Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-08 23:48:33
ID: 62590
I'm sort of excited. I was just given my first "come up with a new flavor for this product" assignment at work. My base product was a bone broth protein powder shake that I had to make palatable. Marketing is trying my flavor combos on Monday and I'm NERVOUS! My flavors? Vanilla spice (tastes like eggnog), Mexican chocolate (chocolate and cinnamon) and strawberry (which I don't care for but was what the old flavor was). I really hope they like one of them--I worked hard to get the recipes right.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-08 18:05:19
ID: 62588
I'm a well-paid babysitter. Of course, I don't babysit children, but adults who don't open their own mail, type their own ANYTHING, pay attention to their own calendars, or do much of anything for themselves. It's so frustrating sometimes, because I have a huge workload of managing everything and tracking things for the entire department, and then I get an email asking me to print something when they could easily hit print themselves. Or put something on their calendar when they could add it themselves in less time than it took to type an email telling ME to do it. Seriously
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-21 05:30:20
ID: 62460
I shared something with my coworker about a mutual partner's personal news not thinking she would bring up this casually at check in phone call with said partner. There was a long, awkward pause when my coworker said the news in front of her. I absolutely should not have shared this, but I also did not think it would be brought up to the partner. Either way, I feel really bad about sharing someone else news. It was not my place at all to share this especially since it was private information. Should I write the partner an email or would it only magnify the fact that I have a freakin' big mouth. Lesson learned to never share someone else's personal business. UGH, I feel really awful right now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-20 19:38:05
ID: 62449
In response to a confession. 5 days off is nothing. THREE MONTHS OFF for someone who has only been at the job for 3 months is ridiculous. Nobody else in our department can take any time off over the holidays now, not even previously-approved vacation, because she's out. That is completely unacceptable. And I know she is at the beach in FL because it's all over her facebook about where she is and what she's doing. If she wants sympathy or for people to take her seriously, then she should stop bragging about it on social media. Yes, BRAGGING about how she got the time off to be in FL instead of suffering through the first bit of a midwestern winter.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-17 01:16:26
ID: 62410
I called out of work yesterday on bereavement leave because I had to meet with the funeral home people to get my mom's funeral organized. Yet my company still insisted I take my laptop and submit some documents for review. I hate that I can't even take a day off to grieve and catch a breath. Our work a holic society can suck it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-13 21:42:35
ID: 62375
A coworker suddenly had a "breakdown" and isn't going to be in until after the new year. GUESS who takes on her workload. I've been off work for a medical procedure the last two days (planned months in advance), and go back tomorrow. It's going to be a shit show. I honestly think that placating her isn't doing her (or the business) any favors. She needs to suck it up like an adult, and the business needs to replace her if she's not going to work. She's basically being rewarded for whining. It's ridiculous.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-10 23:31:29
ID: 62347
I ended up having to leave the office unexpectedly for an emergency on Friday and I feel like a shitty employee. I had to leave because my mom's health has taken a real nosedive and I had to drive to the nursing home 2 hours away. I just feel crappy because my annual review is coming up and I feel like they won't think I'm enough of a dedicated employee.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-24 23:43:19
ID: 62193
In response to a confession. Hanginin, thanks for the kind words. My boss and I are always the first ones there. And we literally sit right next to each other. So we sort of a bit before getting to work. I told him honestly how I was feeling so overwhelmed. He's an absolutely brilliant developer and super-nice guy, but his communication style is very much that of a developer. So he's not always the best at explaining things or organization. I think I did a really good job of explaining my concerns and frustrations. He was so wonderful. He really made me feel better. So now, I still feel a bit overwhelmed. But I feel like I will get it. And I feel like they will support me. Yesterday, I thought there was a 50/50 chance of them telling me it just wasn't going to work out. Today, I feel like I can do this. I registered for an intense weekend long class next month and sort of took a step back and broke things down into smaller. more manageable tasks. I think it will be OK.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-24 00:08:41
ID: 62182
I posted a few weeks ago about the super-awesome job I got. Paid twice as much money as I ever made, yada, yada, yada. I started this week. OMG. I am so far in over my head it's unreal. Part of it is that they are a small start-up and have absolutely no training or onboarding process whatsoever. And part of it is that I just don't have the level of knowledge that I really need about certain things. Like I have some familiarity with some the the programs and aspects of things, but not nearly the depth of knowledge I need. I seriously cried on my way home. They are all really nice, but I feel like an idiot about so much. I have been doing all kinds of research and watching videos, etc. at home to get up to speed on a lot of these things, but I don't know if it will be enough.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-10-01 00:13:09
ID: 61923
Everybody knows that the person posting about women bosses is a man, right? And if I had to guess, I would say it's RC back again.
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