Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-18 15:14:30
ID: 67898
In response to a confession. My brother didn't make it. I have seen news articles about several people in a single family dying of Covid at the same time, but I never thought it would happen to us. Of course, I never thought my brother and nephew would have waited 6 months before deciding to get vaccinated. I am both not surprised and horrified that after all this, my father is still refusing to get the jab.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-15 13:47:27
ID: 67891
In response to a confession. I am in the exact same boat. I wish there were a service that would match all of us up and 3-4 women could all live together like the Golden Girls. We have enough equity in our house that if we sold it, I could afford something else. I made a post about this a few weeks ago. There is no way I could afford even the cheapest apartment zoned to my kids' school. And they are in high school, so no way I would would move them to a new school right now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-15 12:55:20
ID: 67890
I often wonder how many other women are in the same boat as me: unhappy in their marriage & want a divorce but, despite make good money, still can't afford to leave in the current housing market.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-12 01:30:15
ID: 67881
In response to a confession. Thank you cocopop. We have more sad news. My brother was just taken by ambulance to the ICU. The neighbors were worried, so they came over and found him unresponsive on the couch. Now my remaining nephew is trying to juggle everything while waiting to see if his father lives. I can't believe they have turned into one of those families you read about in the paper. I feel so bad for my nephew. His mom died in a car crash several years ago, so now his dad (and me and DH) are all the family he has left.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-11-07 00:15:38
ID: 67867
My brother and nephew FINALLY decided to get the Covid vaccine. They made an appointment for last Monday, but had to cancel it because they both came down with Covid days before the appointment. I have been worried about my 60 year old brother who isn't in the best of health, so I have been calling him. He keeps saying "This is rough. We just sleep all the time". My brother just called me today. My 35 year nephew died in his sleep this afternoon. He never even went to the hospital. I'm in shock, and I am sad, but mostly I am angry. This was completely avoidable if they had just gotten the vaccine anytime in past 6 months. Of course I won't say that to my brother, but saying it here helps.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-10-31 19:55:42
ID: 67847
In response to a confession. Ugh, my H is also super helpful when other people are around. "I did this, that and the other for you." "What can I help you with?" Why can't this be a regular thing??? He happened to have a week off when I was away for several weeks of job training - which coincided with Superbowl, for which he decided to have friends over. For the first time in over 10 years together, he went gung ho with cleaning and organizing in and around the house - and made sure everyone knew about it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-10-24 19:48:10
ID: 67830
In response to a confession. I could have written this. I'm going to a Divorce for Women informational seminar next month to see what my options are and how to start the process. The thing that really pisses me off is that my DH is the most helpful person ever when other people are here. He'll clear and wash dishes, clean the kitchen, cook, whatever. He won't do any of that normally. He knows he doesn't pull his weight. He only does it when people are here so he doesn't look like an asshole. He's got everyone fooled into thinking he's a model partner. He's not. And it makes me look like the bad guy if I ever say anything or complain.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-10-23 15:57:05
ID: 67828
In response to a confession. I'm the OP of the divorce post and a child of divorce myself. I work FT, but there is no way I could afford even the least expensive apartment that is zoned to my kids' school. I am not going to move my kids, both of whom are in high school, from the friends and teams they have literally had their entire life. I understand that staying has it's own issues, but leaving would cause more harm to my kids than staying for a couple of years. Trust me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-10-21 20:35:37
ID: 67825
Two years until my youngest kid graduates, and I file for divorce. DH is going to be shocked and devastated even though for the past 20 years I've told him how I'm sick of doing damn near everything. We've had the "You should have asked" discussion 100 times. I'm not going to have it 101 times. I'm just going to keep going through the motions until I can move on. He will beg and say he didn't know, he will do better. Nope. You've had 20 years to do better. And I've told you a million times, including during marriage counselling. Bullshit on the I didn't know thing. Unloading the dishwasher twice a month instead of once a month is not really trying or doing better. Already have it worked out how all the money and the house will be split. And I'm not even going to feel bad. If course, he's going to tell people that I blindsided him. And say things like, "Not unloading the dishwasher doesn't make me a bad person." Just two more years...
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-10-10 01:26:12
ID: 67793
We were began sorta chatting during then summer, then went to Germany to meet up with someone, we stopped chatting and I got over you. I'm learning it didn't work out and you're texting again to say you care about me and cherish our connection. I really don't know what to think.
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