Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-12 23:35:51
ID: 57694
In response to a confession. Can you work for me? I don’t hate excel but am not great at it! I need help in daily and work life!! Haha - great skill. Pivot tables too?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-09 22:07:03
ID: 57678
I am the lazy idiot poster. I stopped posting because it was the same stuff over and over..lazy idiots arguing, standing around texting, etc. Boss yelling at when stuff did not get done. I was just his secretary, not a supervisor. I tried talking to him about things and he just brushed me off.I went over his head, I worked in another department for 2 weeks and they let me go this morning.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-09 17:25:06
ID: 57670
My coworker is married with young children. She's very bubbly, always laughing and joking around and is really fun. She always talks about her DH and kids. But something weird - I've never seen a happily married woman talk about other men as much as she does. Coworkers, vendors we work with, clients...always commenting on how hot they are, and how we need more hot guys in our office. Last week we were all talking about current books we're reading, and she said she only reads smutty books about cheating wives and husbands, She's not dumb - she has multiple degrees. I just find this odd and kind of off-putting.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-05 03:33:35
ID: 57598
Need advice!! What do you girls/guys do about the bully at work? Management doesn't do jack shit about her and I try my best to stay out of her way so that I don't ruffle her feathers. Others who have come before me have tried to get her in trouble for her evil ways, but she threatens to sue, so the higher ups brush everything under the rug. Everyone whose filed a complaint never follows through. She been there forever, and I'll end up retiring before her, so I have to suck it up and deal with it. But I have so much anger and hatred for her that I feel like it's destroying me. I often dwell on things she's done or says and it plays over and over in my head. She has the immaturity of a 12 year old, but she's truly evil. Has anyone had to deal with this before? How do you handle it? Please help!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-11-07 03:52:25
ID: 57630
I was leaving a meeting and chatting with my coworker and think I saw a former client from my old job years and years ago. We both made eye contact, but I didn't acknowledge her. She might have recognized me since I managed the program she was in. I feel really bad now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-25 19:37:48
ID: 57423
Lovely new tidbit: Elderly CW isn't even charging the boss for all the hours she hangs out here. He mentioned how few hours she logged last week and I was like, that's bullshit, she was here WAY more hours than that. So.... looks like she's not even here to work. Just to sit there in her chair and read yahoo. And annoy the living fuck out of me doing it. Why? WHY??? She has internet at home! Is it me? It can't be me. It can't be. I. Don't. Get it!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-17 06:24:22
ID: 57270
My coworker and trainer is huge, about 400 plus pounds. I don't mind the big part, but she smells like a period every day! She's allergic to everything so when she leaves, me and the other girl break out our spray. Big lady seems clean, always gets her hair and nails done, seems OCD about germs and cleaning, just has that gross period smell. Ugh....
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-16 16:04:43
ID: 57253
I am so screwed. I've handed in my notice and signed a contract for a job I am massive underqualified for. I'm so in debt I have to take the gamble on this new role. But conversely, if I lose it, I'll be literally forced to declare myself bankrupt. I am so ashamed and lost. Nobody knows how many tens of thousands I owe. I literally will lose everything. I'm never going to get out of this hole at my current rate. Not even my husband knows how in the red I am. I'm hemorrhaging my whole paycheck on interest payments alone. I had to leave a role I loved and change to a career I hate and it still wasn't enough. I'm starting to realize it'll never be enough.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2018-09-20 13:38:18
ID: 56870
In response to a confession. You have posted multiple times about this CW, but you keep enabling the situation by helping her or doing for her. She is just playing you. Stop letting her get away with this. If she can't do the job, and you stop doing it for her, maybe they will fire her, or she will get frustrated and leave.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-19 14:53:02
ID: 56861
Trying to teach Elderly CW the new 'print to fax' system and new secure email system...... excruciating. Truly. *headdesk*
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