Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-30 14:05:58
ID: 66011
I only have one coworker and we're facebook friends. My boss and I decided years ago not to be facebook friends though. I'm facebook friends with a few of my favorite clients, too. Not many, but a few. But my facebook is pretty benign. Family pics and Star Trek stuff mostly. And dog pictures. Lots and lots of pictures of my dogs. I try not to let my page get too political. Like, I would post EVERYONE VOTE, not EVERYONE VOTE FOR (insert candidate). But I don't mind saying it here: Trump is a repugnant human being and I'm over the moon that he lost.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-29 04:41:20
ID: 65997
In response to a confession. I don't think it's weird. I don't like to friend coworkers. There are things I don't want to share with the office, and I don't want to have to take the time to "hide" them from posts or photos. Some people get bent out of shape over it, though. I worked on this one team a few years ago that felt I was anti-social and not a team player because I didn't add any of them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-29 00:49:51
ID: 65992
Is it really weird that I don't "friend" my work colleagues on FB/social media? I figure that's what LinkedIn is for....FB and my other social media is purely for friends and family.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-27 22:01:24
ID: 65981
Our company give you your PTO pro-rated the first year you're there. My CW started in May so didn't get her full 2 weeks of PTO (my first year, I started in September and got even less) and now she's bitching that she "can't" take a vacation day when she wants to and it's "not fair" that I get to take PTO around Christmas. Bitch, I EARNED that PTO. I will use it as I please and no, I'm not lucky because I saved it for using at the holidays. I can't stand that attitude that I somehow got something she didn't...she has only been with the company a little while and next year, she'll get more PTO. Didn't think that was such a hard concept to understand.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-27 08:26:08
ID: 65970
In response to a confession. I want to see if I'm getting this right. I'm in the middle of trying to sell my house, it goes up for sale next week. I, as the seller, have to have all debts paid off before I can sell it? Like, I have a credit card in collections (it was a card my ex and I verbally agreed to pay half of, I paid my half, he didn't pay his), so does that mean I have to pay that credit card before I sell my house? I was actually planning on paying it off with the sale money.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-26 00:50:28
ID: 65962
I work in real estate Title Insurance. One of the things we do is run a search for judgments (money the buyer or seller owes to whomever), then contact that entity for a payoff letter. The buyer or seller must pay that off before the sale of the home can go through. Jesus. I've been calling three people at a court in one county for two weeks now. No return calls. I called a court in another county today and easy peasy - reached someone immediately and had the payoff within the hour, so what the hell. Then there's a law firm. Two weeks on that one, too. Multiple calls, multiple messages, no return call. Everyone's working from home at that firm, but I know they have to check their voicemails. We're having to delay closings, which costs the clients money. Come on!!!
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Posted by: hanginin
2020-11-23 15:08:18
ID: 65933
I mean what do I tell her? No, I won't provide you with that data because I know you're going to use it fraudulently? I need to talk to my boss before I send this bitch a reply. Because I'm about to go off. I'm in NO MOOD! Don't fuck with me when I'm still sick and haven't had solid food in three days and had to fucking come to work anyway.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-23 15:06:14
ID: 65932
I am so effing sick of cheating, lying, fraudulent shit-pulling clients. I'm so over it. I am so effing sick of having to be a part of this. Even if I send the email- I am verifying only one department of your business's income and this audit requires more information- I know damn well she's going to report that as her total sales and commit insurance fraud. I'm so fucking over it. How much fucking money is enough for these fucking people? They have to cheat and lie and scam and they honestly can't see ANYTHING wrong with that. Pieces of absolute shit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-21 22:23:49
ID: 65920
SO effin' sick of my lazy ass CW. She called in sick on Thursday with paid COVID leave because she "had a headache" and "it might be COVID". Of course she didn't get tested but we can use that time even if we don't get tested if we have any feelings of being unwell at all. Then she asked our boss if she could leave early without using PTO on a day we had an important presentation to give and was pissed when our boss said no. And NOW she is trying to get permission to WFH after her baby's born so she can avoid taking FMLA. You know damn well she wouldn't get any actual work done with a newborn at home. I told her flat-out that it wouldn't be fair for her to do that. I just really, really hope she quits.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-18 03:12:00
ID: 65869
Going back to work Friday after being off of work for 6 weeks due to surgery. Trying to be positive, but I'm not looking forward to it. I have to remember that I'm grateful for my job and I GET to go to work.
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