Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-09 12:58:06
ID: 67413
In response to a confession. I'm an American, so I can relate. We're having a worker shortage too, a lot in the food industry. Gee, where are all those illegal immigrants you keep saying are taking our jobs? It's almost like they never actually were, and you're just racist assholes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-08 15:54:02
ID: 67407
So I live in the UK and thanks to right wing morons, we are probably going to be facing a food shortage worse than during Covid because we lack drivers, warehouse workers, and farm workers...all while the gammons bury their head in the sand and say, "It'll work out long term." It's almost like they were warned about this a million times but they couldn't stop hating Romanians for two seconds to actually fucking listen. The best part is all those "stealing our jobs" jobs are ones that Brits won't actually do because it's physically demanding work for minimum wage. I'm not an economist, I don't have a degree, I'm really just a bit of a halfwit, and even I could've seen this coming.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-03 03:32:52
ID: 67346
In response to a confession. OP of the 'fear mongering' post. Seriously- can you post links to where you read all this? Because I DID read every article I could find and this is exactly how I understood it. I would really like to read what you've read. I'd love to understand how this would help crack down on companies paying employees as if they were independent contractors. So seriously- I would love to learn how this actually works. I'm 100% dead serious- PLEASE post links to articles. I've googled my ass off and clearly I haven't found what you've found. If you have an account, please drop links in the comments. You don't have to be annon, I really want to know.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-01 13:03:05
ID: 67382
*rump outweighs Biden by leaps and bounds in the level of assholery. (Also in, like, pounds.) That doesn't mean I'm gonna like every decision Biden makes, but I'm a trekkie so I'm down with the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. Or the one.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-07-01 12:49:39
ID: 67381
In response to a confession. At least Biden isn't trying to take away my healthcare, make it harder for me to vote, or raise my taxes (Trump's plan raised taxes on everyone making $75K+. Goes into effect in 2021. And I don't make $400K).
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-30 17:57:47
ID: 67375
Trumps an ass but I can’t stand Biden either. I’m sick of the left and right accusing each other, they’re both hypocrites. Fuck all this noise.
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Posted by: hanginin
2021-06-28 17:44:03
ID: 67369
In response to a confession. Fucking crickets. It figures. It really pisses me off, ya know? Say some shit and then disappear. There were two things in your post that didn't make sense to me. This is NOT 'pretty much done by banks anyway, esp on a smaller scale. Banks report deposits of 10K or more. Also this would in no way pinpoint which companies are paying workers as contract laborers who SHOULD be employees. It would only target the worker. Companies really only get popped for that in the event of a UIA audit or if they've got 100K in contract labor and zero 1099's issued, that's a red flag to the IRS. Come on, man, anything? Bueller?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-24 20:53:34
ID: 67350
In response to a confession. yes, please have a discussion about this! I am off to Google as well. I can't believe I missed this development. We *are* a small business and auditing like this would be a nightmare since we operate almost entirely in cash.
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Posted by: hanginin
2021-06-24 12:54:51
ID: 67347
In response to a confession. Can we have a discussion about this? I want to know what you read that was different from what I read.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-23 13:45:10
ID: 67345
In response to a confession. This is pretty much already done by banks anyway, just on a smaller scale. Biden's plan does NOT require taxpayers to reconcile bank deposits and withdraws with reported income nor can the IRS do that. What it does do is crack down on companies who classify workers as 1099 to avoid paying for things like benefits and work comp when they should be classified as W2 employees. It also prevents the wealthy from exploiting the 1099 loophole to avoid paying taxes. Your $500 in interest is a non-issue. So is the $1000 Aunt Betty gave you for your birthday that you deposit into your account. Stop fear mongering and instead learn how it actually works.
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