Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-02 01:25:10
ID: 61939
In response to a confession. My Italian boss story number 2: I worked in the office of an auto repair place owned by an Italian man. He was horrible to everyone. He thought everyone was dying to be his friend but no one could stand him. He was so aggressive that he actually made me nervous, once reaching out like he was going to grab me when he was yelling about some minor thing. I told him "stop right there, you may not put your hands on me" He said I had a nasty attitude but he did pull his hand back. Another Italian man was the manager of the place. He was not aggressive, but he did criticize me constantly about stuff that had nothing to do with work, such as "why are 30 and not married?"
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-02 01:17:24
ID: 61938
In response to a confession. My Italian boss story number 1: I worked nights at a pizza place to save up for a car. I was there about 8 months when I got a much better job and decided to put in my 2 weeks notice. When they found out I was leaving they turned on me. The owner threw a rag at me and told me to clean something up. They called me nasty names and I had picked up enough Italian to know what they were saying. I did not work the full 2 weeks, it was so horrible I just stopped showing up after about a week.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-01 21:22:28
ID: 61937
I still call bullshit. I know there are women who make false sexual harassment claims, but it is very rare. And the tone and language leads me to believe these posts are BS and written by a man. And the language is awfully similar to Rubber City.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-01 17:58:09
ID: 61933
In response to a confession. OP here. You are incorrect, I am female, and been in the workforce for 30 years. Is it really impossible for you to think that there are women who had had a different experience than you? That was the downfall of the 'worst female boss'. Because she couldn't imagine there was a woman who wouldn't claim sexual harassment in order to get what she wanted, she talked to several women about her plan before she did it. Do you really think she would have opened up to a man about that?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-01 15:26:24
ID: 61932
In response to a confession. Oh yes, I get it that it's not my computer. But when my boss has given me permission to be on facebook, or shop, or whatever I want to do essentially... I don't consider it time theft. As long as I get my work done, neither does my boss. When I asked my boss about this he told me to delete the program immediately. They put it on his computer too, when he bought it. He deleted it. We have too much sensitive information on our computers to have random tech support kid peeking in any time he wants, let alone MY personal data. Plus he was rude. Remember the SNL skit with Jimmy Fallon as the IT guy? Yeah. Like that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-01 00:13:09
ID: 61923
Everybody knows that the person posting about women bosses is a man, right? And if I had to guess, I would say it's RC back again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-30 23:17:55
ID: 61919
In response to a confession. At the end of the day, it's not your personal computer and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want with it. It's company property. It probably would have been more polite to give you some warning, but it's not unethical. It's actually more unethical that you commit what's called time theft (personal business on company time), by playing on fb while at work. Sorry, not trying to start a fight. Just saying.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-30 22:35:40
ID: 61920
Worst female boss I ever had: Told us she was going to go to HR and report a male college for sexual harassment as a way to get him fired, because he wasn't productive enough. We reported her, and she was suspended for 1 week, and then was right back in her VP role. Second to worst female boss: put down the week I was off after my mother died as vacation instead of bereavement, because it made her books look better. I didn't find out until after she had left the company. Third to worst: held up my vacation request so she could put hers in for the same week, and get it approved, and then asked the top boss to deny my request so we would have enough coverage (yes, I reported her too). Worst male boss: Didn't give me a raise because took all my available vacation, which showed I wasn't as committed to the company as my colleagues. No contest, if we are dividing only by gender, I'll take male bosses.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-30 22:21:16
ID: 61912
Masters of the Universe. I am really, really sick of them. White dudes with more money than everyone else around here thinking that somehow makes them better, more deserving, more powerful. Oh, wait. It does. Shit, I almost forgot. Sure, let me just sit here and sympathize with you because you were an ass hole to the wrong person (the building inspector) and now you need to call in your commissioner friend to basically spank the guy you were an ass hole to. Because the ONE thing he can do is shut down your project. And that's what he did when you called him a jackass. You and your commissioner friend (who, you couldn't help but mention, is running for state senate) have fun putting low-key building inspector in his place.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-30 22:20:57
ID: 61915
So is it normal for a tech company to be able to just take over your computer with no permissions? I've never had this happen before. Boss gets me a new computer, and I'm getting it all set up with my google chrome account and porting favorites and whatnot, and the tech people call to make sure my drivers are all downloaded and the fucker doesn't even say two words to me, just takes over my computer without my consent. Is this what 'work computers' are normally like? I work in a teeny tiny office and have never EVER had this happen and I'm PISSED. I already put tape over the camera and now I'm wondering if that fucker can hear what I'm saying, and I can't get my google account logged out and I'm just in a panic. Boss has always told me I can use the work computer as if it were mine. Checking facebook, shopping, email, all personal stuff he knows I do and doesn't bat an eye. I get my work done. I'm salaried. So WTF is this shit? I'm sick over this.
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