Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-17 19:33:57
ID: 57278
In response to a confession. Agree about the yeast. We've had to prop patients up in crazy positions and have a fan blow on them to dry them out. It's not fun for anyone involved. If she's allergic to artificial scents, try putting peppermint oil on gauze squares, and then strategically place them around the office. You can also try setting out some dry coffee grounds to absorb the odor. That's what we normally use in the hospital to combat funk.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-17 06:24:22
ID: 57270
My coworker and trainer is huge, about 400 plus pounds. I don't mind the big part, but she smells like a period every day! She's allergic to everything so when she leaves, me and the other girl break out our spray. Big lady seems clean, always gets her hair and nails done, seems OCD about germs and cleaning, just has that gross period smell. Ugh....
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-16 18:30:01
ID: 57260
OMG! Elderly CW just crop-dusted her way out of the office. Not quietly, either. I really hope I'm in a position to retire before I can't control my ass anymore.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-16 16:04:43
ID: 57253
I am so screwed. I've handed in my notice and signed a contract for a job I am massive underqualified for. I'm so in debt I have to take the gamble on this new role. But conversely, if I lose it, I'll be literally forced to declare myself bankrupt. I am so ashamed and lost. Nobody knows how many tens of thousands I owe. I literally will lose everything. I'm never going to get out of this hole at my current rate. Not even my husband knows how in the red I am. I'm hemorrhaging my whole paycheck on interest payments alone. I had to leave a role I loved and change to a career I hate and it still wasn't enough. I'm starting to realize it'll never be enough.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-14 07:49:46
ID: 57220
In response to a confession. It went well, but man, I'm introverted and really have a hard time making small talk. I didn't talk to many. I think we met our goal, though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-13 03:07:36
ID: 57208
And it's my first big event with 90% new staff members (like me!) I'm so nervous about tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-10 17:45:15
ID: 57165
Today is one of those days when I want to punch Elderly CW in the throat. It's not even me she's pissing off today, it's the boss. She can't do her job (duh) and he's having to pick up her slack and he's just a non-stop bitching machine today. And holy shit she's out there talking to her lunch. Good God.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-10 03:42:59
ID: 57152
Annual fundraiser dinner this weekend - hope we raise a lot of money. I'm anxious for the whole team and hope things run smoothly. Thankfully, I'm not organizing it, but we are all hands on deck.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-09 02:57:32
ID: 57133
So I'm the one who posted about cussing coworker. I've gotten used to her and her tantrums. She's never yelled at me or cussed at me. Thank God! She'd be in shock if she ever talked to me like that because I'm quiet and mind my business. So last week I was really tired and sitting there doing my work. She slams her hands on the desk and starts cussing away. Her dogs got sprayed by a skunk. Her dd text her and told her. I told her to open the windows when she goes home for lunch, and wash them in hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn soap. Next morning she was happy as a clam. Jeez! I think she had a ton of unresolved issues from being molested as a kid. She weighs over 400 pounds too. I think the 2 go hand in hand. All I can do is try and be compassionate and help her if she asks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-07 17:43:53
ID: 57127
I signed up for a Compassion training with my coworker. I don't feel like going because I know she'll be there. I am starting to notice her passive-aggressive game and trying so hard to feel compassion towards her.
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