Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-26 23:43:36
ID: 66223
In response to a confession. I miss my Mom too. She was the one who loved Christmas and would decorate for it and go all out. She grew up poor and didn't have nice Christmases, so she really wanted that for us kids. She always wanted Christmas to be special. Now, this time of year is so depressing to me and I can't seem to get happy and excited no matter how hard I try. *Hugs* I won't say anything about getting over it or how it'll get better because I don't know that it ever will. Just know you aren't alone--losing your mom just plain sucks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-21 02:03:40
ID: 66159
When he gave me stickers, our fingers accidentally touched. I'm way overthinking all this, but it was cool yet weird during this time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-20 01:49:11
ID: 66144
In response to a confession. PastryGirl, Thank you for the encouragement! I really appreciate it! The phone call went really well. He's a good talker and the conversation flowed back and forth naturally. He wants to text throughout the week, then meet up after Christmas. I'll keep you posted. :)
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-19 18:26:14
ID: 66128
In response to a confession. Several men have reached out to me, but none of them sparked my interest for one reason or another. But I have been chatting with one guy that I am interested in. Today he asked if I'd like to talk on the phone and all of a sudden I'm acting like I'm 16 y/o. I'm so scared! What is my problem Haha. When you're with them in person and their is dead silence, that's not as awkward as on the phone. Gulp. Geez, it's not like I haven't done this dozens of times before, but I'm very rusty.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-16 05:20:14
ID: 66113
I went on a few dates with a guy, and he assumed we were exclusive for some reason. I told him I'm not ready for that and now he won't talk to me at all, does not answer texts or anything. So I texted him that I hope he finds what he is looking for and that I am going to leave him alone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-28 22:37:16
ID: 65990
In response to a confession. It's not that they don't think, it's that they are inconsiderate assholes. If they really weren't able to help it, they would do this shit at work too. But they don't. They manage to listen to and respect people and rules there. The fact that they don't do it at home just shows that deep down, maybe even subconsciously, they don't respect their wives. It's a way to assert their dominance.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-13 05:06:47
ID: 66097
In response to a confession. He sounds awful OP. Most decent men would be grateful that their dw could support them while they were unemployed and be proud of the money she's bringing home. What kind of douche gets upset that his wife is making the money? Sorry, it's not the 1960s. And I'm going to guess that he doesn't help much around the house and you do most of the cooking and cleaning too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-05 23:31:03
ID: 66044
It's really, really hard to feel confident in anything you do when your husband tells you daily you are wrong about everything. I've been talking to my coworker about my husband and what kind of crap he says and does and she can't believe I tolerate him either. I guess I just don't believe I deserve any better I guess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-02 16:26:40
ID: 66024
I feel oddly guilty and ashamed, all bc after over a decade of marriage I have finally started having real orgasms during sex. I didn't understand how little I was experiencing until now, and I don't even know what to think.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-15 19:30:02
ID: 65886
I'm really, really dreading Thanksgiving with my Trump-loving inlaws and family. I will NOT discuss politics but I'm prepared for a bunch of whining from them about how Socialism is going to overtake the country, etc.
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