Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-29 20:14:20
ID: 61146
Back at work after my vacation and I'm just not feeling good. Mostly feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to get done this week including presenting at panel at our conference which I don't feel qualified to speak about. Ugh.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-28 22:51:18
ID: 61130
In response to a confession. I found some slim-cut pants that are a bit stretchy so they aren't restrictive. I hope that solves the problem. I can respect that my boss wouldn't want me to wear leggings, but if that's the case, the dress code should be updated to say that. It currently says they are acceptable as long as your top extends down over your butt area. I'm probably the most fashion-challenged person on the planet, so that doesn't help. I wish that show "What Not to Wear" was still on. I need Clinton's help.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-28 19:02:06
ID: 61119
In response to a confession. I'm the same size as you and just bought a whole bunch of work pants from JC Penney's petite department. Leggings are considered unprofessional in most work settings, but you can get slim fit ankle pants that are cute and comfortable. I also find cute pants in the kid's department at Target and also Goodwill. Walmart also has kid's pants for school uniforms that are cheap and look nice, if you dress them up with a nice sweater.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-28 18:30:57
ID: 61121
In response to a confession. Leggings are not pants. If you were my employee, and you wore them under an actual dress, that's fine. But with a shirt, or even a long sweater, I would send you home and make you change. Skintight leggings just aren't appropriate in a work setting. Try googling or going on Pinterest to search for business casual clothes. With your size, you shouldn't have any major problems.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-27 21:05:19
ID: 61105
Ok, so help please--My boss told me during my quarterly review that she thinks I dress "too casually" for the office. Our dress code is business casual and I usually wear an outfit like this: Thick black leggings with a long tunic top and a long sweater or blazer. I don't own many actual dress pants because I can never find them in my size (I'm only 5'3" and weigh 101 lbs, so I'm fairly limited there). What do you ladies suggest? I don't currently violate our dress code--do you think she is being too strict? I get that she dresses nicer, but she's also not working in the manufacturing areas like I am where I need to be somewhat comfortable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-27 07:46:43
ID: 61083
Christs sake. Passed over for all the jobs I really wanted and I've been offered the one I was "meh" about.
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Posted by: Flutterby
2019-07-27 00:43:05
ID: 61098
Well, our team is FINALLY getting some help. They hired another lawyer who actually knows what he's doing, AND an assistant for the one newbie lawyer we have (and she'll work for the new one too). That will take some of the pressure off me. I work for the department head, and since she didn't have other lawyers to give cases too, we had almost all of them. Yay for actually being able to leave work at my actual end of shift. That would be a nice change.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-23 22:04:32
ID: 61072
Meanwhile our Dept is getting praised for having been awarded another contract (3 years!) while I kinda feel like a fraud.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-23 01:53:27
ID: 61063
I'm on my last week of my 2-week vacation, but I can't seem to fully unplug from work. I left doing the best I could, but still had some items I wish I got to. I still check my email once or twice a day. :( I wrapped up two big reports before I left and they both came back with additional questions. I'm almost in my 2nd year with organization and it's only my 2nd job ever with an org as I was freelancer for a bit before this. Ugh, sometimes I don't feel like I have enough experience at all to be managing these big contracts.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-22 23:04:00
ID: 61057
In response to a confession. My boss left me a $25 gift card on my desk as a thank-you for helping out so much with the "cell boarders" project. She's not a TOTAL bitch, haha.
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