Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-13 20:32:20
ID: 63833
I scheduled a much-needed day off today I needed to sleep, to catch up on laundry and housework, and to just get away from work. And yet, my supervisors still call me to ask me about shit that they can ask me for TOMORROW. When I'm back at work. FFS, I should never have given them my cell number.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-11 22:54:37
ID: 63799
In response to a confession. Almost--I still have to go into work where we are on OT to catch up with backordered product. Meanwhile DH is furloughed for 6 weeks and does jack shit around the house while I come home, work out, shower, do laundry, do the dishes, and finally go to bed. You bet your ass I'm mad about it. I know he's depressed about not working, but I don't really give a shit because I'm allowed to be upset at the situation. So to the OP of that post--don't feel bad for being mad about this. I'm mad too. Lots of us are.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-11 17:06:42
ID: 63790
I'm essential, but I've had a reduction in hours. I use one car for work, and my car for everything else. I'm really big on sanitizing and cross-contamination, so when I come home from work it's a big process to make sure I don't carry germs into the house. I also have a process for personal grocery shopping. I won't bore you with the details, but basically I don't take my whole wallet into stores with me. I just put my debit and credit card in my pocket. All this swapping things around and sanitizing has me stressed and confused. I signed up to do Instacart and DoorDash for extra money, and now that I have everything ready to go, I can't find my wallet - you know, the one with my driver's license in it in case I get pulled over. FML
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-10 05:24:40
ID: 63692
Last Saturday, I developed a sore throat and cough, so I did the right thing on Monday and called in sick to go to the doctor. Things being the way they are right now, I was given a 14 day quarantine, even though my diagnosis is a minor case of bronchitis (they couldn't test for covid). There are 3 women at my job who are terrible gossips, and have apparently decided to spread the rumor that I'm actually out with covid, and that I've been exposing them for weeks. I don't mean to be dramatic, but this is slander, right? I feel like this really crosses a line and could hurt my reputation. My boss knows all about the gossips, and I want to address this when I get back, but I don't want to seem melodramatic. This feels slanderous, though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-10 01:44:47
ID: 63768
In response to a confession. Dude, you dunno what your spouse is thinking either. My point was that most people I know who have lost their job through all of this are feeling pretty shitty about it. They can't go anywhere, so, yeah, a lot of them are probably at home not doing a whole lot through no fault of their own. Don't make them feel worse by saying how much that pisses you off.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-10 00:20:36
ID: 63765
In response to a confession. OP here. Dude, I dunno what your spouse is thinking, and it sounds like you don't either. Talk to him. But seriously - not while he's working. :) I think what sucks the worst is that when I'm at the office I don't have to look around at all the other shit I'd rather be doing. That, and DH being just like what the other responder described. My favorite has got to be, "Come look at how cute the dog is being right now!"... that and the ridiculous YouTube shit he watches on full blast. It doesn't sound to me like you're like that. So chill. Really.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-09 22:00:13
ID: 63764
In response to a confession. I feel bad because that's me. DH and I were both working from home through all of this, but I and everyone I work with was laid off earlier this week. I hate it. I feel awful. I have sent out no less than 30 resumes. I have had 2 phone interviews already. One seems promising, but it still wouldn't start until after the whole COVID-19 thing is over. I have done a shit ton of yard work, painted a spot in the kitchen that needed to be done for a while, power washed my driveway, walkway and sidewalk, cleaned everything, etc. but now I am out of things to do. I can't go anywhere. I feel like a worthless piece of shit. Thanks for confirming that for me and assuring me that my spouse is probably thinking the same thing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-09 19:07:35
ID: 63763
In response to a confession. I totally feel for you. At my last job, I was an independent contractor and worked from home a lot. DH is a contractor who works away from home, and then between jobs he'll be home for anywhere from a few days to a week or more. When he was home, it was absolute torture. He'd have the TV blaring while also watching YouTube, wanting to talk to me constantly or read FB posts to me, or want me to help him with work projects around the house. I couldn't get anything done, no matter how many times I'd remind him that I was working. He wouldn't shut up. I wanted to punch him. Sometimes I just had to effing get dressed and do my hair and makeup to go to the office just to get away from him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-09 16:36:24
ID: 63759
Anybody else struggling with the fact that they have to work from home while their spouse sits on their ass and does abso-fucking-lutely nothing ALL DAY LONG. I'm just gonna say it: filled with murderous rage right now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-04-07 22:02:31
ID: 63738
At my new job I'm remotely process client applications with documents like sources of income, docs to show loss of income due to current situation etc. Since the program was newly established, there has been really spotty training. It's mentally exhausting trying to understand diff. docs on limited training. Most clients are submitting incorrect documents which adds another layer. On top of that, I'm slowing easing getting comfortable working from home, but I'm not use to being on the computer all day long. Yet I feel a deep sense of urgency bc most of these families live paycheck to paycheck and are relying on his financial assistance. I really just don't want to mess up the calculations somehow award them less or more than what they should be receiving.
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