Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-11 18:09:45
ID: 67721
Why am I so tired? I come home from school every day and crash. It's not a sweet, luxurious nap. I basically pass out. I wake up disoriented and groggy. I sleep restlessly during the night and wake up tired the next day. Even when I manage to stay awake and not nap, I'm exhausted. Every teacher I know is going through this. It could be the return to in-person instruction but distance learning was exhausting too. I know it's not just teachers who are tired. I think the entire country is tired. It's been a rough couple of years. Thanks for letting me vent!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-10 12:47:58
ID: 67719
In response to a confession. 94% of doctors got the vaccine. When you factor in those that can't for reasons like severe allergies, it's basically all of them. I'm going to take a wild guess that they know more about medical science than you or I. Also, the scientists who actually did the research on mRNA, they're all vaccinated. Going to guess they know more than you too. And it wasn't rushed. They have been researching and working on a SARS vaccine for decades. Tthe only thing that was rushed was the bureaucratic bullshit like funding, which doesn't affect the science at all. But you say all of these doctors and researcheres, who reecommend and have gotten the vaccine, are "spewing basic crap they hear from other people." No, it's actually the anti-vaxxers who are doing that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-10 00:18:51
ID: 67717
Recently started working for a remote call center. I needed a job bad so I took whatever I could get. Some of THE most unprofessional people I've ever worked with. Trash talk/gossip in the chat, bullying each other while on video... the worst part is we have to be on video for half the day for materials that I mostly already understand. It feels like a waste of time and I'd honestly rather be working. Being on video all day is absolutely stressful, worried about how you look to others, positioning yourself to sit a certain way. Oh man, I HATE HATE HATE it... I can't wait 'til I can find a new job.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-09 14:01:52
ID: 67710
In response to a confession. I believe scientists and medical professionals know a hell of a lot more about it than I do, so I make the decision to listen to them. Particularly when there are thousands of them saying the same thing and listening to them could mean the difference between life and death. If your brain is working in a way that prevents you from doing this, then fine. If your brain has been influenced by a political agenda. propaganda, or social media and THAT is preventing you from doing this, then you're ... probably a republican.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-08 21:21:35
ID: 67693
I love when people make the argument "you don't believe in science" as if they know anything about it. If you had any education at all, you'd know that science isn't always right. I learned this in middle school. When science is rushed, you're going to have errors and failures. And you can't learn the long-term effects of science unless you give it time. Anyone who says "you don't believe in science" is only spewing basic crap they hear from other people. If you really knew anything about science, you'd use facts.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-06 02:26:52
ID: 67674
A woman I know quit her job last week, because she has to wear a mask over her nose. Evidently, she's only willing to wear it over her mouth, but not her nose. She's now crying all over social media, pretending to be a victim/martyr, because her boss told her to cover her nose, so she quit. I always thought she nice and normal. I can't anymore with these people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-06 00:54:48
ID: 67672
As a person who runs multiple social media accounts as part of my job- we read all the comments, and sometimes they get on our nerves. People love to criticize, to make it about themselves, so be self-righteous. Please remember that there is a real person, a busy worker, who reads your comments. Sorry you didn't like the post. Sorry there was a typo that one time. Sorry the post didn't apply to your unique situation and you got offended over literally nothing. Sorry you thought it was irrelevant. Sorry there are more important issues in the world. Sorry you have an opposite opinion and are wasting your time commenting. I wish I could reply and tell you to pull the stick out of your ass or to take a flying fuck at the moon.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-04 05:41:04
ID: 67661
I know it's wrong to judge, so venting here- My student has autism and a lot of sleep and behavior issues. She barely participated during distance learning. Now that we are back in person, her parents opted to put her in independent studies. That's their right, and they are doing what they think is best for her safety because it's hard for her to wear a mask. She is missing out on sped services, but again, I'm not into judging. I went to drop off some papers at their house and turns out dad is a massive covid denier. Multiple people in their family have died, but he doesn't want to send his daughter to school UNTIL THEY FIGURE OUT IF COVID IS REAL! I just listened to him and nodded. I adore this little girl, but she is not my child. It's not up to me. I just stood there being polite and thinking he was crazy. SMH. Hope that she and her family come through this okay. Hard not to judge. I'm trying.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-03 12:41:15
ID: 67654
In response to a confession. They are just now mandating vaccines? At a hospital?? Am I the only one that is wondering why that wasn't done months ago??? If you are in healthcare and don't believe in science, then you have no business working in that field and should have your license revoked.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-02 18:09:07
ID: 67543
The hospital work at just made it mandatory to get the Covd shot. The shit is hitting the fan now.
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