Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-20 13:37:32
ID: 67603
I have a confession and it's so top secret I can't even post it here. But it's good news. Soon the cat will fully be out of the bag and I'll be able to share how fricking excited I am. :D
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-14 12:58:18
ID: 67570
Got my dad in assisted living. All seemed well for a month. Picked him up this week for a doc appointment and he was a mess! Stumbling, fatigued, short of breath. Doc wouldn’t admit him and I took him home and sat while he slept for three hours. He work up alert and hungry. Turns out my dad may very well be abusing his pain meds. Of course he gets pissy and his defense is ‘what difference does it make if I am? I’m almost 87.’
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-12 17:18:46
ID: 67563
In response to a confession. Congrats! Or perhaps a bike, helmet, and lock?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-06 22:31:22
ID: 67551
because my new meds are appetite suppressors, i have to be weighed every sunday afternoon to make sure i am not losing too much weight. i am already on the underweight side medically because of some disordered eating in the past and my family knows this. yesterday my dad told me to go binge because i was getting weighed in a couple days to make sure i wasn't losing weight. this is the same man who used to yell at my sibling and i for snacking during the day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-20 21:34:45
ID: 67468
My kid is starting college in the fall. I'm so happy for him. It's crazy to be the parent of an adult! I know he'll still depend on us for some things for a while, but he's excited about having some freedom and so am I! He doesn't drive yet though. I told him that I'd help him figure out the bus route, lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-08 23:25:53
ID: 67411
In response to a confession. I quit drinking a few years ago because I got really sick. I couldn't have had a drink even if I wanted to. I was sick for almost a year, but I never drank again, eve though I totally could now. When I stopped drinking, it made me see how bad it really was. And I didn't even drink that much. If you have a couple glasses of wine, you think you're fine. You're not. Anyone who's not drinking can tell. You are a little louder, a little more brazen. Nothing outrageous, but it affects you. And not in a good way. Kids notice this. Kids hear the wine o'clock and Mommy's Juice Box jokes. Honestly, when I kind of saw the behavior from the outside, it was sad. And embarassing. I'm ashamed that I behaved like that. And I don't want my kids to think it's OK.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-08 16:53:56
ID: 67408
In response to a confession. This is such a good point and one I have been struggling with myself. I've been drinking much more than usual since covid hit, and I'm really struggling to back off. It's harder too bc I lost my dad, I have no support system, and my husband is drinking from the time he opens his truck door when he gets home, which I don't like but he doesn't listen. He thinks the kids dont notice, but they do. And I need to stop. I have gone from a few glasses every night to one every other night. It's still too much, i know. And you're right, I would be angry if a babysitter was drinking while watching my kids, so why does my brain think it's ok for me?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-07 23:21:32
ID: 67405
The whole parenting/drinking culture really bothers me. No, it's not funny or cool or healthy to "need" a drink to get through life. Is that really what you want to model for your kids? That alcohol is a perfectly healthy way of dealing with things? Well, now I'm seeing the same thing with cannabis. Seriously, folks, WTF? If you want to endulge every now and then, go for it. But using it to cope with every day stresses is not good. And you know what else isn't good? Being responsible for your kids when you are drunk or high - even "just a little buzzed." Would you be OK if your babysitter was just a little buzzed? Or knocked back an edible or a few glasses of wine while watching your kids? If not, why is it OK when you do it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-28 19:51:01
ID: 67371
In response to a confession. AAaaaaaaand she went back and got him and they're going to continue the vacation. Jesus H Christ on a tightrope. You think it's tough having little kids? At least you have a modicum of control over them. I've never wanted to be wrong more in my life, but I don't see his behavior changing for more than a week. These guys don't change. But like I said, I've never hoped to be wrong so badly.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-25 19:16:51
ID: 67355
So DD22 left the boyfriend with some extended family in the area and is driving to stay with her grandparents a few hours away. Apparently she's been concealing the fact that he's been grilling her for some months about her past relationships. And last night he went through her phone. OMG I wish I had known he was like this. We really liked him, too. He seemed great. Sneaky bastard. I'm so grateful she has family in the area and someplace to go clear her head. He has her thinking she's broken because she's had a few friends with benefits in her life. She's not broken, she's normal. He's the one with the problem.
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