Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-05 17:38:59
ID: 60475
So, as it turns out, DH is an amazing bartender and has picked it right back up after 20 years like riding a bike. People love him. As for me? I'm not so sure I'm gonna love this whole server business. We'll see how today goes. Last night? Not fun! New boss: "Use your personality!"...Me: "Have you MET me?" (we've known each other ten years.)
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-05 12:58:20
ID: 60469
I love my job, I really do. I love getting up early and having time to do some yoga, shower, blast music while I get dressed and ready... then I go to work and I get to essentially solve puzzles all day and get paid great for it. The only part of my job I don't love is that I don't have my own private office. I have one single coworker besides my boss and she drives me batshit crazy but that's because she's in my space ALL the time and I hate that. She f*cking mutters to herself... it's a lot of shit. And I can't get away from it. Lo and behold: this summer we're going to do some improvements to the building and I'm getting my own private office with a door.. and only MY files will be in there, the copier will NOT be near my desk, and my desk will NOT be situated right where people stand to bullshit with my boss for hours at a time. I'm f*cking stoked.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-05 05:40:22
ID: 60465
I would love to be in the office from 9-5 and can't wait for these friggin' work events to finally be over. Just a few more weeks!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-05 04:19:16
ID: 60450
My week has been garbage and it's only Tuesday, but my favorite patient just brought me candy and it really cheered me up. The job I start soon has no direct patient care, and while I'm ready for a change, I'm gonna miss that old dude.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-04 17:37:12
ID: 60453
I like my job. I'm glad I can say that. Sure it can be better with certain aspects, but I like it. Do I like waking up and getting ready? No I don't, mainly because I'm not a morning person. But I don't complain about it, not even on a bad day. But I really can't stand people that complain constantly about their job. I've seen the same people that go to job to job and just complain about it. They don't realize they are the common denominator! THEY are the damn problem.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-04 15:53:30
ID: 60451
Today is my first day on the server job and I'm nervous af. I have to go over there after I'm finished working, at my regular job. I've tried to memorize as much of the menu as I can, and like what sides go with what, and what beers are on tap.... but man they have like 13 different seafood entrees on the menu. (why?) And I cannot remember them all. I'm freaking out. Oh, why did I agree to this? *freaks out*
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-02 00:31:54
ID: 60422
I realized what the issue is with my young, arrogant CW that hates me. I don't pander to him and fawn over how smart he is like the other ladies at work he's friends with. They all just think he is SO SMART! And I kinda don't. I mean, he is a smart kid, but I call him out on his mistakes and he sure hates that. I think as I get older I am getting better at seeing through other people's bullshit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-02 00:22:28
ID: 60418
We deal with customer complaints about our products a lot. Most of them are at least semi-legit, but sometimes I swear people are either too stupid for their own good or trying to get us to give them free product. Latest ones include: "Why isn't your collagen vegan?" (Um.....because we didn't want to try and source it? Because rooster comb collagen is better? It's not labeled as a vegan product) and "I only got 159 capsules in my bottle instead of 160" (Yeah, people count them). I mean I get it when we get actual complaints because I wouldn't want a shitty product either, but some of them...yikes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-01 17:54:24
ID: 60410
I'm an introvert; pretty much can't stand my job, I'm in sales, work around a bunch of very extroverted people-person types. Not saying anything is wrong with them... but I definitely have a hard time fitting in and people always put that 'crazy/weird quiet girl' stereotype on me even though none of them know me personally. Anyway, there is a guy that sits across from me who was having a conversation with someone, and he blatantly said he 'didn't feel guilty' for anything that he did, ever. Like he was bragging about it. I was like... okay, either this guy as a sociopath, or just a complete asshole... but then again I always had a gut instinct that he was sneaky and manipulative even though he never showed outright signs of it. Who says that at work???
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-06-01 01:36:43
ID: 60407
Got a call from someone I worked with for a short time last year. She was fantastic, and they only kept her on my team for a short time. She called to say that she works at my new site and had told everyone that I'm great- very organized etc. So kind of her! I'm glad she's going to be on my team. She's a self-starter, very experienced, and she gave me good insights today. Not everything about my new job is perfect, apparently, LOL! But she did say that everyone loves working there. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!
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