Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-22 19:04:43
ID: 43592
In response to a confession. My dh and I met under similar circumstances, although I'm not still married to my ex. I had just filed for divorce and started dating dh before it was finalized. My ex had moved out and we weren't even on speaking terms but, apparently, I was supposed to remain faithful to him until the documents were finalized. Dh and I have been married almost ten years and people still judge us. I didn't cheat on my ex. I was faithful to him throughout our miserable marriage while he cheated on me relentlessly. When I met dh, I knew he was the one and there was no way I wasn't going to date him simply because of some documents. Best decision I ever made.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-22 12:46:53
ID: 43588
I'm still legally married. I left my ex 4.5yrs ago, and I've been with my BF for 4yrs. People look down on me and talk trash saying I shouldn't have gotten with my BF while still married. I believe that as soon as we call it quits and there is no hope of getting back together, then we're free to see other people. My ex believes the same thing. We have our reasons why we can't divorce yet. It's not up to others to decide how we proceed with our lives. My mom left her H, didn't get divorced, had me 10 years later (he is not my dad), then when I was about 11 she finally divorced the guy even though she hadn't even laid eyes on him in over 20 years. If people ask, I plan on just telling them we got divorced.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-22 02:26:43
ID: 43583
I just found out yet another coworker is polyamorous. I am beginning to wonder if everyone is! It seems like anyone i know who goes on a trip with their significant other plus another adult (or plus several adults) isn't just traveling in a group, they are actually vacationing with all their partners. I really had no idea this was so widespread. I'm not against it, I'm just surprised.
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