Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-14 00:21:41
ID: 66648
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. We never do anything big for it, but we do at least get each other small gifts and have a special meal. I kind of wish we did something more but at the same time it's nice and low-key.
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Posted by: Admin
2021-02-10 17:00:39
ID: 66625
I will put the Sex Channel back up. I was going to make it for logged in users only. But I know we have lurkers here who might appreciate the juicy stories as well.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-09 00:56:01
ID: 66612
DH had dental surgery today. I’d we were Catholic he’d have had last rites by now. And if I hear ‘I hope you never hurt like this’ one more time I’m gettin’ the shovel!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-08 21:37:38
ID: 66608
In response to a confession. Marriage isn't for everyone.. But it sounds like you maybe just married the wrong guy. And from your other confessions about him he just seems like a helpless dipshit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-07 23:52:23
ID: 66599
I think people think that I come across as a jerk sometimes. Honestly, I don't mean to but I also really lack self awareness sometimes and I tend to be overly blunt and focus too much on wanting things to be a certain way vs. how I make people feel. I have a really hard time making friends sometimes because of this but at the same time, I've never gotten much out of most friendships. I think I'm just destined to be a crazy cat lady when I'm old and talk to my pets because quite honestly, they are better friends than most of the human variety out there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-07 00:46:26
ID: 66589
I can't tell if I just hate being married in general or that I hate being married to my DH. When my MIL's abusive asshole father passed away, her mom remarried and said "There is such a huge difference in men". And that stuck with her because she said her stepdad was amazing. My DH has a few good points but his bad ones are starting to outnumber the good and he's starting to do some stupid things that are making me question why I'm still with him. I suppose I'm not perfect either, but ever since he lost his job and won't get a new one because he was overpaid at his last one and can't find a company willing to do that again, he's been a real jackass. I'm getting near the end of my rope.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-04 15:33:33
ID: 66564
If I had a nickel for every time I could tell my husband, "I told you so," I would have enough money to leave him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-02-02 07:17:32
ID: 66491
My husband tries so hard with gifts, but he admits that he never knows what to get me. Every year now, we each make a wish list on Amazon or Walmart or whatever. We shop from that. He's happy, I'm happy. Easy peasy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-30 16:40:11
ID: 66523
The reason places like Amsterdam are so expensive is because there is just limited space. Like physical space. So they can't build more housing. It's supply and demand. If no one wanted to live there, it would be dirt cheap. But people DO want to live there because it's actually pretty great. My point is, your boss didn't leave Amsterdam because it was a shit hole or worse than the US or because the healthcare, free college, and government was horrible. BTW, my family is Eastern European, and some still live in rural Ukraine (Vovche, to be exact). Even they have said they wouldn't want to live in the US. My Canadian friend took a family vacation to Disneyworld (pre-COVID). Her mom begged her not to go because she said it wasn't safe and was afraid they would get shot. That's the view they have of America.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-30 00:49:58
ID: 66515
In response to a confession. Well, I would say we have tradeoffs. My old boss lived in Amsterdam for a while and they moved here to the US because they wanted cheap property and land. Over there, that's hard to come by and living in the city was apparently too crowded for them. But they got socialized services and a government provided free nanny for the first 6 months of their baby's lives, free college, basically free healthcare, and lots of other things. It's all about what you value. Like, I probably wouldn't choose to live in rural Ukraine, but I'd consider retiring to Costa Rica or somewhere where the cost of living is dirt cheap and I didn't have to worry about income anymore.
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