Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 03:19:49
ID: 61727
In order for someone to insult you effectively, you must first value their opinion.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-08 00:09:47
ID: 61654
My company lets us have one unpaid bereavement day if we lose an extended family member (they give 3 if it's an immediate family member). My grandma is close to the end of her life and her siblings, whom I've only met like once, are coming to visit during the week so they can celebrate her birthday with her before she's too ill to do anything. They want to see me since they haven't seen me since I was tiny and I have no more PTO to use to take the day off. I'm considering lying about a relative dying so I can take the day to visit with my grandma and her siblings. I mean, it's sort of like a funeral-before-the-funeral, if that makes sense. I figure it's not a huge issue since the time off is unpaid. Thoughts?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-02 00:08:56
ID: 61589
So I'm facing a big dilemma at work. Our protein powders are having issues. I know why--it's because we switched proteins and never readjusted the flavors and now they taste all weird. I told our marketing team that if we want to compete with other companies, we HAVE to change the flavors to get people to like them. We had about 30 people at our company taste test the protein shakes and they all say they are gross. So yeah. I really want to fix them, but I'm sure our stupid marketing department won't want to do it because it'll mean more label changes. Why don't they want the products to be better???
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-25 00:29:24
ID: 61496
My company likes to make people indispensable to the company. Which is all well and good until that person quits and the next person has absolutely no idea how much the last person took care of in their job duties. I'm becoming indispensable...I better not quit, haha.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-18 00:55:08
ID: 61438
Lately, we've been a bit slow at work. I feel like I'm such a slacker when we aren't busy! I spend most of my day doing research on things, watching industry webinars, learning more about metrics we need to start measuring to win this stupid award, and going to meetings. I mean, I guess it's fine but I am really only busy for like 5 hours a day. I feel like most people aren't totally busy all 8 hours they're at work unless they are like, nurses. When I worked in healthcare I was busy the entire time I was at work. I kind of miss that busy-ness although I kind of like having a "cushy" desk job too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-11 11:57:24
ID: 61369
i work the night shift. the place where i work gives a nice premium and differential for doing so. when you tally everything up, i get paid about $14k more per year working nights than i would days. well there's a rumor going around that they're gonna get rid of the extra pay. i'm really bummed about it because i like my boss, coworkers and working for this company, but i'll be looking for new positions just in case. i like working the night shift but it requires too many social and health sacrifices to not be incentivized, sorry.
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Posted by: Spectra
2019-08-04 21:27:03
ID: 61232
We have a voluntary product recall situation on our hands this boss's boss basically told me I have to fix the problem with the formula that's causing the weird taste issues. God help me, y'all. I'm nervous and I hope I don't screw this up!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-08-01 04:19:46
ID: 61140
I just started a new job and my preceptor is my best friend. The job itself is extremely complicated and there are a million minute details that go into performing a single task. Her training method is basically me observing her, while she performs her job at the speed of light. I keep telling her it isn't working, but she doesn't get it. Pretty sure I'm going to have to request a new preceptor, and it's going to suck, but wtf... who can just observe for 8 hours and actually learn? Not me!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-28 22:51:18
ID: 61130
In response to a confession. I found some slim-cut pants that are a bit stretchy so they aren't restrictive. I hope that solves the problem. I can respect that my boss wouldn't want me to wear leggings, but if that's the case, the dress code should be updated to say that. It currently says they are acceptable as long as your top extends down over your butt area. I'm probably the most fashion-challenged person on the planet, so that doesn't help. I wish that show "What Not to Wear" was still on. I need Clinton's help.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-27 21:05:19
ID: 61105
Ok, so help please--My boss told me during my quarterly review that she thinks I dress "too casually" for the office. Our dress code is business casual and I usually wear an outfit like this: Thick black leggings with a long tunic top and a long sweater or blazer. I don't own many actual dress pants because I can never find them in my size (I'm only 5'3" and weigh 101 lbs, so I'm fairly limited there). What do you ladies suggest? I don't currently violate our dress code--do you think she is being too strict? I get that she dresses nicer, but she's also not working in the manufacturing areas like I am where I need to be somewhat comfortable.
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