Posted by: Admin
2018-01-27 06:19:53
ID: 52866
Coincidence? The Universe giving me a heads up?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-13 18:00:45
ID: 51765
How misaligned does your ego have to be to go on a page you know you disagree with, read it, and then take the time to tell everyone how wrong they are? Asking for a friend.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-01 06:56:28
ID: 50873
In response to a confession. Same here. My mom is a Scorpio and, holy shit, those pinchers and that venom sac are no joke. Sometimes she flows like water, sometimes she's stabbing everyone with her stinger. May odds be ever in your favor.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-08-22 18:16:12
ID: 50038
Oh, I just had a feeling this site would go down!
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Posted by: eew
2017-07-23 16:38:11
ID: 49275
Today is my birthday. This morning I was outside on my porch smoking a cigarette (I know), and when I went to go back in I saw a hummingbird. I have lived here 9 years and have never seen one. Anyway, my grandmother loved hummingbirds and all birds really. I believe my grandmother was visiting me on my birthday. I got the chills and looked up some stuff that said our loved ones often contact us thru animals, birds etc. I left a controlling religion several years ago and still don't know if I believe in God or an afterlife, but man, I felt something.
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Posted by: hanginin
2017-05-25 12:55:55
ID: 47960
In response to a confession. What's ofc stand for?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-05-18 22:34:41
ID: 47675
Hello chit chat confessions, i'm a 16 boy from south america My english isn't perfect so excuse my poor grammar My confession is that i'm thinking about sex all the time, 24/7 I can't stop thinking about it, whenever i see a girl in the street or just a classmate that's hot i just start fantasying about then sexually. I know every men has this type of thoughts but i'm a out of control. I really need to have sex, this mad desire is driving me crazy, i think i may just call a hooker one day and forget about everything.
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Posted by: hanginin
2017-04-03 19:28:30
ID: 46301
I had a dream last night that my brother died. I got a phone call from my ex-uncle-in-law, who lives near and is friends with my brother. He just said, "Jim's dead." Nothing else. It was awful. I've also been having dreams about my house flooding from the upstairs bathroom, and being completely ruined, unlivable. Not good dreams. I don't know what they mean. Anyone here want to take a crack at it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-17 15:05:55
ID: 44973
In response to a confession. The theory is that time isn't linear. When we're here on earth, we have to measure, calculate, and label everything because humans like to categorize. If you don't think of time as being real, of only being a man-made concept, a whole slew of possibilities open up. You could have multiple lives happening at the same time in another "dimension." It's OK not to believe in it, though. Go with whatever resonates with you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-03-06 06:42:10
ID: 45487
In response to a confession. Snark? Who are you even referring to? There's only one (well, two now) snarky post and it's the one telling people they should only post about lighthearted metaphysical topics. I can totally understand how that would put people off. It's judgmental. I've had psychic abilities since I was a kid. That doesn't mean I walk around talking about airy fairy crap like love and light 24/7. I'm hesitant to confess now, too. Am I going to be called out every time I stray from someone's narrow-minded stereotype? Screw that.
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