Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-16 13:24:54
ID: 67447
So, the exciting move I had into my friend's house completely blindsided me when it feel through 2 weeks before I was scheduled to end my lease at my current apartment (7/30 was move day). What were a series of layered miscommunications stacked on top with many triggers really came to its breaking point these last few days. This led to about 4-5 extremely hurtful paragraphs long text threads. The kicker was when I apologized several times early on in the texts, said let's talk about this in-person, but she continued to go off. Ok, stopped engaging because no longer was a conversation back and forth. I was majorly triggered my wounded child who felt defenseless when abused. Right now, I have space and clarity on the issues, but don't even know if I want to repair this friendship even if we've been friends for 17 years. I will be own up and be responsible for my part of the conflict, but she better be damn willing to take care of hers. If she doesn't, then I'm done.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-22 20:44:12
ID: 67337
H has been pushing me away. I've spoken up about it many times, he says nothing is wrong. We're not being intimate, he barely speaks to me some days not at all, he doesn't touch or kiss me, anywhere I sleep he sleeps in a different room. I've walked around in the buff and he pretends not to notice. I even went to him and I put his hand on my butt, he moved it away fast. Last night I told him if this doesn't change then we're headed for divorce. He said he sees no problem and he's not going to change. So I said alright well I guess we should divorce. He said, ok if thats what you want. Today he's been chipper, unusually happy, but still doesn't look or speak to me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-12 21:26:32
ID: 67246
The guy I have been seeing for a few months told me yesterday to "take care of yourself" and "leave me alone" while we were having a minor disagreement while texting. Now he just tried to call me. No, I didint answer.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-09 03:29:09
ID: 67231
Anyone else have a know-it-all partner? My husband is constantly telling me how to do things or what I should do. One time I was putting the lid back on a jar of pickles, and it got stuck. He instructed me on how to unscrew it and re-screw it. No shit, Sherlock! Another time he lectured me on why I should have taken a different exit from a parking lot! But the worst is when it comes to work. I've had a couple positions in two different fields that need specific licenses/certificates. He knows NOTHING about either one. But anytime I try/tried to talk about something that happened at work, it's, "Well, what you need to do is..." or "You should have done this..." and I ALWAYS have one of two answers - either, "Yes, I did that," or, "No, we're not allowed to do that." It's so frustrating! I'm not a child!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-04-18 22:46:58
ID: 66996
I asked DH for a divorce and he got so angry. He said he "earned all our money" and won't give me half even though we're a communal property state and I would be entitled to half the assets. I'm halfway tempted to just take a huge withdrawal from his checking account (the moron keeps over $100K in there) and just bounce. I've had it up to here with his laziness and cockiness and how shitty he treats me.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2021-04-19 14:09:47
ID: 67003
I don't do manipulation. I don't know how people fall for this shit. You're going to kill yourself if I don't continue our relationship that YOU fucked up? Knock yourself out, save me the trouble of divorce. Your choices will never be my fault.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-20 23:45:47
ID: 66806
I found out that my dad, who never comes to visit me 1 and 1/2 hours away, goes down to another state 2 times a month at least to visit with his new wife's family. It's at least a 3 to 4 hour drive and he makes sure he goes with her every other weekend. This hurts my feelings like you would not believe. Guess I'm not special enough to come visit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-13 20:57:57
ID: 66781
I started therapy again and I told my therapist about how my dad has basically started ignoring us entirely now that he remarried. Along with my sister ignoring all my phone calls and texts and my aunt not wanting to see me until my uncle can get the COVID vaccine, I feel so horribly alone right now and it's making me feel like there's something fundamentally wrong with me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-28 21:47:12
ID: 66729
You do realize that not everyone can just "make their life better", right? Sometimes circumstances just suck and you do what you can. People can fix what they can control but some things in life are beyond your control and you just have to deal. Being nicer to people is one of those things you can control and probably makes your life feel less sucky. I know it does for me; any time I get out of my own head and self pity, I feel better about my life in general.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-03-06 22:31:01
ID: 66751
Don't date a single father. Just don't, it is not worth it. I just dodged a bullet. He came right out and said he needs someone to move in and help him with money because he "has to pay a lot for the kids" and they need a stepmother.
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