Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-07 13:08:26
ID: 43937
My DH is far more emotional than any woman stereotype. I love him, but I've considered life alone just to not deal with his mood swings.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-07 05:27:09
ID: 43933
I'm in my early 30s in my first relationship and we're living together. I'm used to being always single, strong, fiercely independent and a bit of a stubborn control freak. I like things done my way (but remain open) and when I express my views to BF he says I come off forceful especially when I don't hear his ideas. Like I'm always forcing my ideas one him. Tonight he was upset about the way I was taking care of some housework. True, I didn't hear out his ideas because mine made more sense at the time. I do not think I come off forceful and maybe its just my controlling side that comes out and I don't hear him out enough. Anyway, he said he's fine, but went to bed early, hardly talking to me. I need an outsider's perspective.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-06 23:18:22
ID: 43928
I told him that all the Christmas boxes need to go back up on the ceiling racks in the garage this weekend. He said "It could have already been done". (I take everything down the day after Christmas). So I asked him "Okay...then why didn't you do it?" He replied "When did I have time?" How the heck does that make sense? If he didn't have time to do it,then it obviously could not have been done! He knows I can't do it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-06 02:35:28
ID: 43909
yay I stayed awake long enough for us to have sex. I passed out right after.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-05 05:00:18
ID: 43889
In response to a confession. I should say ..two pigtails.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-05 04:54:09
ID: 43888
Stop wearing those ponytails already! You are 42 year old woman! And you aren't that character from Suicide Squad!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-04 22:39:19
ID: 43877
In response to a confession. What does he value that you make an effort for? Stop doing it. I'm sure this is not the only area that he is being selfish. Thats what this is-selfish. All he has to do is put in a little effort, flowers or a card, but no- he doesnt want to so he wont. If he is like this in other areas, you should treat him the same. Men respond to actions not words.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-04 21:35:44
ID: 43883
I bet he's cheating on you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-04 21:34:40
ID: 43882
In response to a confession. That would be a huge red flag for me, OP, if I had to be all dolled up to be "good enough" for him to have sex with you. He should be turned on by you even if you are wearing sweats! And the fact that he thinks you should be turned on just by him whipping out his junk? No way. I would run away from that one.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-04 21:12:10
ID: 43878
In response to a confession. I always have to initiate, too. Usually, it involves putting on some sexy lingerie and high heels so he can get in the mood, but it's so annoying that he doesn't find me "sexy enough" unless I'm all dressed up. He expects me to just look at his penis and be instantly aroused, even if he hasn't showered and is wearing sweatpants.
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