Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 20:23:17
ID: 27726
Mmmm my mil is screaming about the confederate flag, and she was the #1 teacher in her entire state. In fact, the majority of my husband's family are highly educated, and they're up in arms as well. Southern Pride, y'all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 19:49:56
ID: 27745
So I guess the black lady I work with that straightens her hair everyday is a racist too? Must be trying to look white*eyeroll*...I think if I want to wear braids or cornrows its nbd, and I'm not at all racist. People get too PC over every little thing nowadays. It's a f-ing hairstyle, sheesh. Saw tons of cornrows on white teen girls on spring break, guess there must have been a KKK convention that day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 19:48:15
ID: 27744
Greece got screwed big time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 19:28:23
ID: 27742
My confession is that even though it really pisses me off when I hear racist remarks, I don't always say anything. I fucking hate it, but when I say something, "Stop being racist!" or something to that effect... I get looked at like I'm some sort of hyper-sensitive crybaby. "Jesus, I was just kidding, get a fucking sense of humor!" Well guess what I don't think it's funny. Not even a little. Just because we live in the Great White North where virtually everyone is white- that doesn't make it okay to use the N word. What really pissed me off is when my own DH made fun of a little boy's afro (not to the boy, but just to me- like I would think it was funny). A child. What. The Fuck. Yeah, I got pretty pissed off and ripped him a new one. But random racist jokes, I've stopped trying. And I'm not proud.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 19:09:31
ID: 27721
Dh and I recently made a new friend. We really like him. However, he recently posted on fb about how Sandy Hook was a hoax. I commented that dh is currently in New England, working with a guy who was born, raised, and still lives in Newtown. He knows some of the families. He knew some of the victims. His response? To post conspiracy theory memes showing it was a hoax, and tagging me in them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 19:05:15
ID: 27735
Why is it racist for a white girl to wear cornrows? It's just a hairstyle.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-07-14 07:11:54
ID: 27724
I've noticed that all the people screaming about honoring the confederate flag are illiterate hillbillies who probably couldn't make it past sixth grade reading.
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