Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-13 19:29:17
ID: 68302
My granddaughter lost two teeth! She's 5. I can't wait to see her gappy little smile! I love her so much.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-03 12:51:38
ID: 68277
Ex DIL called yesterday. Two granddaughters (21 and 17) told her they’d like to come to Florida to see us. ExDIL asked if she could fly them to Florida to stay with us next month as a grad gift. I’m SO excited!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-22 23:19:22
ID: 68242
It hurts to see my son so lonely sometimes. He's almost 19 and his social life is not amazing. He's on the spectrum, shy, and has a stutter. He also has a great sense of humor and is a caring person. He's doing great at the local college so far but hasn't made friends yet. It's a commuter school without a lot of campus life. Today he found the gym! Played basketball, talked to a bunch of people, came home with a big smile! I'm hopeful. He has so much to offer. He's still in touch with a couple of friends from middle school but they don't see each other often, and the friends he made in HS turned out to be not so great. I just want to see him have a good time and live his life!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-14 17:20:43
ID: 68232
I love it when little kids' teeth start looking all gappy because their heads are starting to outgrow their baby teeth. I just find it freaking adorable. Then when their baby teeth start to fall out? OMG knock me down with the cuteness.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-14 13:57:05
ID: 68231
I'm on a new mission to make a full wardrobe for DGD's barbie dolls. I would say I'm an intermediate sewer (sewist?) I guess. Spent ten bucks on a sewing pattern packet with an entire wardrobe of outfits. I have so much 'cabbage' (scrap fabric not big enough for a garment) and I'm pretty stoked to use a good bit of it up making barbie clothes. DGD loves clothes and I think she's gonna LOVE having lots of outfits for her dolls to play with.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-05 23:13:38
ID: 68211
I love that my son is old enough to appreciate my cooking. I am making read beans and rice today. He came into the kitchen from the yard and said that it smells so good!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-08 14:02:37
ID: 68118
The reason I don't let DGD take the hand-made vintage dollhouse home and only let her play with it while she's visiting Grandma is because I have a younger daughter and DGD might have cousins some day. I want the dollhouse to be a 'Grandma's House' thing. It's been in my family a long time. I want ALL my grandkids to be able to play with it. If I ever get any more.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-04 21:48:08
ID: 68112
I am so freaking excited to see my granddaughter! I can't wait! I work so much in January I haven't even seen her or my son or my daughter in law since Christmas. That is WAY too long! And tomorrow night I get to babysit overnight and have a sleepover with her and I am over the MOON excited. I have missed her and all of them so much.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-01 02:35:41
ID: 68095
I recently moved back to my hometown & went my parents to organize stuff. I was awestruck to find a gift from my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Chan. A beautiful pair of red/black winter gloves. I still remember the dept store wrapped box & big red bow. She knew we were quite poor (area had gov't housing and have 4 siblings). Beside a few random school pictures, my siblings and I don't have anything left from childhood. I'm even more thrilled have kept these special gloves 25+ years later. Thank you, Mrs. Chan <3 I'm wondering if you have anything left from your childhood?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-22 17:58:47
ID: 68065
In response to a confession. I get it. That's why I keep my mouth shut. It's their family. They know I would welcome and love any new baby with all my heart. They already know that. They don't need to be worried about me when making decisions about their family. I'm sorry your family can't see that simple fact.
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