Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-06 04:33:45
ID: 67675
I have no expectations that I’ll hear from him again. And I’m okay with it. I was fine before I met him and will be fine after this.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-03 15:09:37
ID: 67655
In response to a confession. And you've stayed with this loser for two years because....?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-02 18:08:33
ID: 67587
Went on a little getaway this past weekend with my boyfriend. We've been together almost 2 years. We even took Friday off. I didn't want to go. I wanted to pay down his credit and get stuff for our new place/apartment. We went and it was a terrible trip! He booked the wrong hotel. Got it figured out and got the hotel we originally wanted. His friend was supposed to call us but never did so bf ends up calling him to ask where some AA meetings are. Friend invites us over. We go to the store to bring something for them and guys wife since we were just meeting her for the first time. Our GPS's weren't working. He was having a man child tantrum about us having to go to the store. Went back to hotel and he falls asleep. Next day my sis and her bf come. We were going to walk a famous Bridge and go to the beach. Couldn't find parking for bridge, no big deal. We go to beach and my bf is being a back seat driver. I whispered to him that we could go straight and get to the beach. He yells out,
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-02 18:08:13
ID: 67588
con't/ "Jesus Christ, I can't even talk anymore without having permission." My sis and her bf were uncomfortable. I'm always having to tell him to lower his voice, don't embarrass me, or make fun of me in front of people. We don't talk at the beach. Go get dinner and he starts "joking" about me. I whisper to him, "enough" and he keeps doing it. Sis and her bf go home, we go back to hotel room and he sleeps AGAIN even though I suggested we go out on the town earlier. Leave the next day and he asks if I had a good weekend. I say no, he asks why, I try to explain, but he starts listing all the stuff I do wrong to him. He doesn't know how to communicate. Wants to sweep everything under the rug and wonders why the same shit gets brought up again and again. We head to casino and he gets pissed again because I'm trying to tell him how I feel. He says we're not going to casino, breaks hard and turns around. I say nothing more then he heads to casino after all. Then he asks me if I'm
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-02 18:07:50
ID: 67589
can't part 3. Then he asks if I'm in the mood for sex last night. HAHAHAHA! NO! I've tried dealing with his anger issues, control issues, his bad manners, and shit talking mouth. I'm sick of him. I told him I'm not his mother! And people ask him all the time how he got me. He has great qualities, but I told him we're not compatible. I'm the 1st lady he's ever been with who is clean and sober, works, cooks and cleans. He's 55 years old and spent about 16 to 17 years in and out of jail or prison since he was 24. He got sober in 2016. I'm waiting until my house with my ex sells in October and I'm outta here. I've never lived alone. I married at 19 and was with ex til I was 48. I can't do this with bf anymore as much as we love each other. I've reached out to couples counselors to no avail. Bf said he'd go. Men just really suck! Oh, and my sis got engaged the night before they came to see us. Poor things. I felt so bad they had to see bf acting the way he did.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-01 18:12:32
ID: 67610
They live in very small house. I can see every1 by sitting at one place there. I often wakes up and sit for somewhile in bed and can clearly see her working in the kitchen and handling the daily chores. Unintentionally I have seen her cleavage many times. Though she is wearing full suit but it is obvious if you are working in kitchen where she has to stretch and pull or grab the things the casual clothes will fall a bit. But those curvy body gives me goosebumps and slowly my weak mind telling to see it more. Each glimp gives me the best view angle and posture of her to trigger my imaginations. Yesterday I couldn't resist and masturbated thinking about her. The temptations is so high that I fear of myself that I don't cross any lines. Each time i close my eyes I start imagining her full curves of her body, in detail. Even I feel erected while confessing this. I am scared and don't wanna fall in that again. But I terribly needed a sex but didn't get a chance with my wife these days.(2/2)
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-01 18:12:08
ID: 67609
I'm having terrible crush on my hot mother in law. I got married three years back. Me and my wife had wonderful time. We had lot of sex and fun in first year. Then slowly she is defending herself in intercourse. And she isn't enjoying it much now. Earlier we use to have almost everyday once. Merely leaving a single day in a week. And now I'm having it once a week. These days we r visiting my in laws frequently. My wife is beautiful, no doubt she totally a copy of her mother. But recently I have spent many days with my in laws due to my father in law's health issues. My wife has to take care of my kid, so she stayed home and I was filling their needs when father in law was in hospital and further. These days I was staying with them. I wasn't notice much, but slowly I got weird dreams of my mother in law. I use to be very Frank and funny around everyone to make their happy faces. But then making that lady happier makes me satisfied. They have very small house. (1/2)
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-31 21:05:43
ID: 67643
In response to a confession. I am no longer interested in someone that choses to not get vaccinated. Moving on!
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-31 17:40:40
ID: 67642
Effort from both parties in a marriage is what keeps the love alive. My exH & my DH are both military, but different jobs. My exH's job involved having lots of free time on his hands where DH's job he's constantly busy. With my ExH, other wives texted with their H's through the day, whereas when I texted mine I didn't get replies. He made me feel like I was bothering him. I also found out he talked crap about me all the time. We were only together 5yrs total. I left him, he begged for me back, no idea why since he hated me so much. Current DH, together 9 years, texts me back no matter how busy he is, sometimes he'll call me just to hear my voice, sends me funny pictures and videos. He brags about me to his buddies.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-08-29 15:17:19
ID: 67635
In response to a confession. I'm in a community property state, which is basically just what you said. Each person gets 50% of everything earned during the marriage (house retirement, etc). But that doesn't mean a woman has liquid cash lying around. You can't rent an apartment with a promise that you'll pay in 6 months when youor divorce is final or your house sells. And the rates of divorce aren't any lower in those states.
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