Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-01 15:36:06
ID: 63356
I recently got what I thought was my dream job. And it would be except that management sucks. My direct boss is awesome. But we are sort of an off-shoot of another company. Technically, they are two totally separate companies, but the lines are very blurred. I have 3 different people telling me to do 4 different things. I should just have to listen to the president of my company, but the big-wigs at the other company still have a say because they funded us. But they can't get their shit together. So one of them tells me to do X, I do it. Then another is asking why I would do X, I should have done B. Someone approves something and tells me to move forward, then another wants to know why I would do that. So I always look like I fucked up when I just did exactly what I was told. The only one I like is my "real" boss, but he kind of has to deal with the same thing. I would leave but there is no way I could find something making anything close to what I make now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-21 15:48:28
ID: 63291
Another day of this diffuser sh!t. My friend on the other side of the floor did talk to woman #2 about how the mint oil irritated her throat and made her nose runny. That was a few months ago but woman #2 recently started using the mint oil again. Talk about blatant disregard of other people. They sit right next to each other, too. Diffuser woman #1 sits near me. She recently started resenting me because I was given temporary work permissions until March that no one else at our level has, so talking to her is not an option. I’m sure she won’t care. The use of the diffusers started last year sometime before the resenting. I should have said something back then. :-( I have such a headache today and smelling these scents is not helping.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-20 15:32:02
ID: 63283
On my floor here at work, two women on opposite sides of the floor have diffusers at their desks that emit these wretched scents (in my opinion and some other people’s). These women love the smells and think they have healing powers. I’m nauseated almost every day. I really feel that the enclosed office space is not the place the impose these scents on other people. Another girl down the hall and I complain all the time to each other about the smells. :-(. I’m thinking about sending an anonymous letter to HR.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-16 14:27:10
ID: 63227
I was in a meeting with my boss and his boss , both men. Just a normal performance review/feedback counseling session that everyone had. We were seated at a table, my boss on one side and his boss and I on the other. Boss's touched my arm while he was talking to me, I pulled away, and gave him a dirty look. .I am a survivor of domestic violence and I don't like to be touched. He kept touching me I kept pulling away. He touched my arm a few more times and then my thigh. I finally said "Hey, stop!!" He stopped and apologized.Later on my boss asked me what I thought and I told what happened and that I was very uncomfortable for the whole meeting.My boss said that he noticed and was very apologetic. I told two of my coworkers, one joked that they would be afraid to fire me now for any reason. The other one said I should tell HR.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-10 18:03:34
ID: 63164
In response to a confession. Thanks cocopop, I haven’t tried planning backwards, yet. I haven’t had time to sit down and plan out things with how hectic it’s been. But I will make time so that I can stay ahead of these deadlines. Thanks so much for listening. I don’t have a big support I can do this with. Besides my therapist and a few friends (all live in another city), and family (feeling sorta distant from them), I don't have any other outlet.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-09 01:58:35
ID: 63152
This issue was brought up over last summer when I relapsed with depression. I thought it would not happen again. But with sudden work changes, increased responsibilities, and frustrations with the program, my anxiety came back stronger than ever. I'm taking this is my 2nd warning. One more missed deadline with a funder and I really believe I could be fired over it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-02 00:54:45
ID: 63090
I wonder constantly if I'm working hard enough at my job. I get all my stuff done, but I don't have time to work on many of my long-term projects. Also, a lot of stuff gets delayed due to things I can't control, so I can't work on things I want to work on. I dunno. I just feel like I should be working harder. Although...I feel less bad about my pace now that I discovered I'm underpaid by about $20K a year and I'm salaried, so I don't have any motivation to work overtime.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-12 01:11:33
ID: 62909
Ok, so I am looking for opinions on this: My company only gives us paid holidays for holidays that fall on weekdays. So, for example, this year 4th of July is a Saturday. We don't get the 3rd as a holiday and we therefore get one fewer paid holiday than we normally do. Next year, 3 holidays fall on weekends and we won't get holiday pay--including Christmas. We don't get Christmas Monday off because Christmas fell on the weekend. Is it just me or is this the most Scroogiest thing ever??
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 17:54:30
ID: 62757
If you were offered a management role, would you take it? I was offered at my current role with all the transitions we've had lately and I'm basically doing managerial stuff the former director did. While I'm very interested in growing in my career, my lack of confidence holds me back and makes me second guess my abilities. Also, I really struggle with work-life balance and worry if I take it then work will consume me even more. But I suppose I'm already doing a lot of manager type duties, I might as well get paid for it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-14 05:31:11
ID: 62625
I recently picked up a temp job cleaning homes. Very interesting. I was scheduled for 3 hours at one home, to clean LR, DR, kitchen and one bathroom. I've never seen a more pristine home in my life. What I swept up in total was less than 1/4 of what comes out of my own kitchen. No dust anywhere. Glass shower doors as sparkling as the day they were installed (the house is 60 years old). Not even one speck of toothpaste in the sink. Not sure why they need a cleaner, but whatever. Then I had 2 hours at a home of "busy professionals who have no time to clean." The husband was home and sat on the couch the whole time, watching TV. My favorite client is actually a massive hoarder. I love her so much that I've stayed extra time at no charge because I know she needs the help :)
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