Posted by: anonymous
2023-03-14 18:04:58
ID: 68637
In response to a confession. Soooooo... Did you get the job?
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-03-09 09:13:51
ID: 68636
Please, please let me get this job. I thought the interview mostly went well, but I felt rusty being unemployed and depressed for the last 2 years. I wish I prepared more. At least now I have more confidence and experience about the whole process. I need to stay positive because maybe I did well enough.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-24 14:08:41
ID: 68633
In response to a confession. Meant to add that if he left, and we did call each other, we would kind of have to admit that we're not just talking because of work, KWIM? I mean, we know that now, but we can use the excuse that we work together, so we have to talk. It may not seem like it, but we really have never crossed a line. Never said anything inappropriate or even remotely suggestive. If it's the last day before a weekend or holiday, and we haven't talked for whatever reason (not unusual when we're busy), one of us will always shoot an IM to the other telling them to have a good weekend or a wonderful vacation or whatever. I'll always tell him to take time to relax, since he works all the time. He'll sometimes respond with a heart reaction. No one ever uses that heart reaction at work 'cause it is kind of weird/personal. But he'll use it when I send a personal note to him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-24 13:54:37
ID: 68632
He would still be with the same "company," so would be just as accessible through Teams, email, etc. He would still office out of the same location, even though we work from home. He goes in one or two days a month for meetings; I could always go in on those days if I wanted to, but our offices would be on separate floors, not 10 feet from each other. We could still do Teams calls, chats, and IMs, but they probably wouldn't be as frequent. We need to talk a lot for actual work stuff, but a lot of times, those calls morph into just talking for a while. I'm sure we would still talk to each other but just not nearly as much. And we wouldn't be in meetings together anymore. A few of those meetings a year are in person.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-24 02:49:23
ID: 68631
In response to a confession. Thanks for the updates! What if Boss gets a different position and can't take you with him? Will you still be in contact with him in your daily work day? Do you guys ever talk/ text at all outside of or unrelated to work? Sorry about all the questions, I'm nosy and this board is slow
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-23 14:17:57
ID: 68630
So boss has a private appointment on his calendar for tomorrow. But the person he's meeting with kind of screwed up and sent a meeting invite as well with a very vague title. I manage his calendar, so I see all meeting requests that come through for him. Long story short, I think he's interviewing for a job. It's within the organization. We work for a huge fed gov't dept. Not totally surprised; he was sort of passed up for a promotion recently that he REALLY deserved to get. I don't expect him to stay put and not move up just because of me. And I know he will take me with him to a new position if he's able, since we've had that conversation before. He would still be at the same place, but I don't want to not work with him every day. I want him to get it, b/c I know he wants to move up, but I don't want him to leave, unless he can take me with him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-19 14:25:29
ID: 68629
In response to a confession. Nothing new with boss. A couple of private meetings, but I think those were work related. His mom has had some medical issues going on, so turns out a lot of the out of office things were to deal with that. I think his mom may have limited English, so he needs to translate for her a lot. We had a cameras on meeting last week, and holy hell, he looks good in a baseball cap. I think there will be an event at the office in April that we'll both need to go to, but I probably won't see him in person until then. Same flirty banter and tension but nothing more. He's always online earlier than I am, and every morning, he sends me a good morning message as soon as I log on, even if he's in a meeting. So he's looking and waiting for me each day. I did notice that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-02-15 21:08:33
ID: 68628
Any more boss updates?
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Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-11 19:43:25
ID: 68620
I need a witness, help me figure out what the f*ck. My boss has sent out form letters to pretty much every single client saying that prices are going up. His reasoning is increases in costs of: supplies, software, and personnel. ...... There are only two employees: me and one other woman who is only part time and barely that. So my confusion is why he's telling all of our clients that personnel costs have gone up significantly.... except all I got was a 3% cola raise. That's not even close to significant. His UIA rate didn't go up, the hours of our part time person haven't gone up.... so what the f*ck? Did he give her some ridiculous raise? OR- is he basically throwing me under the bus by basically telling everyone their prices are higher due to 'personnel costs'. I mean, if that's true where is my f*cking raise? *crickets*
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-12-12 13:45:41
ID: 68598
In response to a confession. Here's the thing with Boss. Yes, there is an obvious sexual tension there. But I genuinely like him, like as a person like him. There is a really good chance that I will be offered another position in a few months. Same company. I would still work with him somewhat, but not nearly as closely. It depends on the offer, but I don't even know if I'll take it for the sole reason of I don't want to stop working with him. Maybe I should stop working with him, but I just like the man. He's a great boss and a truly good person, which is what attracted me to him. If we actually worked in the office together, I would agree that I should leave. But we work remotely, so I only see him in person maybe once every 3-4 months. But I would hate to take a new position only to work with a bunch of assholes, KWIM?
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