Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-25 20:07:35
ID: 44385
I have been married for 15 years and my dh and I still have separate checking accounts, even at different banks. We never got around to opening a joint one. We've never had any issues or fights either. I have no idea how much money my dh has in his or vice versa. I know he would tell/show me if I asked but I never really cared. It may seem weird to some but it works for us!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-25 18:27:53
ID: 44383
I definitely agree with financial independence as women. Very important. I say this, even though DH and I do share finances. But we don't let finances control us. He respects money and is responsible w/ it and doesn't have any baggage connected to money. If we ever separate, he's already said he'd give me alimony if i asked for it (which i won't). We have almost adult aged kids so child support won't be an issue. I'm pretty lucky though with him being so disconnected to money. But others aren't so lucky and it can be a problem. As we know by reading these money-problem posts.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-25 04:39:23
ID: 44348
In response to a confession. Well, I wish he was different in this aspect. I know I can't tolerate this long-term. I already feel like I have to help him "take care" of stuff - he doesn't exactly ask, and I'm not mothering him, but jeez... Bummer to say good-bye. That's always hard, for me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-25 04:17:29
ID: 44344
In response to a confession. Do not share money with your bf. Keep everything separate and make sure you are always financially independent. If he starts showing signs of poor money management, leave him. Don't end up like all the women on here who are stuck with some asshole because of money. I know, everyone will say "its not that easy, what if she loooooves him!!!" They are full of shit. Financial freedom is more important than feelings. Have you ever heard a man say he was stuck with a woman because of money? No, probably not.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-25 04:15:42
ID: 44358
I have been online dating for a bit now. It's really no better or no worse than meeting people out and about. But I hate when people use fake profile pictures or pictures of themselves that are 10 years old. I am up front about who I am and what I look like. I expect the same from others
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-24 02:01:55
ID: 44343
Due to some misinformation my bf thought that I'd be getting a $7,500 tax rebate for leasing my electric vehicle. He decided to tell me this by asking "where are we going?" And when I asked him what he meant he explained what one of our coworkers said about the rebate. I know he was just joking but it really rubbed me the wrong way. But then I feel bad about getting irritated because I know of the tables were flipped he wouldn't hesitate to spend it on me somehow. Not that it matters, the thing the guy was talking about was applied to the balances on our cars when we leased them...he just didn't pay attention when the salesman explained it to him. We've been together for about a year and are talking about moving in together this summer...gonna have to make some adjustments I guess
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-23 23:47:05
ID: 44338
In response to a confession. I think it is like most things - there are people who just have bad luck, but there are others who don't plan for the future and blame it on luck. My sister has had nothing but back luck. She became diabetic at age 40, and as a result has neuropathy and is in pain frequently. Its so bad she lost her job. And now she is having problems getting unemployment, and is about to be homeless. She has terrible luck. I am not diabetic, have no major illnesses, and have a good job. I absolutely feel lucky. On the other hand - we have both been told, around the same age, that we were becoming pre-diabetic and should do our best to change our diet and exercise. You guessed it, I did and she didn't. So I feel our actions laid the ground work of where we are now. But I think luck is in there too. She might have tried diet and exercise, and still become diabetic. Or I might still become diabetic, and end up where she is, just later in life. All we can do is try to be responsible, and hope it helps.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-23 15:22:21
ID: 44326
In response to a confession. I think these people bring it on themselves. They don't plan properly, they think their needs or situation comes first and they usually can't handle a change and adapt to it. They also seem to think the rules don't apply to them in things like expiration dates for car registration or other responsible person type things. They end up not being able to afford things because they have to pay tickets and fees for not keeping up to date. Then they whine that its not fair.....
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-22 23:49:12
ID: 44308
I'm kind of dating a guy that has a tiny bit of drama. In that, there's periodically always a mini- crisis + it seems that he has a lot of "bad luck." I seem to find that some people have a lot of "bad luck" that follows them around while others, including myself, find "good luck." Does anyone else find this? It may be luck, privilege, intelligence, wealth (and chance to make decisions bc of that) etc. Or, I could give myself credit for good planning and frugality - which I rarely do, frankly. Anyone else?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-22 23:09:09
ID: 44316
Four days ago DH and I took an overnight trip to pick up a motorcycle he bought. He woke up three days ago feeling queasy. He threw up once and we headed home. Three hours later, after he'd had to stop four times for me to throw up, he wanted breakfast. Breakfast burrito at Mickey D's for him and iced tea for me. For the next six hours we stopped nine times for me to throw up. Got home on Thursday afternoon and I've spent until 2 pm today sleeping (with a trash can by the bed) and puking. He's not been sick since the one time. He's eaten scrambled eggs, oatmeal, soup, grilled cheese, candy bars, and ate all the pudding and applesauce in the house. Since Thursday I've eaten four pieces of dry toast and two pudding cups. Today I heard him tell a neighbor that he's never been so sick, but he's happy that I haven't suffered like him. I love him dearly but sometimes I think I could knock him upside the head!
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