Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-05 14:59:27
ID: 61626
I hate it when you yammer on about what you're working on. Because I'm busy doing other shit, obviously. If you want me to drop what I'm doing and commiserate with you, fine. Well, not fine. I'm fucking busy. If you want me to call they guy and ask him about all this information you don't have, then by all means- let me know. I'll do it. Then I'll get back to what I'm trying to do.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-02 00:08:56
ID: 61589
So I'm facing a big dilemma at work. Our protein powders are having issues. I know why--it's because we switched proteins and never readjusted the flavors and now they taste all weird. I told our marketing team that if we want to compete with other companies, we HAVE to change the flavors to get people to like them. We had about 30 people at our company taste test the protein shakes and they all say they are gross. So yeah. I really want to fix them, but I'm sure our stupid marketing department won't want to do it because it'll mean more label changes. Why don't they want the products to be better???
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-30 04:03:40
ID: 61546
I don't know if Mercury is in retrograde or what but today was crazy at school. Kindergarteners were punching each other in the face. A kid tried to escape the school. Kids were crying all over the place. It was a lot.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-27 15:27:47
ID: 61538
Yeah, if I did get hit by a bus, or do something horrific and get fired.. he really would close this office. It wouldn't be a huge deal because he has another office. He'd just close this one, and probably rent out the space.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-26 23:21:18
ID: 61533
For nine years I was told I was indispensable. I made a good salary, got good raises, and was treated well. Then I had an on-the-job injury and had to have surgery. They were great through the surgery and six weeks post op. But when the doc released me, HR called and said they didn’t have anything that available so how ‘bout I just take two more weeks? I was salaried, and getting a regular paycheck. Two weeks later I’m told my job as paralegal to a managing partner was no longer available. For three months I was shuttled from one department to another, where I was put in rooms with first year law clerks sitting at banquet tables. I realized they were trying to get me to quit. Two months later an early retirement program was announced, and within three days I was outta there with an amazing buyout. Oh, and though I hadn’t planned on filing a comp claim, the way they treated me changed my mind. Got good $, too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-26 13:09:55
ID: 61525
My boss has told me that I'd have to do something seriously bad, like really horrific, for him to fire me. He's also reminded me on several occasions not to get hit by a bus, or he'd have to close the office that I manage. I don't think I'll ever get fired. But I do worry that he'll retire at a relatively young age and I'll be out of a job.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-26 12:37:01
ID: 61521
No one is indispensable. If a job site decides you're a liability in any way, they can find a way to replace you. It's done all the time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-26 06:01:17
ID: 61518
I was respected and "indispensable" at my job until the first time I set a limit. Then I was chopped liver. The new person they hired has no experience and apparently wants to know why I didn't leave behind all of my things. I left her an empty work space, which is better than the room full of garbage I had to clean out. I created all of my own materials, and I took them with me. They aren't company property. They cost me money. I want her to succeed, but her complaints are amusing. No one helped me, ever. Hope they help her. I've moved on.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-25 20:18:19
ID: 61506
In response to a confession. I thought I was indispensable at my job, then the manager started being very verbally abusive to me for some reason, I complained to higher management after about 2 years of this, then I was marched out about a month later. The truth is, no one is indispensable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-25 00:29:24
ID: 61496
My company likes to make people indispensable to the company. Which is all well and good until that person quits and the next person has absolutely no idea how much the last person took care of in their job duties. I'm becoming indispensable...I better not quit, haha.
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