Posted by: anonymous
2021-12-12 23:04:32
ID: 67963
The devastation in Kentucky is incredible. Maybe that's what happens when resident of Kentucky keep voting for climate change deniers who oppose any legislation to combat it. Oh, and since the deeply red state also hates socialism, I'm sure they won't take any aid from the federal government. They just need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-12-12 14:37:13
ID: 67961
In response to a confession. This was my post about the family with COVID. Well now ANOTHER friend, with no connection to the first, has just been admitted to the hospital with COVID. And SURPRISE! She's not vaccinated. No sympathy whatsoever.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-12-09 16:15:36
ID: 67953
An aquaintance's entire family (pretty much) contracted COVID. Her husband, father in law, mother in law, and sister in law have all died in the last week and a half. They are all conservative, anti-vaxxers. She just posted a Go Fund Me to help wth expenses. It's taking every ounce of my being to not make a smart ass remark.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-25 09:30:57
ID: 67926
Anybody who wants a laugh, google Boris Johnson Peppa Pig. The prime minister of the UK ladies and gentleman. I think he might be a bigger joke than Trump.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-25 03:21:56
ID: 67922
In response to a confession. When North Carolina passed the bathroom bill, people and companies boycotted the shit out of them. PayPal pulled out of opening there, the NCAA boycotted them, bands cancelled concerts, etc. It cost them $3.76 billion and hurt the state enough that they recinded the law. No one is doing that in Texas, and they should.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-23 14:25:05
ID: 67912
I live in Texas, but I'm not from here. I've never really loved it, but now it just gets worse by the day. It's a racist, sexist, backwards hell hole and getting worse. I plan to leave in a couple of years when my youngest graduates from high school. Both kids, who were born here, feel the same and are looking at colleges in my home state. What makes me mad / sad is that Texas passes voter suppression laws, abortion laws, doesn't fix it's power grid, etc. and faces no consequences. Why aren't companies boycotting Texas? Tesla decided to set up shop here. Samsung just announced a huge plant. No on gives a shit about the women who can't get health care or kids who froze to death and will freeze to death since nothing's been done to fix the power grid. It's all about making money, and it makes me sick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-22 14:42:44
ID: 67909
So we just had a car bombing in the UK, fortunately the guy only killed himself. He was Syrian, but a Christian convert. Of course, the far right wing trash fire has decided he was obviously lying, because we all know the only religion that does the terrorisms is the evil Islam. It's jaw dropping the lengths people will go to to avoid calling a spade a spade when it comes to non-Muslim terrorists.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-22 14:20:04
ID: 67908
Just saw an ad for a basic warehouse job where the employer had inflated how much they were were going to pay by like 15K a year, then listed the actual hourly rate in the ad. If that's legal, it really shouldn't be. I love that employers are just bending over backwards to lie and exploit people even harder instead of you know, paying people fairly. There's plenty of people making obscene money in these big companies, but they'll continue to say it will increase their costs instead of IDK, considering reducing their profit margin by a fraction of a percentage. gross.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-21 00:56:13
ID: 67906
In response to a confession. I absolutely responded to the wrong confession. Well, I actually meant that as a new post, not a response, about observations I’ve made lately and how I feel about them. Sorry for being a dumbass.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-18 03:14:03
ID: 67895
My mom is open to discussing a move. Wow, that's amazing progress.
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