Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-08 14:37:04
ID: 60122
Previous poster here. I forgot to mention - she's apparently verbally abusing the girl who took my place! And several of my friends who are doing deals with her are calling me asking what her effing problem is, as she's a complete bitch to them. They've even forwarded my old boss on some of her scathing emails, and he just replies to them, "Thank you."
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-08 14:30:57
ID: 60121
I'm the one who was let go after a blowup with my verbally abusive coworker. I'd been hired by the team lead as support staff, so I wasn't employed by or affiliated with their company - so even though I attended company events, I didn't receive company emails about them, but my team would tell me. So get this. Every year the company has a big event in June. One of my friends from the company was telling me about the upcoming event, and asked if I could come to the Happy Hour they have afterwards, bc everyone misses me. Office Happy Hours are a regular thing there, but I never knew about them because I didn't get the emails. I'd only find out if someone asked if I was going to one that night, and by then it was too late bc I'd already made plans. Come to find out, my coworker is the one who organizes them. Never mentioned it to me the whole time I was there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-07 22:59:04
ID: 60112
Can someone please tell me why, in the year of our Lord 2019, patients still walk into a waiting room and sit down without checking in????? And then they get mad when they don't get called back. /Headdesk. I need a vacation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-07 16:08:15
ID: 60110
I want a new job and I'm having trouble choosing between two. Job A: good pay, interesting work, long commute (about 45 min), have to work every other weekend. Job B: slightly lower pay, work is less interesting, <10 min commute, no weekends. Which would you choose?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-07 02:00:20
ID: 60106
I'm known for being super calm at work, but today I snapped at co-worker in public. Ugh, I'm so embarrassed by my actions. I apologized. Clearly, I'm too freakin' tired, stressed, etc, but still not an excuse to be rude towards someone just trying to help.
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Posted by: Spectra
2019-05-05 00:17:21
ID: 60085
Guys, I'm bummed. The marketing team didn't like my first re-flavoring project. They said it wasn't vanilla-y enough. I am frustrated that I didn't get it perfect on the first try. My friend in R & D said it's actually a pretty good review compared to what they thought of her first project. Back to the drawing board I guess. I'll get there. I just always want to be perfect before I put in enough hard work.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2019-05-02 15:58:27
ID: 60069
In response to a confession. This sounds like boundary problems.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-02 15:57:26
ID: 60068
In response to a confession. If it were me, I'd report them. Maybe the family just has a fucked up dynamic, but if they're being abusive/manipulative with you, I'd be questioning what's happening with the kid behind closed doors. That's just my personal take on the situation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-05-02 02:33:02
ID: 60066
My student's step mom texted me at 10 pm the night before the party accusing me of having an affair with her husband. I think there's enough crazy to go around in this situation.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-04-28 07:34:18
ID: 60017
My student invited me to his birthday party Sunday afternoon, which will involve virtual reality games and hovercraft racing. I got a text from his stepmom at 10 pm Saturday night saying that her husband told her not to come to the party and that he is insinuating that he and I are dating as a way to hurt and manipulate her. I didn't reply. This is kind of too much, but I promised my student I would be there, so I am going. I will pop in, give him his present, chat as briefly as I can get away with, and leave. I bought him a deck of UNO cards as a present. He played UNO with me at lunch one day and apparently he had never played. He also `told me that he doesn't know how to ride a bike. This poor kid has no friends. His life is not normal. I'm beginning to think that autism is the least of his problems.
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