Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-25 02:37:20
ID: 64745
"Work" also includes people who own their own businesses, like myself. Which should have been obvious when I said "she doesn't want to do business with me". So, being that I'm the boss, I allow tattoos. I also said I RESPECT her choice and opinion. I'm allowed to feel discouraged that that was her reasoning. But I will not cover them up in 95-100*F degree weather with high humidity, I wear tank tops and athletic shorts. I spend a lot of time outside getting dirty, I'm not dressing up for that. If people don't want to do business with me for that reason, then so be it. I hope that lady never needs a mechanic or shops at walmart lol tattoos everywhere.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-25 01:21:07
ID: 64743
In response to a confession. I'm going to say the same thing as I did to someone else. This is about tattoos AT WORK. In my previous job, I covered them because I worked with people of many cultures, and didn't want to offend anyone. At my current job (which I did for nearly 15 years before children), I HAVE to cover them because again, I service global customers, so it's a requirement of the job. Just like when I go to other countries, I familiarize myself with their culture and customs, so as not to do or say something offensive. Just because I'm not from their culture doesn't mean I can't respect it. Apparently this is a very, very bad thing. You learn something new every day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-25 01:11:53
ID: 64742
In response to a confession. "Catholic Karen" here lol. You might not have realized that we are on the WORK page and the discussion was about tattoos AT WORK, so your argument is invalid here. I'm in an industry that serves global customers. My job is so coveted that each hiring season, the major companies in the industry receive over 100K applications for only 2-3K positions. To be sensitive to other cultures/religions, some companies will not hire you AT ALL if you have tats; others allow you to cover them. If you lie and say you don't have any, and it's discovered that you do, it's immediate termination and is on your record, possibly impeding being hired at other companies. Ppl are all over the online forums crying about being fired/not hired bc they feel they're being judged. It's not being judgmental, it's being SENSITIVE.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-25 01:06:34
ID: 64741
In response to a confession. And both Karens will cross the street to avoid a black man.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-25 00:11:05
ID: 64740
Ya'll. Karen is the one who asks for the manager because her nail tech (or whatever) has tattoos. Catholic Karen (that preemptively covers her tats) is the person that agrees with BLM, but doesn't support destruction of property during protests. Also keeps mentioning that not all cops are bad. Neither are good, but Catholic Karen is a step in the right direction. IMO.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-24 18:59:46
ID: 64738
Been up working since 3am. Lunchtime nap. Thank god for work from home during really stressful week.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-24 13:39:53
ID: 64736
In response to a confession. And religions like Buddhism and Hinduism use tattoos as part of their devotion. So, what do you say now, Catholic Karen? Should Buddists and Hindus hide their religious tattoos so as not to offend the "white" religions?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-24 12:44:58
ID: 64732
In response to a confession. I'm not the OP of any of these tattoo posts, nor do I have any tattoos, but wow. One shouldn't have to cover their body art because a Karen like you may get offended. It's 2020 for fucks sake. Judging someone just because they have some tattoos is so cheesy and lame. Noone should have to cover their body everyday at work or wherever because it's "offensive". Get over yourself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-24 07:38:31
ID: 64731
In response to a confession. I don't know any Jews who are offended by other people's tattoos. Most that I don't know won't get them, for the reasons you described. They probably wouldn't want their kids to get them. I've never heard any make judgey comments about them, just like I don't hear them trying to convert anyone to Judaism or telling anyone they're going to hell.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-24 05:34:29
ID: 64729
In response to a confession. Yeah I don't see it as "bowing down." I see it as respecting the fact that it may offend someone. Oh wait...respect? What is that? You know, one of the reasons that tattoos are offensive to Jews is because their ancestors were tattooed like fucking cows during the Holocaust. I'm Catholic, but I can understand and sympathize with that and can hide my tats in deference. It's REALLY entitled of you to say that people have to learn to accept them. No they don't, Karen.
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