Posted by: anonymous
2022-08-16 16:18:10
ID: 68493
I have 3 years before I can divorce my DH without completely screwing my kids. I don't know if I'll make it. He just told me something he "just found out" that I fucking told him about yesterday. Why do I bother talking to him or telling him anything if he doesen't listen anyway? And it's not like this is the first or even 101st time this has happened. And now I'm the bad guy for getting frustrated. I'm so done. The irony is that when I do finally file for divorce, he'll be shocked and have no idea why. Just counting down the days until I can serve him with the papers.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-08-07 03:27:13
ID: 68486
In response to a confession. It's been a month and my dad has been really great. I feel like this the best our relationship has ever been and he seems nicer to my mom, too. I hope this means it's lasting change.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-08-04 10:47:46
ID: 68479
After hosting a couple for three days I was worn out. I had so much to do to get our household back to normal! My plan was to clean, go grocery shopping, and do laundry, and maybe work in an afternoon nap. Came back from shopping and DH had done the laundry! I told him that was better than getting flowers. Didn’t get the nap in, but he certainly made my day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-25 00:41:56
ID: 68461
I had gastric sleeve surgery three months ago. Doing well, then when I went down three sizes I became a little lax. Well, I gained three lbs and was devastated. Told DH that I was going back on my program and I’ve done well. Tonight he brings home Hardee’s! He got me a burger, fries and sweet tea! I’m so pissed I can’t even yell at him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-05 22:21:27
ID: 68432
He was extra, extra nice to me after it went down, but I still need to put boundaries. Part of wonders how long this will last. I will really take care of myself and recover after an emotional few days not to mention the illegal fireworks bombs that went off on 4th. Thanks to my upstanding neighbors, I got no sleep at all from 11am-3am.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-05 21:36:20
ID: 68431
I finally confronted my Dad and asked why he was being so mean to me for no reason during of my home visits. He's not sick or anything. I was so triggered and in tears because my siblings and I have dealt with this sh*t for our entire lives when we've been model kids always helping with everything. When I take time to go visit him, he snaps at me for no reason. He actually apologized this time. I rarely hear him apologize. I hope it was a wake up to that he can't continue behaving this way. I also will limit my visits to take care of myself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-06-28 16:40:29
ID: 68425
Damn, betrayal hurts..
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-06-18 20:41:01
ID: 68389
Isn't the price of hiring a handyman worth it if it keeps you from arguing for a month? I'd pay to keep from listening to my husband banging around and cussing all day. I could've had a guy in and out of here in an hour.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-06-18 20:38:58
ID: 68388
Anyone have a DH who keeps putting repairs off but gets mad if you try to hire a handyman? Last year my DH said to throw out our old grill because it wouldn't start. I had a repair person out and DH talked to him. Turns out that DH had him clean the igniter instead of replacing it so a year later we're in the same boat and he refuses to let me get a handyman even though I bought the part and got three bids. He says it's the wrong part and THAT WE SHOULD BUY A NEW GRILL. Sure- let's buy a new grill for $400 that will rust out in 5 years instead of maintaining our old grill that is actually well made. Over a $17 part. That a guy would replace for $80. Okay.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-06-18 06:17:13
ID: 68387
In response to a confession. Awwww! I was the girl who was best friends with the gay guy. Sometimes people thought we were dating, but not even close, even though we went to prom together three times. We lived in a small town where no one was openly gay, and he was from a strict Christian family. When he was 20 I finally said to him- If you ever want to talk to me about the fact that you are gay, I'm here for you. He was living with a boy and STILL couldn't say it. He didn't come out to his mom until he was 40. Looking back I didn't understand how hard it was for him.
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