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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-26 17:07:31
ID: 67493
My 11yo is going into public school for the first time and he has to wear full button-down dress shirts. He also has to change out for PE every day. He doesn't have full use of his right hand and has trouble with buttons in general. I'm really worried that he's going to struggle to change in and out of uniform in a timely manner. It usually takes him 10 minutes on the rare occasions he wears anything with buttons. I want to put snaps or velcro on the button strips to make it easier for him, but my husband thinks that would make it worse with other kids than just letting him get better at it over the course of the year. And of course he also refuses to do practice runs because we're doing the whole hormones thing and he is still mad at me bc the pandemic forced him to stay home all of last year. What would you do?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-23 04:00:20
ID: 67483
You know how it is when someone remembers you, and you don't remember them? I got a FB friend request from someone who remembers me from an apartment building we both lived in 30 years ago. It was a pretty great place- a huge victorian that was pretty cheap and only rented to women. The rooms were huge and the bathrooms and kitchens were shared. This lady remembers everything and I just can't place her at all. I don't feel like I can ask...what room were you in? What did you look like back then? She is very friendly on FB and is happy that we reconnected...but I don't exactly know her. Soooo awkward! She's nice though, and I'm glad we met! I just wish I knew who she was!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-22 16:27:45
ID: 67481
Anyone ever do Swagbucks? I used to do it from sun up to bedtime. On 2 devices sometimes. I made about $90/mo. In time, they kept making it harder and harder to make anything. I'd do a survey for an hour, then would be disqualified. It got to a point where at most I was making $1 a day and putting in more work. I realized how much life I missed, 12+hours a day, trying to make some $ since I was a SAHM with no car. Now I just use it for when I shop, I made $24 in 7 months lol. It's the biggest scam. You're not properly compensated. If you qualify, you can make 25 to 50 cents on an hour long survey, that says it'll take 12 minutes, when they should really be giving you $5.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-21 21:08:06
ID: 67471
I have a confession- my kids have a 4 hour day camp every day this week and I have been SUPER selfish and done exactly whatever I wanted to do all week. I've been shopping (spent so much money), wandered around stores, quilting, reading, and I just bought a ticket for a wine and cheese tasting tomorrow! I have way overspent, but it's been so nice to have a few hours to myself this week.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-20 13:07:03
ID: 67466
It's better to have an income tax problem than an income problem. This is something I say to clients all the time when they get all pissy about owing tax. Also, I remind them that paying off loans does NOT reduce net income. Oh look, now you don't have any debt but you don't have any cash either aaaaaaaannnnnddd now you owe tax and you're sad because you don't have any money. Because your business made 300K last year and you didn't save any cash to pay your income tax. Tax planning. It's what's for dinner.
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Posted by: hanginin
2021-07-19 15:24:52
ID: 67458
In response to a confession. Your S Corp doesn't have a tax rate. S Corps don't pay tax. It's a flow through entity that issues a K-1 form to the owners which they then use to claim any income or loss on their personal tax return. FYI. .... Thank you for coming to my TED talk. :D
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-18 01:58:57
ID: 67452
In response to a confession. The animal shelter will not accept any blanket with stuffing, like a bedspread, or any fitted sheets. That disqualifies a lot of what I put aside to donate. I'm just annoyed with the whole situation. I also have a limit to how much effort I'm willing to put into this stuff. Yes, some things go into landfills. The planet isn't going to die because my fitted sheet went into a landfill or because somebody used disposable diapers. Big corporations are causing climate change. I am doing my best, but I'm at the point where I will not feel guilty if I can't put every unused item in my home into someone's hands. It is what it is.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-16 22:45:52
ID: 67450
I'm so angry and annoyed right now. Just had my yearly mammogram. One of my breasts has super dense tissue so they want me to get an ultrasound on it because they couldn't see through it on the xray. When I went to schedule it the lady told me that it would be $1,000 out of my own pocket. Yes I have health insurance but haven't met any out of pocket yet. So I had to cancel it. I just can't afford that right now. So sad that the US has such sucky health/insurance polices.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-16 18:16:33
ID: 67449
In response to a confession. Dad has been released from the hospital and into a nursing home. Which means his social worker isn't going to be support any more. <sigh> I refuse to fly out, but I am agreeing to taking on all his financial communication. I just talked to the family lawyer, and she had no idea that he suffers from dementia (and thus tells weird, wild stories). I completely forgot how easy it is for a charming narcissist to have people believe that the world is against them. The lawyer says dad told her the his caregiver quit - I told the lawyer the truth, that dad fired the caregiver because she wouldn't buy him booze. The lawyer says dad told her that the sheriff bodily took dad out of his home during a welfare check - the truth is, he was vomiting blood when his friend came by, so they called an ambulance.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-16 13:52:11
ID: 67448
My H was bitching about how much we have to pay on monthly taxes for our S Corp. He said, "I want to be at 10% taxes! That's what we used to pay!". Mind you, that's before we owned our own business and were working corporate jobs and made a quarter of what we "make" (P&L and all) now. Plus, fairly sure nobody outside of the working-class pays 10% taxes anymore. Last I checked, we're in the 22% tax bracket for personal and God knows what on the business. IDK what he thinks I can do about it, though. Telling me I need to change the way we file when he pays a CPA for that stuff. Go talk to her about it and leave me out of it!
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