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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-04 20:54:29
ID: 66567
Have you guys seen "A Promising Young Woman"??? I mean.... OMG. Just fucking unbelievable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-04 18:32:25
ID: 66565
Honestly I hope this brings another wave of metoos. I'm fucking sick of the types of men that whine that there's no accountability for women publicly accusing. There's no fucking accountability for MEN in the court system, they've gotten away with too much for too long. Manson has publicly done a lot of sick shit to a lot of people, that's why there's no benefit of doubt from the industry, everyone knows what a piece of shit he is. If courts would just take domestic violence, assault and sexual assault seriously, women wouldn't take this route...why would you want to put up with the public abuse if you could have it taken care of legally?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-04 14:00:37
ID: 66561
In response to a confession. I challenge any man to name 10 of his friends who have been falsely accused or charged with rape. They can't. But every, single woman I know can name 10 friends who have been raped and the perpetrator has never been brought to justice.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-03 23:08:06
ID: 66560
In response to a confession. I'm so confused why people think women would publicly lie about any kind of metoo. The only reasons I can think of offhand are, you really, really hate the person and you want to be vindictive, and/or you have Munchausen's or something like that. Any fame you get will always be tainted. You would have to be twisted or extremely naive not to realise that the likes, shares and "We heart you" comments are in no way going to make up for publicly being raked over the coals, called a liar, slut, your appearance dissected ad infinitum, and dealing with the scores of death and rape threats you'd get from sad Cheeto covered incels in their mother's basement. There is no other crimes where people immediately question whether you're lying.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-02 10:36:41
ID: 66547
Oh good, Marilyn Manson now has a string of internet woman haters backing him despite a catalogue of public abuse of multiple people spanning decades and claims being pretty substantial. Can't believe I ever liked him. I guess "But Amber Heard tho" is going to be the rallying call for the next 145 years and thus invalidates all women who don't go immediately to the police after an assault happens.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-02 07:14:31
ID: 66534
I've decided to turn my small house into a lovely little cottage and just live my best cottagecore life until we decide to sell. I feel like I never really "moved in," even though we've lived here for 10 years. I've always just treated it like a starter home. But dh is dragging his feet about selling, so screw it. Mushroom decor and flowers EVERYWHERE, dude. This place will be fit for a wood elf when I'm done with it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-01 17:34:23
ID: 66540
I was just checking in on a hiking group I watch on Facebook, and everyone is asking if they completed their 90 mile/month challenge for January. I hadn't heard about it, but thought it sounded cool. Google Fit is always trying to tell me how far I went, so I went into that and calculated miles for 2021 so far. 121! Not only am I really pleased with myself, I'm sure next month will be even better, since I couldn't go out for over a week on January.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-01 15:16:34
ID: 66539
I hate it when DH pours more water into the coffee maker without adding more coffee. He does it while I'm in the shower, before he leaves for work. Then I go to fill my to-go thermos and I'm like, "Well shit. That's not even coffee. That's just hot brown water."
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 23:53:01
ID: 66533
I think it's Seventh Day Adventists...my grandma's church group she grew up in...they believed that part of your "duty" as a good Christian was to keep yourself healthy so you are there for your loved ones on this earth as long as possible. It's a very interesting mindset and one that I think more people should think about. I only say this because my DH too has gotten fat and lazy and stopped taking care of his health too. Although, I think he'd probably start caring if his dick stopped working lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-31 00:39:15
ID: 66527
In response to a confession. I totally agree with you, OP. Getting older is no excuse to get fat. Does he have any underlying mental illness? I know that can be a factor too. But it's awfully selfish of him to expect you to go the rest of your life without ever having sex again.
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