Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-01 18:11:40
ID: 57535
Here I sit at my desk at work...MY SOUL IS DYING.....ARRRGHHHGH!
However, a dying soul is better than a destitute mess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-31 22:41:53
ID: 57525
I'm curious to learn about mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and how it plays into one's mental strength. I learned about an upcoming leadership conference on said topics, applied for scholarship and got it! I saved something like $1,000 on registration. Holy cow, I'm so excited!! I think I can use my work professional development funds on it, too!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-30 23:30:21
ID: 57514
My confession is that I love designing excel spreadsheets. Fricking love it. It's so fun. I wish there was a job where that's all I had to do. I love summing across sheets and linking different workbooks together. I love it all. It's like a giant grid calculator and it can do anything. It's my favorite part of my job.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-28 00:40:20
ID: 57454
Part of my job is to approve documents that need to be done prior to manufacturing. The guy who is in charge of getting them to the manufacturing team literally comes into my office when he needs them and stands there, staring at me and breathing super heavy down my neck, until I approve him. I am quite seriously tempted to roll over him with my chair every single time I see him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-26 14:33:26
ID: 57431
In response to a confession. This reminds me of one of my first clients when I was a real estate agent. He was elderly and selling his mom's house. I spent so much time on him, taking photos, taking more photos, changing this in the description, changing that, having Open Houses, etc. He was very particular because HE used to be an agent. We would get offers - GOOD ones, and often above asking price - but he'd decline them all. I'm surprised he even got offers, because he wouldn't allow a lockbox, wouldn't give me a key, and would often not even respond to requests for showings. One day his wife said she didn't think he really wanted to sell, so when the listing expired, I let him go. I called the realtor who'd had the listing before me, and she (his 3rd one then) said he just like playing the real estate game in his retirement and would never sell. He's currently on his 8th realtor.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-26 06:49:17
ID: 57432
In response to a confession. The thing is that Yelling Lady isn't yelling at her boss. We're all elected to these positions. We're all very different from each other and work in a high pressure situation to serve others. We're different races, ages, backgrounds, etc. It's actually amazing how well we get along most of the time. People have their quirks and their disagreements, but you won't find a group more united in purpose.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-25 19:48:27
ID: 57424
Now I'm just more and more annoyed. Okay, I'm gonna go! Twenty-five minutes ago. And she hasn't had anything to do here for at least three hours. So... WHY? WHY ARE YOU HERE? There's an old guy who hangs out at our post office. He's retired from there and he just goes there, anyway. Every day. All day. Leaves to get lunch and then goes back. Every. Day. He doesn't work there. It's called LOITERING. I don't know how the ladies that work there can stand it. He's a nice old guy, but COME ON! I will lose my shit if it comes to something like that with Elderly CW. I'm already losing my shit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-25 19:37:48
ID: 57423
Lovely new tidbit: Elderly CW isn't even charging the boss for all the hours she hangs out here. He mentioned how few hours she logged last week and I was like, that's bullshit, she was here WAY more hours than that. So.... looks like she's not even here to work. Just to sit there in her chair and read yahoo. And annoy the living fuck out of me doing it. Why? WHY??? She has internet at home! Is it me? It can't be me. It can't be. I. Don't. Get it!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-25 06:44:46
ID: 57413
In response to a confession. Can you imagine telling your boss "You're asking TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!...ohhkkaaayyy??" and then running away crying to the bathroom.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-25 06:18:39
ID: 57411
My workplace is made up of several different teams; we have our respective offices. There is a contest for best-decorated office space for Halloween. My teammate has been going on for weeks about how we. must. win. because she. wants. the. prize. She threw out lots of ideas that didn't mesh so I came up with a theme that everyone loved. She came in one day to get started and just threw things up. I had to go behind her and fix it bc it looked sloppy. I brought tons of stuff in, spent another $50 and have spent hours (even after work) creating this. Two other teammates helped with a couple things, and she did some more work, but I've done 90% of it. We are definitely winning. Thing is, the prize is an object that can't be shared, only one person can use it, which is dumb when you have teams! This is going to be interesting.
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