Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-19 13:38:11
ID: 67599
who the fuck gives their employee a four cent raise? Oh, boy howdy, she's rich now! 10.40/hr! I fucking hate these people. All of them. ALL OF THEM. Every one of my clients
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-19 13:36:58
ID: 67598
It's official. I hate my fucking job. I have been thrown to the wolves and left twisiting in the wind on my own one too many times.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-18 23:00:38
ID: 67595
I am married, and so is he. And I've never cheated on my husband. But if I had the opportunity, I would have an affair with my boss in a heartbeat.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-17 18:38:49
ID: 67591
The fact that your bosses are up your ass for financial statements does NOT give you the right to treat me like your personal servant. I have 70 other clients that bring me their shit timely and WILL have their work done first. Maybe you shouldn't have told everyone that you knew how to run QuickBooks. Because newsflash: YOU DON'T. I have no clue what it is you think you know about the program, but trust me. You have no idea what you're doing. And the more you fucking harp on me, the less I'm going to be inclined to help your incompetent ass. I already did six months of bank recs for two entities and three accounts all in two days because you don't know how to do something even as simple as that. WHILE getting all my other client work done. And what do you do? Lambaste me with 5 emails a day and say some shit like "I've been waiting 45 minutes for you to call me back."... this is not a call center. Ass hole. Wait your turn.
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Posted by: cocopop
2021-08-15 22:17:30
ID: 67582
Teacher Life pt 2- I have worked here for three years and sat through a million meetings that were not relevant to my job. This is the one time he's given me more than 15 minutes on the agenda. I can see now that when we discussed this and he said he was giving me 90 minutes that he didn't really think it through or believe it was important. I sent him a proposal last spring for improving special education planning and collaboration and I'm positive he hasn't read it even though we've met about it twice. I put a lot of energy into advocating for Special Education and teachers in general in my district, but have always let Admins roll over me at my own site because I was too busy fighting for everyone else. I'm done with that. My students are going to get what they need, and what they need is to be part of the plan for the school! Period!
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Posted by: cocopop
2021-08-15 22:12:48
ID: 67581
Teacher Life pt 1- Spent four hours Saturday designing a badly needed professional development for my colleagues about Special Education, at my Admin's request. Admin promised me 90 minutes. Looked at the weekly schedule and I am sharing the time with Counseling Services. He did not inform me. Just changed the schedule. I planned 90 minutes of information and activities, and all of it is important. Just shows that when push comes to shove, special education students and students with social/emotional challenges get the short end of the stick. What did he plan for three afternoons this week instead of dedicating one afternoon each for Special Education and Counseling Services? Three days of "Professional Learning Community Planning Time" WITH NO PLAN FOR HOW SPECIAL EDUCATION OR COUNSELING IS INTEGRATED INTO THAT.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-14 23:17:00
ID: 67576
Just ran our numbers...we can officially afford to retire at 50! Hot DAMN! That's only 10 years from now. I can do anything for 10 more years. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic now but I'm still cautious. Just feels good to know I don't have to work until I'm 75.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-11 12:16:35
ID: 67559
In response to a confession. That's how I feel about SharePoint. Worst software program in the history of software programs.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-06 14:32:49
ID: 67550
Fucking onvio can go eat a bag of dicks. "An error has occurred uploading your document. Please try again." ....... 'Bout to hulk out on this fucker.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-04 19:25:34
ID: 67544
I don't know anyone who does what I do. I have no idea if my workload is normal. I feel like it's not. I feel like no human person should be expected to get this much work done in the amount of time I've been given to do this. We just keep adding new clients, and not getting rid of any, and there's still just me here. I'm overwhelmed. I miss liking my job. I really do. I really used to like it here. Now it's someplace I dread coming, I don't have time to make polite conversation with people and I'm over giving a shit about it. I feel like this is all too much. And I have nothing to make a comparison to. I'm so miserable. Sorry, boss, if you think I'm being rude but I don't have time to bullshit with you about anything EVER anymore.
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