Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-10 23:54:33
ID: 68296
Well, I made it 3 days post op. DH was so attentive and didn't want me to lift a finger. This morning he woke up with a GD cold and has acted like it's the end. He coughed so decided he needed a cig. His nose was stuffed up so he took a Benadryl and slept for three hours. Then he asked if I'd make him sloppy jo's and mac 'n cheese (homemade of course) for dinner. So it took me longer than usual (did I mention I had bariatric surgery 3 days ago?), but I got it done. Kitchen cleaned, pain pill on board, and I told him his dinner was ready. "I'm just not hungry. I'm too sick to eat." I threw it all away, started the dishwasher and told him that he is officially on his own. I prepare my meals; he prepares his. I'm not allowed to drive yet or I'd be outta here!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-06 01:13:48
ID: 68284
In response to a confession. Yep! I’ve had eight people contact me via Messenger asking about my surgery. SD told three people, who told the rest. And the rude questions have begun. But my surgery is tomorrow and I’M READY!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-02 23:21:27
ID: 68276
I'm having bariatric surgery next week. It started out as a last ditch effort to get the weight off, but after many months I was told my body is failing me, so my goal now is much more than that. I have shared my journey with a few people and have told DH that I will decide who knows and how much. SD45 called him yesterday and I was doing stuff so didn't hang around. Thirty minutes he said 'I told her how well your pre-op doc appointment went yesterday.' I snapped around and asked what she said and his reply was 'she's having surgery? What kind?' And he proceeded to spit it all out! I am SO pissed at him! He had to know from the jump that she didn't know, yet he filled her in. I'M SO PISSED! She will tell everyone back home and it is MY decision to share it. He took that away from me dammit!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-31 01:29:21
ID: 68263
In response to a confession. Being prodded, nagged, and emotionally coerced into sex eventually caused me to completely shut down sexually. Not good advice. I think this is the reason that a lot of couples stop having sex. No one talks about it but it is sexual abuse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-30 01:38:37
ID: 68257
For various (very good) reasons I don't want to say here, I haven't had sex with my husband in a while. He just told me that he was talking about it with his sister. Her advice? "Sometimes women just get into a funk. You need to kind of force it." Apparently, when she doesn't want to be intimate with her husband, he just prods her until she gives in, and then she enjoys it. I'm horrified!!! (PS don't be alarmed by the "fave," Sometimes I fave my own posts so I can find them easier)
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-04 13:46:04
ID: 68207
In response to a confession. Men are 100%, absolutely capable of all of this. They pretend that they aren't so that you (and women in general) will just do it for them. Weaponized incompetence. They can schedule meetings, manage office staff, get reports done on time without a chore chart, buy office supplies, and run companies. They can schedule a doctor's appointments, do laundry, and run a house. But they know that if they act stupid, you'll just do it for them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-03 17:03:33
ID: 68203
In response to a confession. Bottom line: I'll take what I can get. If he makes the trip to pick up the grocery order (takes 1.5hrs to drive there and back) then that means I don't have to. I'll take it. Maybe he will never ever do the laundry the way I like it, or understand our tax return, or notice that he spilled some coffee grounds on the counter. But I will never have to split wood or clean dog shit from the back yard. Yeah, I do more work than he does. Exponentially more of the running of the household falls to me. Maybe future generations will remedy this. But for now, friends and neighbors, I'll take what I can get. And like I said, I'm not going to let this fly with my son. He WILL be better than this.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-03 16:48:29
ID: 68202
In response to a confession. Yeah. About this. I don't know what world you're from that men are even half as capable as women but it's not my world. I'm not convinced that my DH's incompetence is weaponized, I think it's pretty genuine. In my experience men are genuinely incompetent. They have their specific areas of expertise, sure. But to run a house, and a family, and a career, and a ... LIFE? They can't do that. By themselves? Ha! They sure as shit can't do it well. They 100% can't do it as well as any woman. I set higher expectations for my son. But the ones that were already here, that I didn't raise myself? Pft. LOL. Expecting them to be as competent as women is laughable. I'm not saying they can't be, I'm just saying they're NOT. As a general rule.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-02 14:17:10
ID: 68190
In response to a confession. I get where you're going with this, but it's really just enabling his weaponized incompetence. And it still makes the burden of making sure the family has food fall on you. These men are adults. Instead of catering to them not wanting to be an actual partner, we should set higher expectations for them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-03-01 00:05:25
ID: 68186
What are the chances I would see an old friend in the middle of workday at the same print shop. I don't think she saw me as we did not pass by. We had a big fight mons. ago and been out of touch, but somewhat reconciled though we have not talked a lot since. I happened to move to her area recently. I was bit tempted to say hi, but I realized how damn tired and haggard I look. She kinda looked the same, so perhaps she just needed to take care of urgent errands without being bothered. I could reach out to her soon since I miss our friendship.
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