Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-26 00:23:51
ID: 68080
My husband worked 7 hours today. I worked 9. And I did laundry. And I am making dinner while he's asleep on the couch. This is why I'm filing for divorce. He has no idea and will be shocked because "he didn't know there was a problem" and "didn't know I wasn't happy." Yeah, your complete cluelessness and lack of awareness doesn't help. BTW, if all I did was sat on my ass while someone else did literally EVERYTHING, I would be happy too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-24 14:02:25
ID: 68077
(cont'd) So the thing is that I'm picky when it comes to cleaning my house and what I eat. He's been 'sorta' cleaning the house (in my view). And he's been grocery shopping, but he buys stuff like pizza rolls and pancake mix and makes it for dinner. I can't eat like that. I will feel like shit. So even though all this really helped me there's room for improvement. My suggestions were to hire a cleaning person just for that one month, and to order meal-kits (like hello fresh or blue apron) with healthy food just for that one month. I thought he would be happy- it's less for him to do. He was NOT happy and he felt insulted that what he was doing wasn't good enough. I tried to tell him how much I appreciated everything, and that he basically found the key to keep my from losing my mind every year but he's just upset. Am I the ass hole?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-24 13:57:24
ID: 68076
Ok I've got an "Am I the asshole?" situation here. My work is ridiculous during the month of January. Like, outrageous workload, nights, weekends, HUGE stress.. And also during that time DH is laid off. His job is seasonal. (This is a new job this year) So he's been trying to help and it's been GREAT. He's done shopping, some cleaning, cooking, just taking care of shit during this time so I don't have to. And it made me realize that what I have really NEEDED this whole time (12 years at this job) is just some help. Just to have some shit taken off my plate. And this year has been really eye opening as far as what actually works to bring my stress level down. So now that the month is almost over, I made a list of things that have really helped and how we could make those things even more helpful. (Cont'd)
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-24 13:48:42
ID: 68075
In response to a confession. He's definitely got a listening device somewhere in the house. If it were me, I would find a way to find it. I would. I would google the hell out of it, and find a way. Or hire someone to come in and sweep the place. I couldn't live like that. I mean, WHY? I would find it. I would probably also simulate an affair or something really bad that there's NO way he could know about(because you made it up)- and see how he treats you when he gets home. Or maybe make him think you won the lottery and didn't tell him.... SOMETHING. And then when he starts acting froggy about it, I'd just set the listening device on the counter in front of him. And walk out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-24 00:33:37
ID: 68073
In response to a confession. Same here…what my ex did triggered me so much that I went ballistic when DH did the same. We’ve spent the last two days talking (once I went ballistic and had a come to Jesus meeting with myself), and though I wouldn’t say things are better, I said what I needed to. May I suggest you replace that hammer with a shovel? :-)
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-21 16:02:08
ID: 68059
In response to a confession. Thank you! Yes, there's nothing that pisses me off more than being made a fool of. Like, we're all sitting around, laughing, joking, having a good time, only to learn that they're all laughing, joking and having a good time with H and the side piece. Sitting in my house, eating my food and drinking my alcohol, and thinking what a clueless idiot I am. That's fine. I'll just play the part of "dumb wife" until it's time to bring the hammer down.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-20 23:24:55
ID: 68057
In response to a confession. I’m SO sorry! I don’t believe mine is cheating, but at this point if he said he isn’t I may not believe him. He has now decided to just ignore me, as he’s done 1000 times before, thinking I’ll ‘get over it.’ I’m on the verge of tears 24/7 (had a good cry in the drive thru car wash today though), and I’m just going about my day, one stinkin’ foot in front of the other. I hope things work out for you! It’s just so hard being made a fools of, isn’t it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-20 16:30:54
ID: 68054
I'm kind of freaking out. H has a niche job that requires him to be away for weeks and months at a time. For a couple years I've felt that he may have put a listening device or something in the house, because it seemed like he'd mention things I talked about when he wasn't here. But I thought maybe I was misremembering or being paranoid - until now. Last week, my 21yo and I were talking about a weird, disruptive classmate from back in 3rd grade. This kid has a VERY unique name. The other day, H texted, "Remember that kid (NAME) who was harassing (child) and the other kids?" Unless he's psychic, not sure how he pulled up that name/incident from 12 years ago out of the blue. AND THEN on the phone he said, "I hope you didn't tell your friends about [very specific thing I DID tell my friends over the phone]." So wtf is going on here???
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-20 04:24:15
ID: 68050
In response to a confession. I feel you on this. H has said many times, "I'm not him/them," referring to my exes who lied and treated me like dirt. And here we are, with him constantly lying and at times treating me like dirt. Recently found out he's been having an affair, and his friends and coworkers - some who come to my house and sit across from me at MY dinner table - all know. But you know what? I'm not going to let this break me. I'm going to break HIM.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-01-19 18:43:25
ID: 68049
My DH has nice hair. He's got very thick salt & pepper wavy hair and he's always just buzzed it off. It's never looked bad, but I've had visions of McDreamy hair on top of his head lol. So, I asked him to let it grow out. ... Guys. ... It's NOT McDreamy. It's McWeird. It's McPoofy. I don't know how to tell him. He did this for ME, after all. Maybe he just needs a better cut? I don't know but the way it is now is so poofy it's nuts.
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