58068
Dear teammates: I took a personal day today, to do...personal shit. All of the things that have to be done during business hours and/or can't be stuffed into weekends or at night after work. It's on the calendar. It was mentioned at our staff meeting on Monday. I sent a reminder text on Tuesday. The emails you are sending me are auto-replied with "Out of the Office." Stop fucking calling and texting me. I'm sure you can handle your shit for ONE DAY!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-12 19:44:21
ID: 58050
In response to a confession. Thank you for all the feedback on this. I just applied for a new job, at a much better company. The culture at this place, regarding hourly employees, is absolute bullshit. Glad to know I wasn't just being overly sensitive about their lame Christmas "gift." And I never even thought about them being able to write it off as an expense. Grrrrrr.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2018-12-12 18:07:33
ID: 58048
In response to a confession. Still don't understand why you just don't ignore her, or tell her if she doesn't know her job, that is her problem. Why cause yourself the stress. Stop being a martyr for nothing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-12 17:59:24
ID: 58047
It's a bad Elderly CW day. So far today she's needed my help to: log into our email, reset a password, verify she wasn't a robot, send an email, send a fax, set the copier to '2 sided to 2 sided', .... and right now she's over there at the copier and there's a little red light flashing. Jesus. Excuse me while I go shoot myself in the face with a bazooka.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-11 17:29:53
ID: 58031
I need some perspective, because I'm seriously aggravated at my boss. For Christmas, everyone chipped to get her a nice gift, like we always do. This year, she gave us all vouchers for an escape room, which we were excited about until we learned that the vouchers can only be used as a group, for a team building exercise. I'm pissed. I'm an hourly employee. If I do anything to benefit the company, including team building to help increase productivity that will help the company make more money, YOU NEED TO PAY ME. So, not only is it a fake "gift," I'm expected to gift the company my Saturday to do team building. I don't think so! It's probably no surprise, but I'm also the op whose boss gives M&Ms instead of bonuses. Am I overreacting?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-10 23:45:42
ID: 58023
A partner canceled this morning's meeting I had planned to attend with a colleague I manage. When I told her the news, she became really upset saying that I always do this. It's not true. Her sudden emotional outburst caused me to react telling her it wasn't on my fault, take a breather, etc, in a defensive tone. In that moment, I wish I just held back and listened to her with empathy. Still the outburst had me shaking because I hate confrontation especially when it felt out of the blue. She was gone for hours this morning missing our staff meeting, I texted apologizing asking if she was okay, she said she was picking up her stuff and taking a personal day. I feel really terrible for what happened, but don't feel like I was in the wrong. I just wish I simply listened without responding to her aggressive behavior. She hasn't replied all day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-09 23:17:26
ID: 57992
In response to a confession. Have you seen that episode of The Office, where Creed becomes the boss, so Pam gives him the "assignment" of looking at two pictures of the building and finding the differences, only there are no differences? Maybe she could do something like that all day, lol.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-09 23:17:01
ID: 57996
OMG! You know the lady that smells like a period everyday? She had to go next door. Usually she stays and visits for a while. I sprayed some spray and she came back right away. She's also allergic to every scent known to man. She was like, "Who sprayed? Y'all know I'm allergic and can't take scents like that!" Well, I can't take you smelling our tiny office up like a damn period!!!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-06 20:31:52
ID: 57990
I cannot teach this woman AGAIN how to send a fucking fax. I just can't do it. I'mma freak the fuck out. Christ in a sidecar.
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