Posted by: anonymous
2023-01-16 20:12:43
ID: 68622
I'm just here to say that I'm sick of my husband's shitty moods and I told him so. He has a problem at work that is due to a mistake he made and he's been grumpy all weekend. His bad mood hangs over everything. Meanwhile I've filed a formal complaint against my boss, which comes with a genuine fear of retaliation, and I'm fairly chipper. Yes, it's stressful, and yes I'm venting about it, but I don't have a dark cloud hanging over my head that is making everyone else stressed out. He's down there in the basement right now cussing at something that I'm certain is fairly minor. When I ask him what's wrong he will say "nothing" in a snotty tone. I am OVER IT! Thank you for letting me vent.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-12-19 23:52:23
ID: 68601
Only 2 more Christmases before I leave my useless husband.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-12-07 23:27:01
ID: 68595
In response to a confession. I'm sorry, but...WE KNOW. You post this every single year. If it bothers you so much perhaps you should separate.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-11-11 17:52:47
ID: 68586
Every Veteran's Day, my husband expects everyone to make a big fuss and thank him for his service. Nope. Not going to do it. Not because I don't appreciate and respect our veterans, but because he doesn't deserve it. He only enlisted because he was a fuck up in high school and couldn't get into college, and his parents were not going to support him. He enlisted for 2 years, because it was the bare minimum. He would have absolutely never signed up if there were any chance that he would have to actually deploy. After his 2 years, he did try the national guard but was asked to leave since he couldn't bother to actually show up. The closest he came to combat was probably a drunken bar fight in Georgia. But he acts like he stormed the beach in Normandy. Asshole.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-10-16 14:55:42
ID: 68568
In response to a confession. I've been married for 12 years and we're pretty darn happy. We don't have kids, though. I think that removes an enormous amount of stress. Two of my friends are currently going through divorces and it's because they are basically parents to their children AND their husbands. So many idiot men just want a mommy (like my first husband).
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-14 12:43:59
ID: 68538
In response to a confession. When the kids are grown and out of the house is exactly when I want to not be married. Married almost 20 years and just waiting for the last one to go off to college so I can file for divorce. Don't want to have to sell the house and uproot my kid during their last years of high school. The last thing I want to do is spend my golden years cooking and cleaning for someone else.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-13 13:18:04
ID: 68534
Married 10+ years, with children, and also happy. The secret? My kids are grown and out of the house. Those child raising years are tough, esp with a husband that's less than stellar. I'd be bored and lonely w/o the hubs. I'd manage, though, don't get me wrong. If anything were to ever happen that ended my marriage there's no way in hell I'd marry again. I'd get another couple dogs to keep my company. At least with them, you KNOW they're not going to pick up after themselves.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-10 14:52:24
ID: 68531
I don't think I know a single woman who has been married 10+ years who is actually happily married. Not one.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-10 06:22:09
ID: 68530
Just had that thing where I overreact to something DH said because of resentment I've held onto due to unresolved issues. The thing is it's not my fault these issues are unresolved. I'm very clear about what things bother me. It's just that after 25 years of explaining the same things over and over and over when does he take responsibility? Now he's off sulking and here's my prediction- either we're going to spend the weekend in uncomfortable silence until this blows over or I'm going to end up apologizing to him like I used to. Probably option 1 because he still doesn't know how to communicate and I'm no longer apologizing for things that aren't my fault. He said it "wasn't his intention to upset me." I told him to google "intent vs impact" because I'm not explaining basic shit to him and the rest of America has known the difference for at least a decade now. Fuck this.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-08-21 15:41:02
ID: 68505
My husband's a fucking idiot.
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