Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-19 23:21:33
ID: 67321
In response to a confession. God, my DH does this too. And it's like, yeah dude---I could call you out EVERY fucking time you don't make the bed like I ask or leave dirty dishes on the couch or piss on the toilet seat but I don't. Yet when I back out of the driveway: "You should really back out and then pull forward so you aren't backing onto the road" or "You shouldn't run the vacuum when the dirt cup is full" or "You put my jeans in the dryer again and they shrank!" I swear, it's the absolute most annoying thing about him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-16 06:01:15
ID: 67270
In response to a confession. So get this. I was on a work trip and was supposed to come home on Sunday night. When I was able to check my phone, there was a text from DH saying he'd made dinner for me - Manwiches and tater tots. WTF. Not only is that disgusting and fattening, but I've told him countless times that I HATE Manwiches. Fortunately I didn't have to eat that because my trip got extended two days. But what did I come home to for dinner last night? Various sandwiches from the Italian place (cheesesteaks and cutlets with cheese), fries covered in cheeze wiz and jalapeno poppers. This from a man who literally expects gourmet meals when HE comes home from work trips. Last week I made him grilled salmon, shrimp scampi and fresh green beans. And this is the slop I get because he wants me to be heavy. Trust me, he can cook good, healthy meals, he just has an agenda.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-16 00:00:52
ID: 67269
I'm really getting sick of the friendships where you end up doing all the work. I've always been the one to coordinat Zoom calls and plans to hang out with friends that just show up (always late) and it's really irking me. One friend suggested we catch-up, I gave her my availability and now she wants me to decide on the place and what time. She says she's exhausted. I'm exhausted, too, so I pushed back and said that have no capacity to plan or organize anything with work ending in a week. I would love it for she took charge on these plans for once since I've done that about 99% of the time. Time to set some boundaries.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-15 12:53:27
ID: 67268
My DH likes to point out every little thing I do wrong, like not pulling the door all the way shut while I'm outside and letting out the cool air. Or leaving the lights on in the bathroom in the morning while I'm in the kitchen getting more coffee. Dumb stuff like that. He never lets anything slide, he points our EVERYTHING. I don't do this to him, I think it's pointless and a little mean. But the other day I snapped. He did it again with the door. I went outside to get the food off the grill and and I knew I'd have my hands full of dishes so I lightly pulled the door shut so I could just push it open. He pointed it out. I said, "You know, I don't do that shit to you." to which he replied "That's because I don't do that stuff."... "You leave the light on in the bedroom almost every morning and I've pulled this door shut more times than I can count! I'm just not an ass hole about it!" And he actually apologized! We'll see how long he can refrain from this dickish behavior, though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-13 16:20:16
ID: 67257
In response to a confession. My ex would say hurtful things to me, then say later on, " I am sorry, I can't help it, I am learning disabled"
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-13 12:32:37
ID: 67251
In response to a confession. A good reply….’and I’m sorry you’re such a dick.’ Geez!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-13 00:45:31
ID: 67250
In response to a confession. DH just came in here and said, "I'm sorry you were hurt by what I said." NOPE! TRY AGAIN! LOL!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-12 21:45:39
ID: 67248
Sad today. Last night my DH said something hurtful, and when I told him I didn't like it he gave me the usual, "Sorry. I didn't mean it that way." I'm tired of that apology. It doesn't cut it for me. It doesn't really take responsibility. He said the words he said, and he didn't mean them in a nice way. He was rude about something personal (I don't even want to say what) and then acted like he was just showing concern when he was showing contempt. When people are showing concern they don't do it by being snarky and making you feel embarrassed. So no, I don't accept that treatment, and I don't accept this apology. A real apology would be, "You're right. I'm sorry I said that. It was hurtful and it was wrong." When someone hurts your feelings, their apology should show that they are accountable and that they actually care about your feelings. "I didn't mean it that way" is a defensive reaction that just seeks to excuse the behavior. I'm sick of this. How hard is it???
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-12 21:26:32
ID: 67246
The guy I have been seeing for a few months told me yesterday to "take care of yourself" and "leave me alone" while we were having a minor disagreement while texting. Now he just tried to call me. No, I didint answer.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-06-12 21:25:50
ID: 67245
In response to a confession. Exactly! I know we have more than $10 in our account, but I still check the balance before buying literally anything. And I know I can buy some new clothes, but I still find myself at the thrift shop for everything except shoes and underwear. I did, however, sign up for Ipsy as an exercise in treating myself. Damn near killed me lol.
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