Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-29 21:50:20
ID: 57906
At our dept meeting we always start out with an ice breaker.The question asked was If you won the lottery with alot of money. after you take care of your family and yourself what would you do with the rest of the money. Everyone said they'd give it to some type of charity I said I'd give some to my friends (co-workers) to help with their bills. I don't trust any chariy and will only help those who I know need it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-28 01:43:57
ID: 57868
In response to a confession. I am the lazy idiot poster. The weird part is, the boss really appreciated knowing he could count on me at first. Then he turned on me.I dont understand why a boss would turn on someone who made his job easier. Anyway,I got a text today from one of my former coworker- a decent worker but he does have a bit of an attitude and little patience. He said he missed working with me. Anyway, at my next job, I will still be a good worker, but, like you said not work myself or anyone else out of a job.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-27 14:11:30
ID: 57855
I worked at a factory about a hundred years ago. When I started, I was shocked at how low the quotas were for production. All I had to do was try- just a little- and I crushed the quotas by leaps and bounds. Yeah, the people there working with me on the production lines hated my guts within the first week of my employment. I learned pretty quickly to develop at least some semblance of the same pace as everyone else. If there were ever any rush jobs, they were given to me. But other than that, I didn't want to have my coworkers hate me or work myself (or anyone else) out of a job so I slowed my ass down.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-24 00:06:46
ID: 57819
In response to a confession. When you work harder than everyone else, the thing is that people don't like it. You make them feel bad, you make them look bad. You also probably show your resentment of others whether you know it or not. They probably know that you think they are lazy idiots. If the boss got rid of the laziest worker, the whole team might turn on him, but if he gets rid of you, everything will most likely be peaceful. Go somewhere where they will appreciate you!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-23 23:17:52
ID: 57817
I am the lazy idiot poster.I still can't believe I am the one who got let go. I picked up everyone's slack.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-19 20:45:43
ID: 57795
In response to a confession. He must think that is a clever way to find out a job candidate's age. Drug tests are expensive and no company drug tests every applicant. I hope for your boss's and the company's sake the woman is not age 40 or over.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-19 18:35:44
ID: 57793
Urgh. Again, here I go I feel like I'm throwing people under the bus. If you run the company and your wife does the books, hows about the two of you TALK to each other on occasion? I've asked her for this info so many times it's crazy. Finally, I talk to him, right? He as no clue what I'm talking about. She kept telling me she had to talk to him about it and get back with me. Well, she never did. It's been months and I have no answers. And now, I can just imagine the conversation THEY'RE gonna have. Blergh. Blech.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-18 21:13:55
ID: 57782
In response to a confession. First, your boss sounds like a dick. Second, the woman he interviewed was absolutely in the right to refuse to show her driver's license. Anyone who has even a remedial knowledge of hiring laws and such, knows that what he did is a big no-no. If he does this all the time, it's a wonder the company hasn't been sued before.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-18 01:57:23
ID: 57774
I'm getting annoyed at my coworker because he NEVER tells me what's going on with projects. He just tells me to let him worry about them. But I want to know what's going on so if he's ever gone, I can step in and handle things. I know I'm new, but how am I ever going to get good at my job if I never get to handle anything?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-17 21:48:06
ID: 57766
In response to a confession. Elderly people can be so judgmental. Especially my parents who sit in their filthy house all day and criticize everyone And yes I do clean the house for them, it is a disaster again in a week. I grew up in a dirty house, now I can't stand it.
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