Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-15 22:11:48
ID: 59097
In response to a confession. I used to be a receptionist, and the "charity" people were the most obnoxious. I had a man throw a handful of candy wrappers on my desk because the owner was not available to speak with him and I would not personally donate. As he was walking out after throwing the wrappers, I told him I would make sure his organization gets nothing.
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Posted by: RubberCity
2019-02-13 18:31:39
ID: 59043
Doing as much phone calling as I do, it stuns me to come across so many businesses who don't personalize their voice mail. Lost opportunity to make potential customers be interested or remember you.
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Posted by: RubberCity
2019-02-13 18:07:43
ID: 59042
In response to a confession. We use *67 so the organization doesn't show up when we call.
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Posted by: RubberCity
2019-02-13 16:05:37
ID: 59040
I do charity fund raising for a sherrif's department calling businesses. I just don't understand the mindset people have. I leave my number and name with no mention of who I am with and you don't call back? I could be a customer worth thousands to you for all you know. Marketing people suck the most at returning calls.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-11 18:05:42
ID: 58992
In response to a confession. I went through the same exact thing! I'm smart and I've been in this industry for a while, but I kept screwing up and getting yelled at by a CW. I almost quit my job three times in the first six months. Next time you see your CW, say, "Hey, I know I keep making mistakes and I'm sorry, but I don't think I know the proper way to do them. Can you show me so we don't have to redo them anymore?" If he brushes you off then you're going to have to talk to your boss about it. It's not easy and not fun, but hopefully this works for you. It did for me. (Even though my situation also included a screaming argument with my CW, lol)
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-11 17:31:45
ID: 59003
Kinda lost it on Elderly CW just now. I cannot deal with teaching her how to send a fax for the 100th time without being condescending. I just can't do it. Don't even ask me to. I can't. This is not fucking rocket science.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-11 14:42:52
ID: 59001
OMG small companies SUCK. No vacation or sick time? No life insurance? Advertise for a desk job, then tell me I have to do laundry? Screw off.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-10 02:02:06
ID: 58983
I don't know what to do. I've been at my job 5 months now. I feel like I'm a fairly competent person. But I keep screwing up these documents I have to submit for approval and having to redo them. My coworker has to approve them and he verbally abuses me and tells me I need to do better and send them through with zero errors. I told him I would try to fix the mistakes, but he rejects them for things I didn't know were mistakes because he won't tell me the right way to do them. I'm beyond frustrated and it makes me want to quit my job but I like just about every other aspect of it other than the little sh*t I work with. He's much younger than me, fresh out of college, and thinks he's so damn smart. DH tells me that the kid's probably threatened by me and feels the need to have power over me. I really should talk to my boss about it but I feel like I'll be the one getting canned.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-09 03:54:29
ID: 58972
I had been really resistant to anti-depressants, but I might need to be open to trying it since I don't feel like I've been getting better with talk therapy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-02-09 00:59:04
ID: 58971
I just found out my benefits covers mental health services. Even though the co-pay is just $10 less than what I'm currently paying with my current therapist out-of-pocket, I think I will try out my insurance and see if the more flexible hours and new therapist can help me get out this serious downward spiral I've been on for the past several years.
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